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Now's the perfect time to invest in luxury for less

A mirror, a vase, and a jumpsuit in The White Company's sale
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The White Company promises effortless elegance and a curation of classic, simple pieces. So, when you click on the crisp homepage of their website and see the words "The White Company Sale", it's time to shop. 

There has never been a better time to get your hands on their premium products, just without the premium price tag. I've scrolled through everything they have to offer, including 60% off clothing 70% off bedding, and discounts on fragrances and home accessories. There are two months of summer left and ten months until their next sale (not that I'm counting), so you'll want to seize the opportunity to shop the White Company sale, with my insights.

In days gone by, I was The White Company’s Fashion Editor, it was my job to know everything there is to know about all the products you have come to crave. Here is my first piece of advice for their sale: It doesn’t take a fashion editor to see that a lot of products released by The White Company are similar year after year. They have a formula and it works. As a result, it really doesn’t matter whether you are “keeping up with the Joneses” by buying this season's products. So buy smart and buy in the sale. 

You may be forgiven for thinking “hasn’t all the good stuff gone?”. The White Company would be thrilled if that was the case, alas, even the most popular lines have excess stock. Not only that, but the buying teams even design products exclusively for their sale. That’s the tea for you. With B-Corp certification, a flawless formula and a never-ending mission to design the creme de la creme of homeware, the best bedding, capsule clothing and fragrances, you can have total confidence in the fact that you’re buying excellent quality, superior style at the best price possible. Let’s begin.

The White Company sale: quick links

There are two ways we can do this, if you’re looking for something in particular use the links below to easily reach the section you’re after. If you want my insider insight, then read on with me and take a look at the stand-out pieces I’ve selected. If in doubt, do both.  

My second piece of advice - The White Company sale is not just on their website. They have a vast department at Selfridges with some even bigger discounts if you know where to look. I’ve sprinkled these in below, it’s definitely worth checking out. Also, Selfridge's is a great backup if you’ve seen something you like but it’s out of stock.  

Here's where to go if you want to shop The White Company Sale at Selfridges for yourself.

The White Company sale: our expert-selected top picks

The White Company sale: bedding

If there are two things The White Company are known for, it’s bedding and candles. There is an argument to say that The White Company made bedding white in the same way that Coca-Cola made Christmas red, that’s what I’m telling people anyway. Luckily for us, there are no less than 172 bedding-related products in The White Company sale at the moment. If you’re ready for a bedding refresh or want to stock up on wedding gifts then you’re in the right place.  

I've given you the price for double beds where it's relevant.

Chepstow Throw | Was £256, now £132 at The White Company (save £132)

Chepstow Throw | Was £256, now £132 at The White Company (save £132)

Whether you want something to wrap around you on a cool evening, something to add texture to your living room sofas or even an alternative to a duvet if it’s a bit warm, the Chepstow Throw is the perfect companion. You're unlikely to get any more money off this.

Ultrasoft Dual Layer Topper | Was £130, now £91 at The White Company (save £39)

Ultrasoft Dual Layer Topper | Was £130, now £91 at The White Company (save £39)

All sizes are still available for this highly reviewed mattress topper. The 'dual purpose' refers to both protection and extreme comfort, both of which it does excellently. According to the reviews “It’s like sleeping on a cloud.” 

Comfort & Support Pillow Pair | Was £30, now £21 at The White Company (save £9)

Comfort & Support Pillow Pair | Was £30, now £21 at The White Company (save £9)

If you’re looking for a no-frills pillow this pair is what you need. With the reduction, you’d be hard-pressed to find anything cheaper and of comparable quality anywhere else. As the title suggests, they are designed for comfort and support. Customers all agree that they deliver on that promise.

Camberley Flat Sheet - Set of 2| Was £110, now £33 at The White Company (save £77)

Camberley Flat Sheet - Set of 2 | Was £110, now £33 at The White Company (save £77)

Only singles in this are left in this sophisticated style. It’s a double set so perfect for a twin room, or a spare sheet when one is in the wash. With such a massive reduction from the original price, it would have been impossible to not include this in my list.

Lewys Cushion| Was £58, now £29 at The White Company (save £29)

Lewys Cushion | Was £58, now £29 at The White Company (save £29)

The Lewys Cushion is a crowd-pleasing all-rounder. The white and grey designs are going to look good anywhere. Don’t be fooled by other cushion prices, quite frequently they don’t come filled. Naturally, the Lewys from The White Company does. Don’t let this slip away.

