White jeans outfits: How to wear your lightest denim all year round

Swap blue denim for these white jeans outfits for chic summer style

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Summer style is upon us, and it's time to start putting together those white jeans outfits. A versatile denim look that can be worn all year, white jeans really come into their own in the warmer months, with the sun bouncing off crisp white jeans, giving every outfit added glow. 

White jeans outfits can be a daunting thought with many people deeming this style 'less flattering' than darker washes. But in general, when it comes to the best jeans, regardless of color, it really is about cut. If you're thinking about dusting off your white jeans from last summer, or are looking to embrace the look, styling white jeans is easier than you think. 

Rather than focusing on the fact that the jeans are white, consider the type of jeans and follow the styling guidelines for that particular shape, rather than the shade. If this is your first time wearing white jeans, then opt for a silhouette you are familiar with, as this will be the easiest way for you to create a white jeans outfit that suits you and you'll naturally feel more comfortable in the cut, as you already know it fits and supports you in the right places.

White jeans outfits to try

With the potential for being a little impractical in the wrong climate, keep your white jeans outfits for bright and sunny days, as nothing ruins a white denim ensemble like getting stuck in a downpour. To make styling your white jeans that bit easier, we’ve taken inspiration from the crème de la crème of street-style stars and shown you how to steal their white jeans style. 

1. White jeans + White Clothing

White jeans outfits worn with all white clothing

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Let us first caveat this section by saying that if you’re the kind of person who tends to have traces of foundation, coffee, and breakfast on their outfit pre 9am, this might not be the outfit for you. Head-to-toe white takes care and attention but will reward you with a chic, stylish look. Ideal for evoking this season's Quiet Luxury trend, nothing says 'I've got my life together', quite like an all-white ensemble. There are no hard and fast rules with silhouettes, so think about what shapes you normally wear and go from there. 

Stylist tip:

This look is easily translatable for cooler months, just swap lightweight knits and sandals for chunky cables and style jeans with Chelsea boots. Sometimes referred to as winter white in cooler climes, an all-white combination looks super chic, particularly if you match different textures for added interest.

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2. White Jeans + Trench Coat

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Want to evoke the spirit of the best French clothing brands and nail what to wear in Paris? There are few styles more iconic than the trench coat and this lightweight outerwear piece works brilliantly styled as part of white jean outfits. While you can opt for any color, sticking to a neutral palette of camel, cream, black or navy ensures your purchase will remain timeless. To style your white jeans with a trench coat, layer over simpler pieces such as a fine roll-neck knit or a classic Breton top

Stylist tip: A trench coat is one type of coat every wardrobe should have. Belted styles will help to enhance your silhouette, showing off a waist, and ensuring your coat doesn't drown you in fabric. 

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3. White Jeans + Bright Sweater

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One of the best things about white jeans is their versatility, the neutral shade means they’ll go with absolutely everything. Take note of the fashion color trends 2023 and invest in the best cashmere sweaters in mood-boosting brights. The dopamine dressing trend has ensured that both designer brands and straight-to-market labels are full of the best sweaters and sweatshirts in bright colors to get you ready for the sunnier days ahead. From pinks and purples to oceanic blues, mixing in bold shades is a great way to style white jeans in all temperatures.

4. White jeans + Monochrome

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While the spring/summer fashion trends 2023 might be all about bright color clothing, black and white pieces still form the basis of many a capsule wardrobe. Making building outfits a cinch, the combination of black and white will allow you to style up numerous combinations. This simple palette offers instant elegance and when used as a basis for white jeans outfits, has the ability to make denim feel smarter. For a pop of color, add a slick red lip, or a pair of patent pumps for a chic finish. 

Stylist tip: When it comes to how to wear white jeans, the simplest answer is to keep to a black and white color palette. Offering instant refinement, this timeless combination will always provide a winning look and doesn't require to much in terms of styling and instantly delivers that Rich Mom aesthetic.

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5. White Jeans + Leather Jackets

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Denim and leather have always been a classic combination, but your best leather jacket paired with some new season white jeans offers a directional edge. Opt for darker hues of leather such as black, navy and burgundy tones to give a bold contrast. There is no set silhouette here, with bikers, leather blazers or a longline leather trench, all styling well with a pair of white jeans. Great for slightly chiller mornings, this look works across spring, cool summer days and fall.

Stylist tip:

When it comes to leather you always want to invest in the best you can afford. Leather breaks down over time and starts to mold to your shape, making each jacket entirely unique. Want to avoid real leather and opt for something from a sustainable clothing brand? Vegan leathers have vastly improved in recent years, but the same advice applies: for a piece that will last, invest what you can. 

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White jeans to shop now

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Of course, before you can learn how to style your white jeans and create the best white jeans outfits you need to bag yourself the perfect pair. We've rounded up three of the best white jeans to shop now. Whether you're debating skinny vs straight jeans, are sticking to high-rise mom jeans, or want to learn how to style baggy jeans, there is a white jean to suit you. 

Is it fashionable to wear white jeans?

White jeans are definitely enjoying a fashion revival and are fashionable right now. Most wearable in the warmer months, white jeans outfits are perhaps also enjoying extra air time right now thanks to the Stealth Wealth trend that has ushered in more neutral pieces and Quiet Luxury jeans into our wardrobe.

How to wear white jeans over 50

When it comes to the best jeans for women over 50, white jeans certainly still fall into this category. Selecting the best white jeans, whatever your age is all about picking the shape that fits and supports your shape best and those looking to inject white jeans into an over 50s capsule wardrobe should apply this rule. If you usually like a straight jean or a mom jean, try a white jean in these cuts as it will feel less daunting than trying a new color of jean and silhouette in one go. If you're looking for the best white jeans outfits for women over 50, all the style tips above apply, whatever your age.

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