Best Emma mattress sales and deals in November 2022: Save up to 60%

November's Emma mattress sales and deals are better than those seen over the last few months, with the biggest discounts of the year expected as we approach Black Friday at the end of the month...

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Browse this month's Emma mattress sales and deals for some of the lowest prices we've seen for this award-winning line of beds this year. These are the most substantial deals we've seen in 2022 so far and we're predicting further Black Friday savings before the month is out too. 

Emma features highly in our best mattress list with the Emma Original in the top slot in the UK. Shoppers can find the Emma Original with a huge discount applied in the UK at the moment, with up to 60% off on the brand's own website.

Scroll down to find the best Emma mattress sales taking place in your region. 

Best Emma mattress sales in the UK and US

Emma UK is currently offering up to 60% off on bed and mattress bundles, (opens in new tab) and up to 55% off on mattresses (opens in new tab), in their Black Friday sale, offering some of the most competitive mattress deals of the moment. The Premium Mattress and Mattress Protector Bundle (opens in new tab) is on sale for £515.57 for a small double, down from £1,203 - that's a huge saving of £687.43 (57%). You can also snap up an Emma Original Mattress (opens in new tab) for £349.50, down from £699 for a small double - a saving of £249.50 (50%). 

For those in the US, Emma is offering up to 50% off sitewide in its Black Friday Sale (opens in new tab). That's a greater discount than we saw over Memorial Day and a match of what we saw during concurrent Prime Day mattress sales.

Best Emma mattress sales and deals in the UK right now:

We recommend buying directly from Emma in order to take advantage of the 200-night trial and hassle-free returns policy. But other retailers offer occasional markdowns, too – sometimes undercutting Emma's prices. While there are no current deals on Amazon UK, it's worth keeping an eye out on special deals and bundles, as well as free shipping with Amazon Prime. Check them out below...

The best Emma mattress deals in the UK

Emma Original Mattress: £699 (opens in new tab)

Emma Original Mattress: £699 £349.50 | Emma (opens in new tab)

The award-winning Emma Original mattress has a medium level of firmness, making it comfortable for all types of sleepers. It features a breathable cover to tackle night sweats (opens in new tab) and help regulate temperature. With the current discount, the UK small double mattress is under £350, a huge 50% discount compared to the original £699 price tag. Plus, you can save £449.50 on the largest super king size.

£949 (opens in new tab)

Emma Hybrid Premium Mattress: £949 £427.05 | Emma (opens in new tab)

At less than £500 for a premium memory foam mattress, this is one of the best Emma deals we've seen, with a 55% discount bringing the RRP of a UK small double down from £949 to £427.05. Emma offers a ten-year guarantee on this mattress, which features steel micro-coils, offering a medium level of firmness which is formulated for all body types and includes enhanced support for the lower back and legs. The hybrid design of this mattress makes for sound temperature regulation, reducing the chance of overheating in the night or getting too cold.

Emma Premium Mattress Bundle: £1,203 (opens in new tab)

Emma Premium Mattress Bundle: £1,203 £515.57 | Emma (opens in new tab)

The Emma Premium Mattress Bundle has a huge 57% off when purchasing the small double option. The bundle includes the brand's top-rated Premium mattress, one or two microfiber pillows (depending on which size bundle you choose), and a waterproof mattress protector. The Emma Premium is a medium-firm mattress option, meaning that it's a good choice for those who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal problems like lower back pain and who may need extra support while they sleep. It features elastic memory foam that adapts to the shape of your body and works to distribute weight evenly.

Emma Original Mattress Bundle: £943 (opens in new tab)

Emma Original Mattress Bundle: £943 £441.33 | Emma (opens in new tab)

The Original Emma Mattress bundle currently has 53% savings from its original price when you buy a small double, and includes an Emma Pillow (which makes it into our best pillow (opens in new tab) round-up) and the brand's best mattress protector (opens in new tab), as well as an Emma Original mattress. All items in the bundle are allergy friendly, breathable and supportive.

