Simba's Bank Holiday Day sale is here: these are the deals our sleep experts love

Ready for a bedroom refresh? We've rounded up the best Simba mattress deals from their Bank Holiday sale, which promises 25% off the brand's best-sellers

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Raise the alarms, Simba's Bank Holiday sale has started and they're offering some of the best Simba mattress deals we've seen this year. The eco-conscious brand is delivering discounts across all of their best-selling mattresses, so we asked the experts which ones you should shop.

If you aspire towards award-winning sleep, you'll need to know about Simba. Their plush, cradling mattresses are one-of-a-kind. Coincidentally, so are their sales, which are happening less often than when they were first founded (back in 2015). That's why their Bank Holiday sale is such a treat. 

We've found a rare 25% off some of the B-Corp-certified best mattresses on the market right now. Scrolling through the sales, you'll spot 100% recyclable, hybrid and all-foam mattresses. Even their latest, luxury Earth range has thousands off the original RRP. Now, that's the stuff of dreams. 

If you're on a really tight budget, you can check out their refurbished mattresses which are as good as brand-new and technically up to the top specs of their very best mattresses. So, here's everything you need to know about what to shop and where to shop it to bag the best Simba deal. 

Quick links to Simba mattress deals

If you'd like to scroll the Simba sales yourself, here are the only places you need to shop. Normally, we list a big range of retailers, but there aren't many places with a Simba sale on at the moment. Luckily for you, Simba's Bank Holiday sale is offering all the savings we need.

The best Simba mattress deals available right now

Simba's Bank Holiday Sale is packed with deals a-plenty, but we've put the best mattress deals, across their Hybrid Earth, and Foam range on here. We've prioritized Simba's best and most infamous models and deals further up the page. 

All the prices in this article reflect the cost of a standard UK small double or double bed unless stated otherwise.

Simba Hybrid Essential | Was £759, now £569.25 at Simba (save £190)

Simba Hybrid Essential | Was £759, now £569.25 at Simba (save £190)

If you're a hot sleeper, shopping on a budget, you're in good company. This is made from Simba's patented cooling technology, with a sumptuous layer, designed to contour and cool your body as you sleep. It's really reasonably priced too.

Simba Hybrid Original Mattress | Was £869, now £651.75 at Simba (save £217)

Simba Hybrid Original Mattress | Was £869, now £651.75 at Simba (save £217)

Simba's Hybrid mattress is a winning, five-layered foam and Aerocoil®-spring combination that has won the brand legions of fans. It's ultra-breathable and uber-comfortable, there are no losers. 

The Hybrid comes with a 200-night sleep trial too. It's easy to return if the mattress isn't quite right. Plus, you'll have a ten-year guarantee if you do love it.

Simba Hybrid Inter Mattress | Was £799, now £599.25 at Simba (save £200)

Simba Hybrid Inter Mattress | Was £799, now £599.25 at Simba (save £200)

If you like the look of the Hybrid Essential but want a little bit more, and you don't think you need the Pro, this is the perfect stepping stone. It has 1,500 springs, seven support zones, and four, expertly crafted layers. You'll be able to enjoy deep sleep at a reasonable price.

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress | Was £1,279, now £959.25 at Simba (save £320)

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress | Was £1,279, now £959.25 at Simba (save £320)

The Hybrid Pro is an upgraded version of the brand's Hybrid Essential mattress, which we gave four stars in our Simba mattress review. It features the brand's popular Aerocoil® springs, with a breathable wool layer, too.

Simbatex Essential Foam Mattress | Was £759, now £569.25 at Simba (save £190)

Simbatex® Essential Foam Mattress | Was £759, now £569.25 at Simba (save £190)

Simba's budget option provides 30 times more airflow than regular memory foam. It's infused with graphite, for enhanced thermal regulation, and completely encased in an anti-allergenic cover. It's a must-have if you like the soft hug of memory foam, but also tend to overheat in your sleep. 

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress |Was £1,799, now £1,349.25 at Simba (save £450)

Simba Hybrid Luxe Mattress | Was £1,799, now £1,349.25 at Simba (save £450)

Simba's most advanced mattress is now 25% off, and it comes with a free mattress protector. It's 31cm deep and made up of ten layers, up to 6,000 springs and a cashmere-soft bamboo wool layer for an ultra-plush, breathable feel.

The Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress | Was £2,929 now £2,196.75 at Simba (save £732)

The Simba Hybrid Ultra Mattress | Was £2,929 now £2,196.75 at Simba (save £732)

With a steep RRP of £2,929, this new luxury option from Simba isn't as affordable as their regular offering. Luckily there's a 25% discount in their Bank Holiday sale, so this might be one of the best chances to snap up this innovative mattress. It's medium-firm and uses a mix of foam technology and supportive springs, and there's even a free mattress protector included.

Simba Earth Apex | Was £3,129, now £2,346.75 at Simba (save £789)

Simba Earth Apex | Was £3,129, now £2,346.75 at Simba (save £789)

Simba's latest Earth range boasts an impressive fusion of their newest technology and natural fibres. The Apex has nearly 6,000 springs, 8 layers, and patented Quadcore support, all crafted from silk, cashmere, hemp, flax, and mohair. Every part is glue and foam-free, which is great for both your allergies and the environment.

The Apex has minimal motion transfer, a wonderfully breathable design, and medium-firm support. We'd recommend it for hot sleepers and those who have fidgety partners in the bed.

Simba Escape Mattress | Was £1,999, now £1,499.25 at Simba (save £500)

Simba Escape Mattress | Was £1,999, now £1,499.25 at Simba (save £500)

This is the brand's 'sleep sanctuary', designed to help you escape from restless nights and everyday stresses. As part of their Earth range, Simba uses UK wool, Yorkshire-grown hemp and flax in their 100% recyclable mattress. It's breathable, supportive, and designed to last. The extra layer of micro-springs improves pressure relief and relieves joint pains too.

Simba Source Mattress | Was £1,529, now £1,146.75 at Simba (save £382)

Simba Source Mattress | Was £1,529, now £1,146.75 at Simba (save £382)

This is another one of the brand's Earth mattresses, crafted from Yorkshire Hemp and Flax, with no glue or foam (meaning it's 100% recyclable). Its cushioning is designed for sink-in sumptuousness, with the brand's signature Aerocoil layer and Quadcore base. You'll feel supported and cushioned all night long.

Which Simba mattress should I buy?

Knowing which mattress you need can be the hardest part of shopping them, so I’ll break down Simba’s offering for you. There are two lines, the Hybrid and the Foam. The Hybrid is the most popular, ever expanding line, which balances springs, micro-springs, and memory foam for a scientifically optimized sleep set-up.

If you’re on a budget, Simba’s foam mattresses are experts at cultivating that sink-in feeling. They use open cell technology, which makes them better at cooling than all other memory foam mattresses. The thing they lack is supportive springs. However, if that’s not an essential part of your sleep routine, you can save money whilst sleeping on the very best affordable mattresses on test. 

Simba Hybrid Original on a grey bedframe in a minimalist bedroom with a chair in one corner and a cactus in the other

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If you like the sound of the Hybrids, here’s everything you need to know about what they offer each sleeper. I’ll tell you more about the foam mattress further down.

  • The Hybrid Essential is one brand's latest models in its Hybrid series. It's 20cm deep, with four layers: one supportive foam base layer, one Aerocoil spring layer for comfort, a patented Simbatex layer for controlling temperature, and a hypoallergenic breathable sleep surface. It features up to 1,500 pocket springs in its spring layer, which help towards even weight distribution and keep the surface from imprinting too heavily.
  • The Simba Hybrid Original is the brand's bestselling mattress. It's 25cm deep, with five layers: two supportive base layers, two layers for comfort, including a patented titanium Aerocoil spring layer, and a breathable sleep surface. It features up to 2,500 pocket springs in its spring layer. This is one that is designed to suit you, no matter what your sleeping position, which perhaps explains why it's the brand's bestseller.
  • The Simba Hybrid Pro comes with more comfort and support at 28cm deep with seven layers and up to 5,000 pocket springs. Its breathable surface is softer than that on the Original and it comes with not one but two titanium Aerocoil spring layers for extra comfort and bounce and a natural wool layer that helps regulate temperature and promote a cooler night's sleep.

