The best sustainable clothing brands—how to shop stylish fashion with a conscience

The best sustainable clothing brands combine ethical supply chains and eco-friendly materials with stylish design

two models in the best sustainable clothing brands. One is wearing an ecru denim jacket and one is wearing a camel long coat with a pearl and pleated embellished shoulder head
(Image credit: Future / Baukjen / Mother of Pearl)

The best sustainable clothing brands prove great style doesn't need to cost the environment. As we become increasingly aware of the detrimental impact fast fashion shopping habits have on the world we live in, the demand for brands that put the planet before profit is growing. 

Injecting sustainable fashion into your capsule wardrobe is now easier than ever as the industry rapidly grows. While sustainable fashion used to carry a hefty price tag, it's actually becoming increasingly more price-accessible. Your best loungewear, luxe sweaters and even your best winter boots can now all be updated with slow fashion and sustainable alternatives.

It's no secret that the fashion ecosystem has contributed to the ever-growing climate crisis while compounding existing environmental, labor, and social injustices. The fashion industry produces 10% of humanity’s carbon emissions, emitting more than international flights and maritime shipping combined. Not only this, fashion production is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and washing synthetic fibers causes microplastics to enter our oceans and harm marine life. 

“Sustainability in the fashion industry is not just important, it's vital," says Charlie Bradley Ross, Founder & Director of Offset Warehouse & The Sustainable Fashion Collective.

leggings and matching bra from asics in bold blue

(Image credit: Asics)


Best sustainable clothing brand for workout wear


Sizes: US: 5-11.5 / UK: 3-9.5
RRP from: $34 / £22

Reasons to buy

Uses carbon and energy-saving methods
High quality sportswear

Meet the Earth Day Pack: an eco-conscious collection launched by ASICS. The collection features some of the best running shoes and workout leggings, including GEL-NIMBUS™ 23, GLIDERIDE™ 2, and GEL-LYTETM™ III shoes, plus clothing. Each product included in the collection features a bright sunflower icon on its page.

As an advancement of the brand's sustainable initiatives, this capsule uses approximately five tons of recycled textile waste as part of a series of energy-efficient production processes. (That's the equivalent of 25,000 t-shirts recycled into new shoes.) The inner part of each shoe was developed through solution dyeing. Compared to conventional dyeing processes, this approach reduces CO2 emissions and water waste by a large percentage. 

Just be aware that not everything from the brand is sustainable so make sure to read the notes and look out for the sunflower symbol to easily decipher. 

black trucker jacket front and back shot on a plus size model

(Image credit: Levi's )

2. Levi's

Best sustainable clothing brand for jeans


Sizes: 24-34
RRP from: $27 / £20

Reasons to buy

Uses water-saving methods
Inclusive sizing

When you think of the best jeans, the chances are you think of Levi's. The classic brand has become well-loved for quality denim at affordable prices, and is the purveyor of many of the best skinny jeans, slimming jeans, boyfriend jeans and mom jeans on the market.

But the brand transcends great looking jeans; Levi's is at the forefront of sustainable fashion when it comes to denim production, with planet-friendly collections including WellThread. The brand strives to use recycled plastics, reduce landfill waste, and shrink its carbon footprint. Additionally, 50% of Levi's products are now made with the brand's Water<Less techniques, with more than 1.8 billion liters of water saved and 129 million liters recycled.

cashmere v-neck oatmeal sweater shot on model and as cut out, composite image

(Image credit: Everlane)

3. Everlane

Best sustainable clothing brand for basics


Sizes: US 5-11/ UK 3-9
RRP from: $31 / £23

Reasons to buy

Transparent supply chain 

If you’re looking to create an eco-friendly wardrobe filled with the best basics, Everlane is your answer. Widely considered one of the best ethical clothing brands, the American clothing brand prides itself on an entirely transparent supply chain and partners with the best ethical factories around the world. It aims to use recycled materials, address water use and chemical inputs, and invest in carbon-offset projects. 

This is your destination for quality basics with a conscience. Think cotton t-shirts, leather totes, smart trousers and the best sweaters with versatile, classic designs. 

zip through fleece jacket in a mottled light purple front and back shown on model

(Image credit: Patagonia)

4. Patagonia

Best sustainable clothing brand for outdoor wear


Sizes: XXS-XXL
RRP from: $23 / £17

Reasons to buy

Uses energy-saving manufacturing processes

Brands like Patagonia really understand how to make great ethical outdoor clothing and make some of the best waterproof jackets. Once known as the go-to brand for Wall Street bros to stock up on vests (aka the 'Midtown Uniform'), Patagonia has evolved into one of the best sustainable clothing brands in the contemporary fashion landscape, with the climate crisis driving manufacturing practices, supply chain and marketing. 