Emma Signature Bed Bundle: from (opens in new tab)

Emma Signature Bed Bundle: from £2,236 £849.68 | Emma (opens in new tab)

Upgrade your entire sleep setup in one fell swoop and save a lot of money by taking advantage of this deal on the Emma Signature Bed Bundle. On sale with a whopping 60% off, you'll get a Premium mattress, a Signature bed frame with a tufted headboard, two Original pillows and a mattress protector. Choose from a double, king or super king size, and either light gray or dark gray colors. There's also the option to add storage, with either two or four drawers to fit underneath the bed frame.

£2,716 (opens in new tab)

Emma All-in-One Divan Bundle: £2,716 £1,086 | Emma (opens in new tab)

The Divan bed from Emma also has storage built in, so is a great option for those who want their bed to double up as a storage space. Emma claims that the bed should only take fifteen minutes to assemble, and a step-by-step instruction booklet will take you through the process. The headboard is covered in 100% polyester, and the plastic feet have a chrome-look finish. There's a two-year guarantee on this bundle, which features Emma's Premium Mattress, two Original pillows, and a mattress protector - there's a huge 60% discount on the double size, slashing the original RRP of £2,716 down to £1,086.40.

£2,826 (opens in new tab)

Emma Wooden Bed Bundle: £2,826 £1,130.40 | Emma (opens in new tab)

This Wooden Bed Bundle is also being offered with a 60% discount at the moment, and includes two Original pillows, the Emma Premium Mattress and a mattress protector - the oak-colored wooden bed is easy to set up, sits at four foot high, and has several wooden slats to stabilise the bed. There's space under the bed to store items, and Emma offer a three-year guarantee on this bundle, alongside a 200 night trial, so that if you're not happy with the bed in this time, it can be easily returned.

Emma mattress sales (US): Quick links

The best Emma mattress deals in the US

Emma Original Mattress: from (opens in new tab)

Emma Original Mattress: from $1,399 $699 | Emma (opens in new tab)

The Emma Original is designed to suit all types of sleepers. Your shoulders, hips and knees will be well-supported thanks to its 3-Zone Sleep technology. The UltraDry cover will wick the sweat away, too, so you sleep comfortably cool. There are lots of sizes available, but the queen size sits at 50% off on Emma's website. Note that Emma has discontinued its ComfortAdapt All-Foam Mattress, so the Original Foam Mattress has been re-tooled to better suit American sleepers.

$2,195 (opens in new tab)

Emma CliMax Hybrid: $2,195 $1,295 | Emma (opens in new tab)

For larger sleepers and/or couples, the CliMax Hybrid Mattress supports up to 1000lbs, and combines graphite-infused foam, a moisture-wicking cover - making it great for sweaty sleepers - and five layers of comfort with one layer of springs, suiting those in need of a firmer bed for back support. The king size is currently half price, allowing customers to save $1,000 on the Emma Sleep website. It also comes with two free pillows, and, in the US, the trial period is extended to 365 days.

We've also rounded up the best Nectar mattress deals and the best Simba mattress deals if you're seeking offers for those brands. 

Which Emma mattress should you choose?

In the UK, the Emma range consists of two different mattresses: the Emma Original and the Emma Premium. Emma Sleep US has the Emma Original and the Emma CliMax Hybrid.

  • The Emma Original mattress uses the brand's HRX material, also known as elastic foam layers. The top layer draws away heat to keep sleepers cool and sweat-free throughout the night. The main layer serves as a hardwearing base that promotes spinal alignment and relieves pressure. Similarly, the second layer adapts to your body, no matter the sleeping position, and minimizes the impact of any movement. 
  • The Emma Premium mattress (UK only) has five supportive layers and keeps the hips, shoulders, and spine aligned. It's made with double foam, which evaporates moisture and thereby helps sleepers stay cool. What's more, it's supported by bouncy, extra-tall springs that allow for air circulation. Ultimately, this combination isolates movement, causing fewer sleep disturbances between partners.
  • The Emma CliMax Hybrid mattress (US only) is made for plus-sized sleepers and couples, as it contains five layers of comfort plus a layer of pocketed springs, meaning it's super-supportive. There are five ergonomic zones specially suited to adapting and curving to each body, and the mattress supports up to 1000lbs of weight.