Simba Source Mattress hovering above a bed of botanicals

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  • The Simba Hybrid Luxe is the brand's most advanced mattress model, at 31cm deep with 10 layers and up to 6,000 springs. It comes with the same layers as the Pro and a carbon steel spring layer for extra comfort, a cashmere-soft bamboo wool layer, and the softest, most breathable sleep surface available in the brand's mattresses with open-cell casing too.
  • The Simba Hybrid Ultra is an exciting addition to the brand's repertoire. It boasts a tremendous thirteen layers of natural materials (kapok, wool, and bamboo), their signature FusionCool heat technology, and 8,500 springs (including 4,000 titanium micro springs, 3,500 high-carbon springs, supportive micro springs, and 1,000 barrel springs for edge-to-edge support). The top layer is the brand's lightest, most breathable fabric tech yet, perfect for hot sleepers, who still want fresh, springy, supportive layers
  • The Simba Earth is the brand's latest range. They're a sustainable collection for those seeking a more eco-friendly sleep set-up. There are three different models in the range, all of which are foam and glue-free (so 100% recyclable). If you look into the materials, they're all-natural: cashmere, mohair, and silk. There's even Yorkshire-grown hemp and flax and UK-sourced wool. The entry-level option is their Source, with six layers of comfortable, durable materials. Then the Earth offers more comfort zones, another, breathable layer, and enhanced pressure relief. Finally, the Apex is crafted from 8 layers, including silk, cashmere, and mohair.

SimbaTex Foam Mattress hovering on a white background

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Simba's, more affordable foam mattresses don't compromise on quality. There's two foam mattresses in Simba's current line and both are CetriPur certified. This means they're verified as free from CFCs and other ozone depleting substances as well as free from added phthalates and harmful metals such as mercury or lead, and includes safe, non-toxic levels of fire retardants.

  • The SimbaTex Essential is the brand’s affordable, open-cell foam mattress. It’s actually one of the most supportive and elastic foam mattresses on the market, according to customer reviews. It boasts three layers, engineered to maximise comfort. These are a breathable (Oeko-tex-100 standard) knitted layer, which is tucked on top of a cooling, SimbaTex (patented cooling) layer. This is cleverly designed with open-cell technology and graphite to diffuse body heat when you sleep. The final layer is a high-density zoned base, offering maximal sink-in support. 
  • The SimbaTex Mattress is a cooler, fresher option, perfect for hot sleepers who don't want their deep sleep needs to break the bank. This has all the layers of the Essential, although the knitted cover is removable, plus there's an extra layer too which offers crenelated, zone support which minimises motion transfer and help with problem pain areas.

Is Simba worth investing in?

Simba Escape Mattress hovering over botanicals on a blue-green background

(Image credit: Simba)

We asked our homes editor, Tamara Kelly, if she thinks Simba mattresses are worth the investment. "Simba is one the original memory foam mattress producers, pioneers who sought modern technology to explore how memory foam could enhance springs with a hybrid mattress design", she says.

"I remember them being the first to change my mind about memory foam: once a disbeliever, Simba had the job of convincing me that I could sleep as well on memory foam as the original pocket spring mattress designs. But the results of trying the original Simba mattress spoke for themselves. Can't imagine life without a hybrid mattress now."

Tamara Kelly
Tamara Kelly

Tamara is a highly experienced homes and interiors journalist, with a career spanning 20 years. Tamara has spent the last 17 years working with the style teams at, Woman & Home, Country Homes & Interiors and Ideal Home, and it’s with these award-winning teams that she gained a wealth of knowledge and honed her skills and passion for shopping, styling and writing about every aspect of lifestyle and interiors.

How often do Simba mattresses go on sale?

Simba Hybrid Inter

(Image credit: Simba)

When Simba started out, they had almost constant sales. So much so, you could as good as disregard the retail price. However, in the last year brands such as Emma and Simba have had an overhaul, reducing the sticker price, so you can get a more affordable mattress even at full price. 

Simultaneously, they've unfortunately reduced the scale and frequency of their sales, but that doesn't mean that they’ve disappeared all together. We can almost always find some sort of deal on Simba's products, whether it’s a bundle package or a saving in their summer and Black Friday sales.

