19 comfortable non-wired bras that will give you support AND that no bra feeling

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    Comfortable bra sales have hit the roof as women all around the country reach for non-wired bras, bralettes and crop tops. In fact, Figleaves have reported a 40% increase of non-wired bra sales – proving that comfort is what’s on everyone’s mind as we spend a lot more time at home.

    Why non-wired bras are good for your boobs

    There’s a lot to be said for ditching the underwire. With technology’s new development in manufacturing and clever new smart fabrics, the non-wired bra has become fully supportive for all sizes and the comfort factor is immense!

    They come to the rescue when you still need support, but can’t quite face the constraint that comes with an underwire bra – which comes in handy especially when you’re lounging around the house a lot more.

    As we recently reported, it’s still important to wear a bra even if you have nowhere to be – or your breast and other parts of your body could face the consequences.

    Alexandra Thrower, Brand Manager at Chantelle, explained to woman&home, “Your bra has a very important role, and that is to protect and bear the weight of your bust. Don’t wear one and you will get saggy boobs. It’s as simple as that. It’s gravity after all. And the heavier the bust, the worst it gets.

    “Most women don’t realise how heavy their bust is (anything between about 500g for B/C cups, to 2+ kg for G+ cup). They need to be supported. You may also find that not wearing a bra will worsen back, shoulders or neck pains and give you headaches.”

    Get the right bra size

    It’s an often quoted statistic that 80% of British women are actually wearing the wrong bra size. With almost 50% of women admitting that they’ve not been measured for a bra in over five years, companies such as Nudea lingerie and Triumph are modernising the measuring process.

    To make life easier and bras fit better, Nudea has actually invented a bespoke tape measure that allows for accurate, hands free measurement quickly and simply at home. Get started by ordering your £2.50 tape measure here.

    The best comfortable non-wired bras to buy now

    Non-wired bras and bralettes are often thought of as teenage bras or for those with smaller breasts, but we’ve found lots of comfortable styles that cater for large busts.

    Figleaves Comfort sleep bra that goes up to a 38GG, while Triumph’s pretty pastel non-wired bra also goes up to a 44J.

    So if you’re after that no bra feeling look no further than these 10 super comfy bra’s we’ve picked out for you to order online…