More of today's best Emma mattress prices

Unlike some other bedding brands that have a whole range of different mattresses, Emma offers a small collection of expertly-made products. Emma UK has two mattresses on offer, as does Emma US.

illustration showing inner layers of the Emma Original mattresses, one of the products in the Emma mattress deals

(Image credit: Emma)

1. Emma Original mattress deals

The cheapest Emma mattress you can buy


RRP: $649 (twin) / £499 (single)
Fill: Memory foam
Depth: 25cm
Sizes: 6 (US), 5 (UK)
Trial: 365-night (US), 200-night (UK)
Guarantee: 10 years

Backed by memory foam layers, the Emma Original is a medium-firm mattress that promotes spinal alignment and relieves muscle tension. It also adapts to your body's pressure and takes the impact of any movement so that partners don't disturb each other's sleep. Another memory foam layer balances the body and adapts to its shape. The mattress' breathable top layer is climate-regulating, to stop any hot and sweaty nights.

In the UK, the Emma Original is now 50% off – a steep discount we don't normally see throughout the year. In the US, you can save as much as $800 on the Emma Original. Note that Amazon very occasionally undercuts Emma. However, we recommend buying through Emma directly, so there's no confusion over the extended sleep trial and returns policy. Plus, the price difference is usually marginal.

illustration showing inner layers of the Emma Premium mattresses, one of the products in the Emma mattress deals

(Image credit: Emma)

2. Emma Premium mattress deals

The best Emma mattress for those who need medium-firm support


RRP: £749 (single)
Fill: Memory foam and pocket springs
Depth: 25cm
Sizes: 4
Trial: 200-night (UK only)
Guarantee: 10 years

The Emma Premium Mattress supports and comforts snoozers, so they don't have to worry about getting back to sleep in the middle of the night. It's backed by five foam layers, which help keep the hips, shoulders, and spine aligned. It also features extra-long springs that promote greater airflow and keep sleepers cool in effect. 

The Emma Premium Mattress is currently on sale with 55% off as part of the Emma Black Friday flash sale. This is the same discount as Emma offered on the product for last year's Black Friday - however, the mattress bundle currently has 57%, so if you need the extra products you'll be snapping up the best price possible.

Emma Original Hybrid breakdown

(Image credit: Emma)

3. Emma Original Hybrid mattress deals

The best Emma mattress for back pain


RRP: From $945
Fill: Foam and springs
Depth: 12in
Sizes: 6
Trial: 365-night (US only)
Guarantee: 10 years

If back pain keeps you up at night, consider the Emma Original Hybrid. This was formerly known as the ComfortAdapt Hybrid, but now appears to have been re-branded - an all-foam version of the Emma ComfortAdapt no longer seems to be in production.

The Emma Original Hybrid is a mix of foam and springs for a more subtle contouring effect. It contains ParticleCool technology for ample temperature regulation, as well as enhanced motion isolation – which will suit people who sleep with a restless partner.

This US-exclusive is marked down during the current Emma mattress Black Friday sale. Score a max discount of $1,000 for this hybrid mattress, which matches what we saw during last month's promotions (when it was still under the ComfortAdapt moniker).

Will Emma mattresses be discounted further for Black Friday 2022?

While we often see great deals on Emma mattresses, we're currently seeing even better discounts on either side of the pond in the run-up to Black Friday. These are the lowest prices we've seen on the brand so far this year and so, if you've been waiting to buy a mattress from Emma, now would be a good time to make your purchase. 

In the UK, Emma's Black Friday discounts have already begun, with its Black Friday Flash Sale currently offering up to 60% off on beds and bundles, and up 57% discounts on mattresses. In the US, Emma is slashing prices by up to 50% sitewide for Black Friday. We don't expect to see the prices drop much more than this before the end of November, but there is still time for Emma mattresses be discounted further for Black Friday 2022.

We always recommend buying directly from the Emma website to take advantage of the brand's trial period and returns policy. The mattresses come with a long trial period of 200 nights, allowing you time to decide whether this is the right mattress for you. For those in the US, the trial period is now a full year - more than enough time to decide if it's the right fit for you. If you're not happy with the mattress within that time, you'll get a full refund and the company will even come and collect it from your home free of charge.