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woman&home reviews everything from makeup to bedding to bring you our expert shopping guidance – Here's how we test

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At woman&home, our ethos is simple: we would never recommend a product to our audience that we wouldn't personally buy, use, or give as a gift to a loved one ourselves. 

Our team is diverse and experienced, full of experts in everything from perfume to air fryers. We believe that the only way to become an expert is to get hands-on experience. That's why our team vets everything possible before putting it in a buying guide, whether it's a winter coat or a vibrator. 

We also take great pride in our industry awareness. Our editors are connected to leaders in their field, including health, fashion and beauty experts, as well as interior designers and even manufacturers. 

Because our testing is ongoing, we always know what to look for when putting a product through its paces, and we'll also have the experience to compare against other editor-loved products, meaning we're able to make our recommendations based on continuous testing and re-assessing. From doing our hair in the morning to tracking our daily step count, every day involves ongoing consideration of exciting new launches and tried-and-true favourites. 

How we research and test products

We cover an eclectic and exciting range of products on woman&home, from water bottles to mattresses. To test, analyse, review and recommend products across our core categories of beauty, fashion, health and wellbeing, and homes, our experienced editors engage additional experts in each specific field to examine, interrogate and contribute additional insight on the products we recommend. 

If we're testing the best whitening toothpastes, we'll ensure we've consulted with dentists, and when reviewing the best air purifiers we make an effort to work with certified indoor environmentalists as designated by the Indoor Air Quality Association.

A tray of chanel perfumes owned by woman & home's beauty editor

When our beauty editor says that she has worn Chanel perfume for many years, she really means it.

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All of the products we test are used in a real-world environment and are never tested in a lab. This means that we use the products in the same way you will, either in our homes or in the outside world, which enables us to give feedback and provide a review that will be truly helpful and hopefully help inform your decision about what the best buys are for you.

In each of our buyer's guides you will find a 'How we tested' section, that specifically details how the products in that guide were tested and what methodology was used to choose the 'best' for our guide. 

our fashion contributor Jess here, looking fabulous in a series of all saints jackets.

When we've tried something on for size, we'll always try and show you - like our fashion contributor Jess here, looking fabulous in a series of leather jackets.

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Ethics and integrity

Although the way we test products for different sections of our site may differ, our approach to content creation, and our ethics and integrity, always remains the same.

We take great pride in the quality of our content on We are impartial, thorough and accurate. We take care to speak to credible experts and examine the latest research findings.

Woman&home is supported by its audience. This means that when you purchase a product through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. It won't cost you more, but acts as compensation from the retailer sites for links and purchases directed to them from our site. We only feature products we personally recommend and affiliate commission does not influence our final product selection in buyer's guides or reviews. We never take money for reviews or inclusion in our buyer's guides.

We also publish advertorials (paid-for editorial content) and sponsored content on the site. When this is the case the content is clearly marked as sponsored or promoted, so you’ll always know which content is editorial and which is not. Future PLC is our parent company and has an in-depth terms and conditions page with a lot more information that you can read right here.

All of the opinions expressed about products, and recommendations of products in buyer's guides and reviews, are our own. Any products our writers include in editorial content, as opposed to advertorials or paid-for editorial content, are chosen independently by our editorial team with no input from brands, our commercial partners or affiliate partnerships.

If you find an article that you think needs to be improved then please reach out to our team. You can find their details on our Contact Us page.

Our testing team

Our expert team is constantly testing products hands-on to bring you their genuine recommendations. 

Millie Fender Author Image
Millie Fender

Our Head of Ecommerce Millie heads up all of our shopping content. With years of testing experience, including being Future Lifestyle's Head of Reviews, she has stringent standards when it comes to putting a product through its paces.

Millie specialises in testing electricals, from hair tools to air fryers. She's been on trips with De'Longhi to see their Italian factory, and attended masterclasses at Ninja and Shark HQ to stay in the loop with all their latest developments. 

Aleesha Badkar, Digital Beauty Editor at woman&home
Aleesha Badkar

Aleesha is Digital Beauty Editor at woman&home, where she gets to share her expertise into all the best techniques, sharpest tools and newest products in the beauty industry.

While she tests anything and everything – from lip balms and curl creams to facial tech and hair tools – she has a particular savvy in skincare and fragrance so is your go-to girl for all the most-effective ingredients and most-addictive scents.

Health editor Grace Walsh
Grace Walsh

Grace Walsh is the health editor at woman&home, covering all areas of wellbeing, including nutrition, fitness, sleep, sex, and relationships. From revealing the surprising benefits of everyday activities to debunking the latest health fads, she loves uncovering new ways to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. 

Rivkie Baum
Rivkie Baum

With over fifteen years' experience, Rivkie is an accomplished fashion editor, writer and stylist. Covering international fashion weeks, and styling photoshoots all over the world, Rivkie loves translating the trends in an accessible way to make fashion available for all budgets. 

Tamara Kelly
Tamara Kelly

Tamara is a highly experienced homes and interiors journalist, with a career spanning 20 years. Tamara has spent the last 17 years working with the style teams at, Woman & Home, Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home, and it’s with these award-winning teams that she gained a wealth of knowledge and honed her skills and passion for shopping, styling and writing about every aspect of lifestyle and interiors.

Hannah Holway.
Hannah Holway

Hannah is the UK Shopping Writer for woman&home. She's reviewed everything from the best pillows to wine subscriptions and is especially interested in sustainable alternatives to well-known products, as well as homeware and accessories. Before joining our in-house shopping team, Hannah also explored evolving shopping trends at New York Magazine’s The Strategist UK, researching everything from face masks to status candles.

Kenedee Fowler
Kenedee Fowler

Kenedee Fowler is a shopping writer based in the United States. She joined woman&home in September 2022, and ever since has been sharing her expertise with the brand to help readers source gifts for any occasion and on any budget, reviewing products so you don’t have to. Before joining woman&home, Kenedee was a home editorial fellow for Insider Reviews, where she wrote in-depth reviews and articles across the home vertical.

Amelia Yeomans headshot
Amelia Yeomans

Amelia is a senior fashion and beauty writer at woman&home with an MA in Magazine Journalism from City University. She covers everything from product reviews and nail art trends to reporting on fashion weeks and the best-dressed celebrities at red-carpet events. 

Emily smith person block image
Emily Smith

After completing her Masters in Magazine Journalism, Emily joined the Woman & Home team as a Digital News writer. She covers everything lifestyle from homes and wellbeing to celebrity news and style.