The White Company sale: Fragrance & Beauty

My third piece of advice - a little known fact is that The White Company’s beauty products were created in collaboration with the skincare genius and founder of The Ordinary, Brandon Truaxe. In short, it’s seriously good stuff. Here are some suggestions to top up your supplies at home but equally they all make great gifts.  

Spa Escape Travel Set| Was £50, now £40 at The White Company (save £10)

Spa Escape Travel Set | Was £50, now £40 at The White Company (save £10)

Here is a fact: the cheapest wash bag you can buy from The White Company is £39. When you think of it like that, you are paying £39 for the bag in this set, and then get a bath & shower gel, a body scrub, a face & body mist and a hand cream all for £1. Don’t question the maths, this is a bargain however you spin it. 

Bergamot & Cedar Hand & Nail Gift Set | Was £28, now £14 at The White Company (save £14)

Bergamot & Cedar Hand & Nail Gift Set | Was £28, now £14 at The White Company (save £14)

Bergamot and Cedar are a combination of scents that will never go out of style. This hand and nail gift set is best gifted to yourself. It’s the time of year when we’re all out in the garden planting vegetables, picking apples from the tree and playing on the beach. Our hands need a bit of TLC. 50% off is a great reduction and seals the deal for me on this one.

Bergamot & Cedar Body Lotion | Was £15, now £7.50 at The White Company (save £7.50)

Bergamot & Cedar Body Lotion | Was £15, now £7.50 at The White Company (save £7.50)

Don’t let your pampering end after the candlelit bath. Complete your evening (or morning) with this luscious body lotion to leave your skin feeling silky smooth thanks to the aloe vera and vitamin E that has been incorporated to result in this winning beauty product 

Bergamot & Cedar Bath & Shower Gel| Was £13, now £7.80 at The White Company (save £5.20)

Bergamot & Cedar Bath & Shower Gel | Was £13, now £7.80 at The White Company (save £5.20)

We’ve come so far on the bergamot and cedar theme why stop? Mix this into your bath for a luxurious foam or a creamy shower lather. There’s no such thing as smelling too good, so combo this with everything else in this section and go about your life feeling truly spectacular.  

The White Company sale: Clothing

The best thing about the world of fashion is that they’re always thinking about the next season well before it’s even started. The White Company sale is a testament to that with a number of Summer pieces being included, despite there being several months left of warmer days. Seize an opportunity to spruce up your holiday outfits or just secure some pieces for your capsule wardrobe that will never go out of style.  

Sparkle V-Neck Tank with Organic Cotton| Was £89, now £44.50 at The White Company (save £44.50)

 Sparkle V-Neck Tank with Organic Cotton | Was £89, now £44.50 at The White Company (save £44.50)

For me this is a Summer staple. It’s the kind of top you can wear from April all the way through to late September. To be honest, throw a linen shirt underneath and you can extend its use even further. With medium still in stock it has to take a place in my list. Organic cotton has never looked so good. 

Relaxed Straight Leg Pleat Front Trousers | Was £129, now £77.40 at The White Company (save £51.60)

Relaxed Straight Leg Pleat Front Trousers | Was £129, now £77.40 at The White Company (save £51.60)

Everything about these trousers gives a chic, French Riviera feel. If you’re heading to any beach clubs in the Mediterranean in the next few months, you won’t regret packing a pair of these. Outside of the Summer season, they fit nicely as a smart outfit for busy workdays. 

Linen Pop Over Shirt| Was £69, now £41.40 at The White Company (save £27.60)

Linen Pop Over Shirt | Was £69, now £41.40 at The White Company (save £27.60)

Quite frankly, it would be illegal to have a list like this in July and not recommend something made from linen. I absolutely love the versatility of this top whether it’s being worn over the top of a swimsuit, tucked into some smart trousers with a heavy brown belt, or anything in between. There is only one size left so clearly I’m not the only one infatuated with it.  

Linen Rich Crochet Knitted Dress| Was £129, now £64.50 at The White Company (save £64.50)

Linen Rich Crochet Knitted Dress| Was £129, now £64.50 at The White Company (save £64.50)

I’m on a roll with my linen recommendations so let’s keep going. Here’s a dress that says “I am ready to go in the pool at any moment” but equally “I am dressed for a late lunch”. It is whatever you need it to be and in true style for The White Company, effortlessly elegant. With 50% off it would be rude not to.  

Boxy Front Pocket Jersey Tee| Was £59, now £34.50 at The White Company (save £23.60)

Boxy Front Pocket Jersey Tee | Was £59, now £34.50 at The White Company (save £23.60)

No list would be complete without a classic white tee. I love the pure cotton fabric and the oversized neck. In fact I also love the centre-back seam detail. It’s all these little things that add up to make something that is actually so much more than a tshirt.  

