The best Emma mattress sales and deals in December 2021

The Emma mattress sales for new customers are offering some of the best price drops we've seen on these premium mattresses this year

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It's worth looking out for Emma mattress sales, especially if you're on the hunt for a new, quality mattress but don't want to spend over the odds.

And there's no time like the present, especially as the mattress brand—who often feature highly on our best mattress list—is offering 40% off two of their bestselling mattresses in their limited time new customer sale. 

Emma mattresses often offer some of the best mattress deals throughout the year, and with the current 40% discount you can snap up a single Emma Original mattress for £299.40—that's £199.60 off the original £499 price. 

The biggest discount we've seen this year at Emma was during last month's Black Friday sale, when they offered 45% off their products. That's the biggest price-drop we've seen on their website since May 2021, when they offered 42% off. 

The reputable brand is also currently offering up to 45% off a selection of their other products in the UK, like their Signature bed  and their mattress protector. The Emma Cloud Duvet and two of their pillows, which are some of the best pillows we've come across, are also on offer. 

For those in the US, Emma is offering a 40% discount on bundles that include bedroom essentials like mattresses, bed frames, pillows and mattress protectors. If you'd prefer to look around at different brands, there are also some fantastic Simba mattress sales throughout the year.

Emma mattress sales: Today's best offers

Emma Original Mattress: From

Emma Original Mattress: From £499 £299.40 (save up to £199.60) | Emma

The award-winning Emma Original mattress has a medium feel, making it comfortable for all types of sleepers. It features a breathable cover to tackle sweating and help regulate temperature With the current discount, the UK single mattress is under £300, a huge discount compared to the original £499 pricetag. 

Emma Premium Mattress Bundle: From

Emma Premium Mattress Bundle: From £1,366 £778.62 (save up to £587.38) | Emma 

The Emma Premium Mattress Bundle is now 43% off, which includes the brand's top-rated Cloud Duvet and weighted blanket. The Emma Premium is the brand's medium-firm mattress option, meaning that it's a good choice for those who suffer from chronic musculoskeletal problems like lower back pain and who may need extra support while they sleep. It features elastic memory foam that adapts to the shape of your body and works to distribute weight evenly.

Which Emma mattress should you choose?

The Emma range consists of two different mattresses: the Emma Original and the Emma Premium.

The Emma Original mattress uses the brand's HRX material, also known as elastic foam layers. The top layer draws away heat to keep sleepers cool and sweat-free throughout the night. The main layer serves as a hardwearing base that promotes spinal alignment and relieves pressure. Similarly, the second layer adapts to your body, no matter the sleeping position, and minimizes the impact of any movement. For U.S. shoppers, this is the only Emma mattress that is currently available to buy.

With five supportive layers, the Emma Premium mattress keeps the hips, shoulders, and spine aligned. It's made with double foam, which evaporates moisture and thereby helps sleepers stay cool. What's more, it's supported by bouncy, extra-tall springs that allow for air circulation. Ultimately, this combination isolates movement, causing fewer sleep disturbances between partners.

More of today's best Emma mattress prices

Unlike some other bedding brands that have a whole range of different mattresses, Emma offers a small collection of expertly made products, with three mattresses that are designed to suit different needs.

Do note, however, that only the Emma Original mattress is currently available in the US—with both mattresses on sale in the UK.

illustration showing inner layers of the Emma Original mattresses, one of the products in the Emma mattress deals

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1. Emma Original mattress deals

The cheapest Emma mattress you can buy

RRP: $7649 (twin)/£499 (UK single)
Fill: Memory foam
Depth: 25cm
Sizes: Six (US), Five (UK)
Trial: 100-night (US), 200-night (UK)
Guarantee: 10 years

Backed by memory foam layers, the Emma Original is a medium-firm mattress that promotes spinal alignment and relieves muscle tension. It also adapts to your body's pressure and takes the impact of any movement so that partners don't disturb each other's sleep. Another memory foam layer balances the body and adapts to its shape. The mattress' breathable top layer is climate-regulating, to stop any hot and sweaty nights.

The Emma Original is now 40% off, a steep discount we don't normally see throughout the year. If you're looking for the cheapest price possible, Amazon very occasionally undercuts Emma. However, we recommend buying through Emma directly, so there's no confusion over the extended sleep trial and returns policy. Plus, the price difference is usually marginal.

illustration showing inner layers of the Emma Premium mattresses, one of the products in the Emma mattress deals

(Image credit: Emma)

2. Emma Premium mattress deals

The best Emma mattress for those who need medium-firm support

RRP: £6749 (UK single)
Fill: Memory foam and pocket springs
Depth: 25cm
Sizes: Four
Trial: 200-night (UK only)
Guarantee: 10 years

The Premium Mattress supports and comforts snoozers, so they don't have to worry about getting back to sleep in the middle of the night. It's backed by five foam layers, which help keep the hips, shoulders, and spine aligned. It also features extra-long springs that promote greater airflow and keep sleepers cool in effect. Simply pop on a sleep guided meditation, and you'll drift off to sleep in no time.

The Emma Premium Mattress is currently 40% as part of their new customer offer. This isn't the biggest discount we've seen on the product, as Emma offered 50% off for Black Friday last month. However, Amazon Prime Day saw a 39% discount on this mattress, this is probably the lowest price we'll see it until next Black Friday.

Emma Black Friday And Cyber Monday Mattress Deals In 2022—What We Expect

This year's Emma's Black Friday sales saw some of the biggest price drops we've ever seen the brand offer. You could get 45% off both the Emma Original mattress and Emma Premium mattress—or you could save even more money on them if buying in a bundle, with 48% off the Premium mattress and a huge 50% off the Original mattress bundle. In the Premium mattress bundle you also get the Emma Cloud Duvet and Emma Weighted Blanket, while Original mattress bundle comes with two Emma pillows and a mattress protector. In the US, Emma offered 40% off mattresses with the code 'BLACKFRIDAY40'.

This year's discounts were definitely better than last year's Emma Black Friday sales, which saw Emma put on a 35% discount for all of its products across its website. That would've seen the usually £449 Emma Original UK single discounted to £291.85, while the Emma Hybrid UK single would have been reduced from £589 to £382.85. The Emma Original Hybrid mattress would have seen a £244.65 discount from £699 to £454.35. The brand did also include a three-month subscription to the wellbeing app Headspace, which would usually cost £29.97, with all of its mattress purchases—a perk which wasn't included this year. Department store John Lewis also offered a 35% off deal on Emma mattresses, but this didn't include the Headspace subscription.  In the US last year, the brand offered 40% off site-wide, with the sale starting 10 days before Black Friday. Both the UK and US sales ran until the end of the day on Black Friday, without continuing over the weekend. However, Emma introduced the same discounts in its Cyber Monday sale straight after the weekend. 

As the discount was better in this year's Black Friday sales than in last year's hopefully we'll see some even bigger savings being offered for Black Friday 2022. However, that is a long time to wait to so if you're looking to buy an Emma mattress, we'd recommend snapping up the current offer. We always recommend buying directly from the Emma website to take advantage of the brand's trial period and returns policy. The mattresses come with a long trial period of 200 nights, allowing you time to decide whether this is the right mattress for you. For those in the U.S., the trial period is only 100 nights—but that's still a good long stint to make your decision. If you're not happy with the mattress within that time, you'll get a full refund and the company will even come and collect it from your home free of charge.

Best Emma mattress deals—price comparison

These are all the best Emma mattress deals on offer today. But these prices won't always be the same, so snap one up today if you like the look of it.

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