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What we do

Our mission at womanandhome.com is to keep 40+ women informed on the subjects that matter to them, so they can live smarter, healthier and happier lives. We publish celebrity news for grown-ups, as well as informative, no-nonsense health and wellbeing features about subjects like the menopause. We speak to internationally renown experts to give up-to-date advice on dieting and weight-loss plans. We aim to delight you with delicious – and healthy – recipes. And to inspire your next holiday destinations with travel recommendations both near and far. We filter through the latest fashion and beauty noise to offer you advice on the trends you’ll want to try, because they’re flattering as well as stylish.

Every day our womanandhome.com editors and writers present fresh news stories, new features and shopping edits. We take a view on global events and curate stories that inform, inspire and excite our readers. We report on the achievements of your local communities heroes, as well as high-profile women and the latest royal news. We keep you abreast of any relevant medical breakthroughs and myth-bust around emotive subjects such as dementia or cancer. But it’s not all serious! We understand the simple pleasure that can be taken from a well-chosen dress (with sleeves!) or a fabulous handbag, so we select fashion and beauty products that we think you’ll cherish using or wearing too.

As a result, womanandhome.com is one of the leading lifestyle platforms in the UK. It is the digital counterpart of woman&home magazine, one of the nation’s best-selling magazines. We have over 2M followers across our social platforms. Find us on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. Tens of thousands of women subscribe to our brilliant daily newsletter. And we have two Facebook groups, which we encourage you to join: The Reading Room, woman&home’s book club, and Midlife Matters, our safe space for discussing pretty much anything.

We’re thrilled that over 1.1M people read womanandhome.com every month, and that 281,000 people buy a copy of our magazine every month.

Editorial guidelines

We take great pride in the quality of our content on womanandhome.com. We are impartial, thorough and accurate. We take care to speak to credible experts and examine the latest research findings. Our journalists endeavour to verify all stories being published. If you find an article that you think needs to be improved then please reach out to our senior content editor, Lauren Hughes, by emailing her on lauren.hughes@freelance.ti-media.com.

Our team

Our editorial team has extensive experience in the women’s lifestyle media sector. They have worked at some of the leading publications in their field.

woman and home digital editor kelly bowerbank

Kelly Bowerbank, group digital editor

Before joining womanandhome.com in 2015 Kelly had spent over 10 years working in lifestyle media for publications that include the Guardian, Shortlist Media and ASOS.

She began her career in fashion business but moved into media in 2006. She graduated from London College of Fashion in 2015 with a B.A in Fashion and Business Studies.

woman and home senior content editor lauren hughes

Lauren Hughes, senior content editor

Lauren has worked on womanandhome.com since 2017. Prior to that she spent several years editing and writing content for Woman and Woman’s Own, specialising in lifestyle content for 40+ women.

woman and home digital writer amy hunt

Amy Hunt, writer

Amy joined womanandhome.com in 2016 after an internship on woman&home magazine. In the years that have passed since then she has amassed a huge amount of knowledge within women’s lifestyle media, with her subject specialisms including royal news and celebrity fashion and beauty.

She graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2015 with a degree in English and American Literature.

In addition to the core digital team we work with expert editors for our health, food, fashion, beauty and travel content. For more information on these team members, or about womanandhome.com or woman&home magazine generally, head to our contact us page. There you will find the most relevant contact names and details for your query.

About TI Media

Womanandhome.com is part of TI Media publishing family, which is one of the largest publishers in the UK. The company’s heritage spans over 160 years and includes over 35 titles.

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