Jersey Tie Back Jumpsuit | Was £89, now £53.40 at The White Company (save £35.60)

Jersey Tie Back Jumpsuit | Was £89, now £53.40 at The White Company (save £35.60)

I have chosen this as an alternative to the hugely popular Towelling Lounge Jumpsuit which has completely sold out. I actually prefer the cotton version, it’s much more wearable all year round in many more situations. At a glance it looks very similar so with 40% off in The White Company sale it’s a yes from me. 

The White Company sale: candles

Unlike back in June when I first wrote this article with no candles on sale, there are now a long list of fantastic options to choose from. Perhaps I can start manifesting more specific items I want to see reduced in the future too and hope that The White Company continues to listen. 

As a qualified Master Perfumer, I’ve seen my fair share of candles. I know what good looks like versus when you’re paying for the brand's marketing campaigns. As someone who’s seen behind the scenes of The White Company’s candles, I can hand-on-heart say that they’re a good investment. 

Fresh Grapefruit Large Candle | Was £60, now £42 at The White Company (save £18)

Fresh Grapefruit Large Candle | Was £60, now £42 at The White Company (save £18)

As one reviewer has echoed my words “Can’t go wrong with a White Company candle”. This is no exception. Citrus and jasmine make it a perfect Summer scent. I really love the larger candle sizes, they have much more presence in a room as a statement piece in the centre of a table. A £18 saving is not to be turned down. 

Spring Ribbed Votive Candles - Set of 3 | Was £40, now £20 at The White Company (save £20)

Spring Ribbed Votive Candles - Set of 3 | Was £40, now £20 at The White Company (save £20)

Here’s a hack for you, buy these candles, they’re beautiful as a trio to compliment a larger candle, or to add some ambience to a room. The hack part - when they’re empty you have three stunning tea light holders. This would be an obvious second use if you actually had the candles, but perhaps not so obvious when scrolling through the sale page. In any case, with 50% off the are the most reduced you’ll see a White Company candle for a while. 

Spring Botanical Candle - Medium | Was £35, now £28 at The White Company (save £7)

Spring Botanical Candle - Medium | Was £35, now £28 at The White Company (save £7)

I think we can all agree that a Spring candle is more than suitable as a Summer candle. It is, in reality, just a name. So don’t let that put you off. Fresh, earthy, cut grass, all smells we still have at this time of year. The inclusion of the ruscus, coxcomb and natural Avena oats in the actual wax is a classy and classic White Company touch.   

The White Company Sale: home

Whether it’s a stately home in the countryside, a chic apartment in the city or a greek island villa The White Company is there with their products. This is your cue to take advantage of the sale and grab some bargains. At the moment I’m seeing a lot of “50% off” tags in the Home section, so best not to wait around. 

Hayling Bowl | Was £120, now £60 at The White Company (save £60)

Hayling Bowl | Was £120, now £60 at The White Company (save £60)

This is from The White Company’s highly coveted “objet d’art” collection, all designed to make a statement. For me, this bowl is understated at a glance, but on closer inspection reveals exceptional details and workmanship. Perfectly suited as either a standalone piece or perhaps a fruit bowl (or a punch bowl). The bowl is crafted in Indonesia adding, yet another, talking point to this product.  

Chiltern Fine Metal Narrow Arch Mirror | Was £300 now £120 at The White Company (save £180)

Chiltern Fine Metal Narrow Arch Mirror | Was £300 now £120 at The White Company (save £180)

The amount of money to be saved here is incredible. You can never have too many mirrors. Pop it in your hallway for some extra light, or a quick self-check as you leave the house. Alternatively, just use it in any room where you want to create the feeling of extra space. The simplicity of the design means there is no excuse for anyone to not buy this.  

Stroud Oval Seagrass Placemat | Was £20 now £10 at The White Company (save £10)

Stroud Oval Seagrass Placemat | Was £20 now £10 at The White Company (save £10)

Arguably, prior to the sale, these were slightly expensive at £20 each. I think for £10 they are a good price. They're made from natural seagrass (now we see why they were the price they were) and hand-woven so each placemat is unique. It all makes sense now. If you’re going for a rustic, boho home feel then these are a great addition. 

