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Nectar mattress deals: trio collage of Nectar Memory Foam, Nectar Premier, and Nectar Copper
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Our edit of the best Nectar mattress deals will help you shop smarter and sleep better. We've compiled some of the best deals out there to buy your next great night's sleep. 

Aside from being one of the fastest-growing sleep companies with a reputation for making some of the best mattresses, Nectar has plenty of the best mattress deals, both great in value and quality. In fact, the brand has recently unveiled its Back to School event—where shoppers can save $400 on all three Nectar mattresses and score $399 worth of free accessories. These additions include two cooling pillows, an all-encompassing sheet set, and a mattress protector. We recommend investing in the Nectar bundle, which comprises a Nectar Mattress, Foundation bed frame, mattress protector, sheets, and the best pillow. (Then all you will need for a great night's sleep is our guide to the best sleep apps.)

In the UK, the brand is hosting its Sustainable Sleep Sale event where you can save up to £519 and receive five free bedding gifts with every mattress. Shoppers can also save up to 30% off accessories. This is similar to the Emma mattress sales that take place throughout the year and often offer up to 40% off. Or if you'd prefer to look around at different brands, there are also some fantastic Simba mattress sales throughout the year.

Are Nectar Mattresses worth it?

Unsurprisingly, Nectar's competitors are presenting similar discounts, especially with the end of the summer season looming; however, Nectar offers fantastic perks, like free shipping and returns, financing options, a 365-night risk-free trial, and a forever warranty, with no stipulations. Should you decide the mattress isn't a good fit, you'll get your money back, and the company will even pick it up at no added cost. 

In terms of value, Nectar mattresses are comfortable, supportive, and enduring—at historically cheaper prices compared to options from brands like Casper, Purple, Simba, and Emma. Plus, it's easy to clean the mattress.

Overall, now's a great time to hop on Nectar mattress deals—as current offers match what we'd normally see during the Nectar Black Friday sale. Fortunately, a promo code isn't necessary. Just add the products you want to your order, and you'll see the savings at checkout. Remember: shop at Nectar directly. 

Nectar Mattress Sale: deals of the week

Best U.S. deal

Best U.K. deal

 Which Nectar mattress should you choose?  

The Nectar range comprises three mattresses: the Nectar Memory Foam mattress, Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress, and Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress. (Editor's note: The Nectar Lush has been discontinued.) Though they feature foam construction, they ultimately differ in price, function, and performance.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

The Nectar Memory Foam is considered to be medium-firm. As the brand’s flagship model, it's offered in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. It's 12 inches deep and features a gel memory foam comfort layer, which absorbs movement. Since it's considerably firm, Nectar Memory Foam best suits back and side sleepers, especially those who suffer from back pain. Of the bunch, Nectar Memory Foam is the most affordable option, ideal for value-seekers who also prioritize quality. That being said, its foam material traps heat, which may get uncomfortable if you sleep in a hot environment or suffer from hot flashes.

Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress

Likewise, the Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress is medium-firm but a tad deeper at 13 inches. It's also available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. Plus, it similarly blocks motion transfer, relieves pressure points, ensures spinal alignment, and accommodates various sleeping positions. The Premier also does a better job at keeping sleepers cool throughout the night, courtesy of gel memory foam with PCM that draws heat away from your body. 

However, it's one of the more expensive models with a longer trial period.

Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress

The all-new Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress has a 14-inch profile and three layers. Still, it's medium-firm, which balances comfort and support. And it's available in twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. 

Compared to its predecessors, this mattress comes in as the brand's most expensive model. By luxury design, it regulates temperature more effectively—thanks to copper-infused foam. This type of foam pulls heat from the body, quickly absorbs and releases moisture.

More of today's best Nectar mattress prices

Nectar mattress deals: Nectar Memory Foam Original mattress

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1. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress deals

Nectar's most popular and affordable mattress

Sizes: (US) Twin to Cal King; (UK) Single to Super King
Depth: 12 inches
Filling: Foam
Comfort: Medium-firm
RRP: $798 - $1,398 / £804 - £1,284
Reasons to buy
+Great value+Balances comfort and support+Ideal for back and side sleepers+Over ‎34,229 positive reviews on just
Reasons to avoid
-May be too soft for stomach sleepers

The Nectar Memory Foam mattress skews on the affordable end compared to similar options by rival brands. The line ranges from $798 - $1,398 /  £804 - £1,284. And historically, we've seen three-digit discounts—especially during major shopping holidays, like Black Friday. Late winter/early spring is also a hot time to scoop up a mattress, as brands are eager to make room for newer models between February and May.

