How we test bras at woman&home to help showcase the best fitting styles

Here's how the woman&home team test bras to ensure we get the best fit and lift

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Creating a guideline for how we test bras helps us to ensure that we are always adhering to certain criteria and giving the best advice possible. With a selection of checkpoints, we take our time testing bras, so that we can be sure we fully support a bra choice, as much as it returns the favour. 

To ensure each bra piece we publish is as reliable as we can make it, we have compiled a rundown of how we test bras. This list is used as criteria for each of the best bra pieces we put together, and is used both by our in-house testers and those specialists we consider. 

While a bra might not always be the most expensive item in your wardrobe, we understand the importance of getting the lift and fit just right and although we all come in different shapes and sizes - meaning that not every bra will work the same for every figure, we try to engage with a spectrum of testers across all of our features and deliver overarching advice alongside personal experience.

How we test bras

We have tested hundreds of bras for our huge array of best bra features and we take a lot of time and care in ensuring we recommend styles we truly believe in. To do this, we make sure we have a selection of pillars and thought points to refer to when testing bras and use it as a reference point for anyone testing lingerie on our behalf so that we know the advice we give is well thought through and analysed to the best of our abilities.

Brand selection

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The first point of any round of testing is understanding the right products to call in. When it comes to how we test bras, one of the most important things for us at woman&home is establishing the right labels for the task. A feat of engineering we default our selection to specialist bra brands and lingerie experts in the field, calling in from those companies that we know put the time into developing fit and lift, innovating new styles and shapes and constantly striving to ensure women get the most comfortable bras. This doesn't mean that all the bras we choose to test are expensive and we are conscious of having a wide range of price points available throughout each and every piece, but we won't compromise on fit and lift and we tend to find that brands that have been making and investing in the bra industry do this best. 


Undoubtedly the most important part of any bra is the fit and no one wants to be fiddling with their lingerie all day, trying to get it to sit just so. Of course, particularly when it comes to the fit of any clothing or undergarment item there is a certain amount of subjectivity, but when we look at how we test bras, we hone in on specific function of that bra and how it fits first and for most.

For example, if we're looking at the best bras for back fat, while we want to know that the bra is comfortable, we are inevitably also looking at whether the bra meets the brief and helps to contour your back or smooth out your back under clothing. Fit also covers the uplift a bra delivers and whether it gives a nice rounded shape. We use various testers throughout our bra content online and endeavour to always find someone that fits each particular bra brief best. This means that our best minimalist bra feature is tested by someone who actively seeks our minimisers, while our best bras for large busts feature is road tested by someone with a G cup. So even though there is a level of subjectivity, we know that we've got a tester who understands what is needed.

Quality of Materials

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The quality of the materials of each bra plays a big role in how the final product looks, feels and in its longevity. We do feature a mixture of natural and synthetic fabric bras, in order to offer a choice of both styles, fits and price points, but will always point out and remind you of the benefits of opting for more breathable fabrics such as cotton, especially when it comes to close-fitting undergarments. When looking at how we test bras, we will consider the quality of the components, from the fastenings and straps to any additional decoration and how these impact both in terms of fit and smoothness and in terms of style and attractiveness. We really get under the skin of each bra and look for the finer details that make our choices stand out from the crowd. This could be extra padding on the sides, or a placket at the back to stop hooks digging in, anything a bra offers to make sure you're most comfortable.  

Style & Attractiveness

We all want lingerie that looks as well as feels good and so while it isn't of the utmost importance, style and attractiveness are considered in all our bra ratings and selections. We try to have a range within each piece that covers the basic neutrals to racier and bolder colours, as well as lacy and plain designs so that there is something that appeals to everyone. What we don't do is champion a bra purely for its aesthetics, because at the end of the day, having a good and comfortable uplift is still the most important function of a bra. 


How we test bras for longevity is pretty simple. Each type of bra feature is started weeks, sometimes months in advance. This means that we take our time with each bra, wear them on repeat, wash them regularly and see how each bra performs overtime. This helps us to give an accurate and honest analyst of how each bra truly performs in the 'real' world. It does mean that sometimes it takes us a bit longer, but it means we know the woman&home bra advice is worth reading. 

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