If you’ve spotted a model you like and the sales don’t seem imminent, it’s worth having a look at Simba’s refurbished models. These are the ones which people tested, but sent back because they didn’t quite suit their specific sleeping style. Simba’s expert team completely refresh the mattress, checking all the metrics, so that it completely matches their brand new model. The only sacrifice you’ll have is that your trial period drops from 200 days to just 30 and your warranty will only be for one year. However, if you think you can make up your mind in a month, you have nothing to lose.

How long do Simba mattresses last?

Simba Apex mattress floating above flowers and greenery on a purple background

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The first thing you need to know is that Simba offers you a 200 day trial with your mattress. If it’s not suiting how you sleep, they’ll collect it and take it away from you, for free. I’ve read through customer reviews and they unanimously agree that Simba makes this easy for you. There’s no quibbles and a whole lot of trust put into you and your honesty. 

If you and your Simba are a match-ress made in heaven (sorry) and you choose to keep it, Simba offer you a ten year guarantee. The company was only founded in 2015, so we are yet to test the longevity and capabilities of the mattress outside of its warranty. However, even if we could, we wouldn’t recommend holding onto even the most premium mattress for longer than seven to ten years. 

Over the years, your mattress soaks up sweat, dead skin, and other dust and dirt (sorry for the unglamorous details). The seven to ten year period is the cut off point, where trying to get value for money results in cheating yourself out of optimal sleep hygiene. Furthermore, the springs and memory foam will have a lot less bounce, cushion, and air, so your joint and spinal health will be suffering whilst you sleep too.

The good news is, Simba mattresses are 100% recyclable, so yours won’t be joining the 8.5 million which end up on UK rubbish heaps each year. Even better, when you buy a Simba mattress, they’ll collect and dispose of your old one. They couldn’t make the process any easier.

Other mattress sales and deals

Emma Original Mattress on a double bed in room with white walls, a cream rug, and two side tables

(Image credit: Emma)

Whilst Simba are certainly technical experts on all things sleep, that doesn't mean that they're the only place you should look. We're covering a few other places which you might one to check out before making a big sleep investment:

How to choose a mattress and more general buying advice

Choosing a mattress and knowing what you need can feel overwhelming, which is why I've spoken with experts, listened to all the sleep podcasts, read the sleep books, and done some deep dives into sleep research papers. It turns out. there's even more science to the way we sleep than you might think. 

You'll obviously want to think about budget, bed size, and allergens, but the fundamental type of mattress you opt for needs to be calculated through assessing how you sleep. Here are the key sleep factors you need to consider:

Sleep position
There are lots of factors which go into choosing your mattress and the position you sleep in is one of the most significant. If you sleep on your back, you'll probably need a firm or hybrid mattress to give you enough support to keep your spine aligned as you sleep. If you're a side sleeper, your shoulders and hips will have more pressure put on them. A memory foam or pillow top mattress should offer the perfect balance of sink-in softness and support. Stomach sleepers are generally advised away from this position, because it can put significant stress on your spine. However, if this is the only way you can sleep. try choosing a mattress for maximum support, normally a hybrid mattress will do the trick. If you're a combination sleeper, try a medium-firm mattress to blend comfort and support. Memory foam will be a waste of money, since the body contouring isn't fixed. However, latex and other foams could work instead.

Comfort levels
Whilst it might be tempting to dive straight into sink-in bedding, there's so much more you'll need to consider. A memory foam bed might feel good at first, but if you regularly suffer from lower back or neck pain, you need a much firmer mattress which offers enough support to keep your spine neutral. Mattresses cannot cure back pain. You should always see a doctor, but they can help with some symptoms. 

Body type
Every body is different, which means you'll be loading your spine and joints differently when you try to drift off. If you have a lower body weight, you'll probably want a softer mattress, because medium-firm mattresses end up feeling firm. People who are heavier might want a hybrid mattress to give them more support, whilst offering some softness. If you have a larger frame or you're more than 6 feet tall, you might also want to look at longer mattresses.

How much your mattress costs will likely depend on where it was made; the type of mattress that you're buying; the brand; the material quality. If your mattress offers temperature regulation, customization zones, motion isolation, pain relief features, or a pillow top, you might be paying more too.

This seems pretty obvious, but you need to make sure your mattress fits the size of your bed. Check your frame dimensions against the manufacturer's.

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