Chilworth Glass Lantern | Was £45 now £22.50 at The White Company (save £22.50)

 Chilworth Glass Lantern | Was £45 now £22.50 at The White Company (save £22.50)

Let’s start with the wow factor. Each of these lanterns are mouth-blown in India by skilled glassmakers. This is what I love to hear. Nothing feels better than making use of people’s talents to create beautiful, one-of-a-kind objects that have a story. It almost feels wrong that there is 50% off, best to not question it.  

When is The White Company clearance sale?

The White Company clearance sale happens at different locations, at different times each year. Last year, a two-day clearance sale was hosted at Sandown racecourse in June. And this year, a clearance sale was held for two days at the end of February at Newbury racecourse. 

These events are ticketed, and offer up to 70 percent off across home, bath, bed, furniture, Little White and more. 

How often does The White Company have a sale?

The White Company has a rolling sale, meaning there's always a tab online where you can click and shop products for a discount. There's always an influx of new products at the start and in the middle of every season, so they're the best times to shop. 

If you sign up to their newsletter, you'll get notifications for when the sale is on as well as daily emails with some shopping inspiration and White Company news. Alternatively, check back here for the deals and discounts that I've found. I'm always scrolling through their sales.

When is the White Company Black Friday sale?

The White Company put their own spin on Black Friday and the Cyber Sales, calling it The White Weekend. The final Friday in November, right through to the Monday, the company offers deeper discounts on some of its best products, even the latest, most popular pieces. I’ve seen discounts as much as 70 percent, so if you shop carefully, you can bag a whole host of White Company pieces for the price of a couple at full retail price.

Last year we saw up to 60 percent off on bedroom essentials such as pillowcases, throws and bed linen, as well as clothing half price and up to 30 percent off luxurious beauty products, such as moisturising hand lotions. Christmas decorations and home scents were also reduced by 20 percent. 

If the weekend passes you by, never fear, as I mentioned earlier, The White Company is no stranger to sales. The Boxing Day sales are huge too, as are its end-of-season sales, so you’ll be able to bag a discount on your most coveted clothing or classic home accessory at some point in the year. 

Our top tips for shopping The White Company sale

After years of covering the 'White Weekend' deals, we at woman&home have pulled together a few expert tips for making the most of the discounts:

  • Snap up your favorite deals ASAP: If you're keen on an item in the White Company Cyber Monday deals, one of our biggest tips would be to take advantage of the prices as soon as you can. This is because, sometimes, items are only around for as long as stocks last - and given how popular The White Company is, products such as clothing can sell out incredibly quickly during discounts. So if you see a PJ set that you've wanted for ages or a homeware deal you can't resist, don't wait.
  • Use it as a chance to buy some quality basics: The White Company are famed for their premium quality products, so the White Company Cyber Monday sale is a fantastic chance to get some of their best, basic items for a fraction of the cost. Take their bedding, for example, which is made of premium fabrics - their best bedsheets are often made from Egyptian cotton or linen - and can therefore be expensive. The brand also sells lots of cashmere clothing, which can come with a high price tag. As such, the White Weekend sale is a chance to buy quality items that will last for years, for much less than their usual price.
  • Check out the ongoing White Company sale as well as the 'White Weekend' and dedicated sales: As mentioned, the luxury brand often runs an end-of-season sale with even more money off in the background of their bigger sale events. For example, you can usually get (out of season) clothing for up to 70% off, which is a much bigger saving than their normal Cyber Weekend discounts, for example. Be warned though that not all of their categories of products are in this wider sale, and often these items are available in very limited sizes or colorways.

Does the White Company have an outlet shop?

The White Company has a reasonable-sized outlet at Bicester Village, which is about half homeware, candles, and fragrance; a quarter womenswear; and a quarter children’s wear. 

At this outlet, The White Company stocks its classics sheets and scents (including the sensational Seychelles collection) all for at least a 20 percent discount – I don’t think I’ve ever walked out without buying something. 

Other FAQs

How much does delivery cost with The White Company?

In the UK, standard delivery is free if you spend over £50. For orders under £50 delivery costs £3.50. If you need next-day delivery, it's £7.95, but you will also need to place your order before 7pm.

Is The White Company vegan and cruelty-free?

The White Company claims to be cruelty-free, stating on its website that none of the brand’s products are tested on animals, with no fur being used, "We do not test on animals and do not condone animal cruelty of any kind. We have banned the use of fur and rabbit. In addition, our bath and body products will all be vegan by the end of 2022."

However, this doesn’t mean The White Company is a vegan company. While all of the brand’s bath and body products have been vegan since the end of 2022, The White Company still uses responsibly sourced feather and down, which is not vegan, although the company does state that “all the leather, skins, down and feathers we use are by-products of the meat industry”.

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