The American clothing brand aims to reduce carbon emissions and prioritize efficient use of resources by upcycling waste fabrics and old garments into new products that get reused multiple times. To meet these goals, it has spearheaded numerous programs including Worn Wear, an initiative enabling customers to shop for used items in select stores.

denim jumpsuit with zip front shot on model

(Image credit: Reformation)

5. Reformation

The best sustainable clothing brand for dresses


Sizes: US 0-12 / UK 4-16
RRP from: $54 / £40

Reasons to buy

Uses deadstock fabric 
Fashion-forward designs

A cult destination for fashion editors, Reformation is widely considered one of the best sustainable clothing brands in the UK and US, beloved for its on-trend offering that delivers on ethical credentials. From party-ready midi dresses to bridesmaid gowns, every piece is made in Los Angeles, California. Reformation partners with industry groups like the Fair Labor Association oversee on-site social responsibility audits and champions workers' rights. To create a sustainable supply chain, the brand uses low-impact materials, rescued deadstock fabrics, and repurposed vintage clothing. They also list the impact each item has had through production on the website listing. 

composite image pink cashmere hoodie and matching joggers shot on model

(Image credit: Outerknown)

6. Outerknown

Best sustainable clothing brand for everyday staples


Sizes: XS-XL
RRP from: $47 / £35

Reasons to buy

A pioneer in sustainable fashion 
Great, luxe basics

Outerknown led the sustainable fashion bandwagon before it became trendy. Not surprisingly, the environmentally friendly brand has a laundry list of bragging rights, which have earned our trust. It actively invests in employees through Fair Trade USA and guidelines put forth by The Fair Labor Association (FLA), which holds brands to strident and equitable international labor standards. Outerknown sources organic, recycled, and regenerated fibers and materials,  and promises to repair, replace, and recycle their S.E.A. Jeans to keep them out of landfills. Historically, the brand has promoted successful campaigns that further its mission, such as its debut of ECONYL clothing, a process of turning fishing nets into endlessly regenerative fibers. 

composite image of sustainable cognac leather bag

(Image credit: Able)


Best sustainable clothing brand for bags


RRP from: $24 / £17

Reasons to buy

Supports vulnerable women 
Beautiful classic designs

Driven by a mission to make fashion an ethical environment with fair opportunities, ABLE is dedicated to providing training and employment for women to help them break out of poverty. Since launching, the Nashville-based brand has expanded from hand-woven scarves made by craftswomen in Ethiopia, into a full-scale lifestyle brand offering some of the best tote bags, apparel, shoes, and jewelry. Every piece is made by partner communities in Mexico, Brazil, India and Ethiopia as well as in-house in Nashville .

composite of a printed trainer with lilac laces and peach sole with a woman running in a pair of black trainers

(Image credit: Allbirds)

8. AllBirds

Best sustainable clothing brand for running sneakers


Sizes: US: 5-11 UK: 3-9
RRP from: $98 / £71

Reasons to buy

Carbon neutral 
Well tested styles

Dedicated to utilizing sustainable fabrics, AllBirds uses recycled bottles, castor bean oil, recycled cardboard and wool ethical sheered from merino sheep. It also uses BIO-TPU, an innovative renewable polyurethane. Not only this, the environmentally friendly clothes brand measures, reduces, and offsets each product's carbon footprint meaning it's 100% carbon neutral. It has also pledged to cut its carbon footprint in half by 2025, taking it to zero by 2030. 

composite of a model wearing and a cut out of patent block heel black vegan pumps

(Image credit: Allkinds)

9. Allkind

Best sustainable clothes brand for boots


Sizes: US: 7-11 / UK: 5-9
RRP from: $204/ £150

Reasons to buy

100% vegan 

Founded in 2020, Allkind is quickly becoming one of the best sustainable clothing brands in the UK, offering 100% vegan footwear made from leather alternatives including cotton, microfibre and natural rubber. Committed to using only eco materials, the brand uses recycled and recyclable fabric at every opportunity, from soles to shoe boxes. It also partners with carbon neutral initiative, Ecologi to offset carbon emissions by taking part in tree planting programmes and rainforest protection. Plus, 5% of profits are donated to PETA and The Rainforest Trust. Each covetable style is designed in Britain and handmade in Spain.

Olly Olly & Co ocean blue sports bra composite image of front and back

(Image credit: Olly Olly & Co)

10. Olly Olly & co.

Best sustainable clothing brand for leggings


Sizes: XS-L
RRP from: $32 / £24

Reasons to buy

Uses regenerated ocean waste 
Coordinating sets

A premium activewear label with sustainability at its core, Olly Olly & co. uses regenerated ocean waste, such as discarded fishing nets, to make its luxe leggings and sports bras. The brand's strict ethos ensures every step of the manufacturing process is sustainably and ethically focused—nothing has been untouched including its use of non-toxic dyes and stamps inside garments to reduce the fabric waste of clothing labels. Every piece is made in Portugal, in a factory that strictly adheres to European Standards of Labor.

composite of model wearing pink gingham midi dresses

(Image credit: Ilk + Ernie)

11. Ilk + Ernie

Best sustainable clothing brand for summer dresses


Sizes: XS-XL
Price from: $74 / £55

Reasons to buy

Female-run label 
Off-cut fabrics 

Based in Brighton in the UK, ILK + ERNIE is an ethical, female-led brand making a splash in the sustainable fashion arena. The sustainable fashion brand specializes in creating garments from off-cut materials from straight-to-market retailers, which would have otherwise ended up in landfills. Every season, ILK + ERNIE purchase, recycle and re-use unwanted fabric and transform them into beautiful, fashion-forward pieces. By doing so, they are saving on greenhouse emissions and the millions of liters of water usually used to produce fabric. If you’re looking to shop sustainably and invest in garments with longevity, then ILK + ERNIE is your one-stop-shop for quality, comfortable and sustainable clothes. The brand’s vision is to see every woman wearing clothes that not only turn heads but also have a positive effect on the environment too.