For optimal comfort and support, the mattress incorporates five layers with a quilted memory foam mattress cover on top. Underneath lies the gel memory foam layer, which evenly distributes weight and helps you stay cool. This is followed by an intuitive hi-core memory foam for added support, so you won't "sink" into the mattress. Whereas its base layer balances each layer above, its bottom mattress cover minimizes slippage on the bed frame and won't wear over time.

Nectar mattress deals: Nectar premier memory foam mattress

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2. Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress deals

Nectar's median-priced mattress with advanced cooling properties

Sizes: (US) Twin to Cal King ; not available in the UK
Depth: 13 inches
Filling: Foam
Comfort: Medium-firm
RRP: $1,297 - $2,097
Reasons to buy
+PCM-infused gel memory foam ideal for hot sleepers+Balanced support+Long-lasting design
Reasons to avoid
-Only available in the US, not the UK

The Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress is the middle option in terms of price, ranging from $1,297 - $2,097. We've seen the steepest discounts before and during shopping holidays, upwards of $500. Still, bargains on this Nectar mattress are sporadic and sell out fast. Naturally, the best time to shop is Black Friday, followed by Memorial Day weekend, Fourth of July, President's Day, and Veteran's Day.

With cooling properties, the Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress draws heat away from the body. On top, you'll find a quilted cool cover made of a heat-wicking, breathable poly blend. Then, there's the 3-inch smart layer with ActiveCool HD, which adjusts to your temperature as you sleep. Gel-infused, of course. Lastly, there are two layers for support and stability, both of which adapt to the body's natural contours.

Nectar mattress deals: Nectar copper mattress

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3. Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress deals

Nectar's premium mattress infused with copper foam

Sizes: (US) Twin to Cal King ; not available in the UK
Depth: 14 inches
Filling: Copper memory foam
Comfort: Medium-firm
RRP: $1,697 - $2,497
Reasons to buy
+Smart cooling technology +Adaptive material+Layered support and comfort
Reasons to avoid
-Only available in the US, not the UK

Launched in 2021, the Nectar Premier Copper Memory Foam Mattress is hailed as the brand's most cooling mattress yet, marrying luxury with innovation. The line ranges from $1,697 - $2,497, a sizable investment that requires research and assessment. Yet, it's considerably cheaper than similar versions from competing companies, like Saatva and Avocado Green. Not to mention, discounts go upwards of $500. 

As we mentioned, this mattress integrates copper foam, known for its ability to transfer excess heat and cool the body, along with its soft and plush feel. Copper also has antimicrobial properties, which helps the mattress stay clean and free of viruses, bacteria, and odors. Many mattress brands utilize copper foam; however, these options are more expensive comparatively on the mattress market.

Nectar Black Friday and Cyber Monday mattress deals in 2021: what we expect to see 

Traditionally, Nectar Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales offer the best discounts. Nonetheless, we've noticed that brands announce steep bargains leading up to the event—as a strategy to build traction and buzz. For example, Nectar hosted a 25%-off sitewide flash sale on November 1, 2020—presenting the lowest prices we've ever seen from the brand. 

Throughout the year, the brand presents a $400 discount plus $399-worth of gifts in the U.S. Across the pond, UK shoppers regularly enjoy a £125 discount and two free pillows worth £70. These best-value deals emerge during Black Friday and Cyber Monday as well. But in recent years, the company has unveiled steeper bargains in the form of bundles, free gifts, and three-digit price drops.

Overall, we anticipate Nectar adopting the same approach for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2021—perhaps with greater price drops. After all, consumer optimism remains steady, and recent data underscore that shoppers are eager to splurge and spend more. Brands, in response, are leveraging the opportunity to bolster sales.

Is Black Friday the best time to buy Nectar mattress?

While Black Friday is a prime time to invest in a Nectar mattress, it's not the only time of year with the cheapest prices. We saw steep discounts leading up to the holiday event, along with fantastic offers during holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day, Fourth of July, President's Day, Labor Day, and Veteran's Day.

Mattress industry experts also agree that you'll find great mattress deals from March to June. During this time, new models emerge, and retailers are seeking to get rid of outdated inventory. 

All things considered, you can score exceptional mattress deals throughout the year—especially online where prices are generally lower than those in brick and mortar stores.

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