The best mattress deals and sales to shop in February 2023

Discover the best mattress deals to shop now, including discounts on mattresses from Simba, Nectar, Caspar, Helix and more...

Comp image of the best mattress sales and deals available to buy now, including picks from Caspar, Eve and more
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The best mattress deals are a fantastic way to save money on what can be one of the most important but most expensive home purchases you will ever make. To help you shop, we've hand-picked the best bargains and biggest savings available to buy this month.

A good mattress, coupled with the best pillows, will help you achieve proper spinal alignment, alleviate pressure points, help you sleep better and improve overall health. Because of this, the best mattresses aren't cheap and can be one of the most expensive purchases in your home.

Find our curated list of all the best mattress deals right now below available in the US and UK, including low prices from popular brands such as Nectar, Emma, Simba and more.

Where to find the best mattress deals in the US

The best mattress deals in the US

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $999 (opens in new tab)

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: $999 $699 | Nectar (opens in new tab)

Nectar's flagship foam mattress, which we gave 4.5 stars in our comprehensive Nectar mattress review, is currently only $699 for a queen size. In addition to this $300 saving, you'll also get free, quick shipping, along with a lifetime warranty and a full year to trial it. With five layers of dense memory foam, you won't 'sink' into this bed — but instead, feel like you're lying on a cloud. The upper gel memory foam layer evenly distributes weight and helps you stay cool. Underneath sits an intuitive hi-core memory foam, which prevents you from "sinking" into the mattress. The base layer balances these layers, while the bottom mattress cover prevents slippage on the bed frame. The best part: It won't degrade in quality over time. Browse more of the best Nectar mattress deals happening right now if you're after a different model from the brand.

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: $1,898 (opens in new tab)

Awara Natural Hybrid Mattress: $1,898 $1,099 | Awara (opens in new tab)

Organic mattresses tend to carry a heavier price tag than their synthetic foam counterparts, but Awara makes venturing into the world of all-natural sleep accessible with competitive prices and regular sales. Right now, you can bring home a Queen size Awara Natural Hybrid for $1,099, saving $700.  Not only that, but you'll get a mattress protector, sheets and two pillows thrown in (worth $499). The mattress's dreamy combo of latex, springs and New Zealand wool will suit all types of sleepers. A forever warranty and a one-year trial are included, too.

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress By Sealy:  $1,239 (opens in new tab)

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress By Sealy: $1,239 $799 | Cocoon By Sealy  (opens in new tab)

If you're a perpetually hot sleeper (even outside of the summer months), the Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress is one for you. It absorbs, releases, and draws heat away from the body to help you sleep in the heat so you wake up nice and dry. It's also ideal for co-sleepers who fidget at night, thanks to its low-motion transfer. Right now, a queen-sized Cocoon Chill mattress is only $799, down from $1,239, and it comes with a free bundle of pillows and sheets. There's also a 100-night trial and a ten-year warranty.

Helix Midnight Mattress:  $1,374 (opens in new tab)

Helix Midnight Mattress: $1,374 $1,030 | Helix Sleep (opens in new tab)

Save 25% on this medium-firm hybrid mattress made specifically for those who sleep on their side. This price is for the Queen size but Helix is currently offering comparable savings on all bed sizes. You can also currently get a free Dream Pillow Set when you buy the Helix Midnight. Try it out for 100 nights, with a ten-year warranty to back you up.

Birch Natural Mattress: $1,811.30 (opens in new tab)

Birch Natural Mattress: $1,811.30 $1,358.40 | Birch (opens in new tab)

Using the code PDS25, you can save 25% off this natural mattress from Birch. Better yet, you'll receive two cooling Eco-Rest pillows with your purchase. This eco-friendly bed features premium hypoallergenic and organic materials that relieve pressure and promote spinal alignment - not only is there a 100-night sleep trial and free shipping, but a generous 25-year warranty applies. This price applies to the Queen set but you can currently save 25% on all sizes. 

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress By Sealy:  $1,239 (opens in new tab)

Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress By Sealy: $1,239 $799 | Cocoon By Sealy  (opens in new tab)

If you're a perpetually hot sleeper (even outside of the summer months), the Cocoon Chill Memory Foam Mattress is one for you. It absorbs, releases, and draws heat away from the body to help you sleep in the heat so you wake up nice and dry. It's also ideal for co-sleepers who fidget at night, thanks to its low-motion transfer. Right now, a queen-sized Cocoon Chill mattress is only $799, down from $1,239, and it comes with a free bundle of pillows and sheets. There's also a 100-night trial and a ten-year warranty.

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress:  $1,798 (opens in new tab)

Dreamcloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress: $1,798 $899 | Dreamcloud  (opens in new tab)

Here's a luxury hybrid without the lofty price tag. The DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress, which also comes with a bundle of free bedding - including pillows and a cooling mattress protector - is worth $599. Plus, the brand offers free shipping, free returns, and a 365-night home trial. The DreamCloud mattress is bolstered by five unique layers of support to soothe tense muscles and relieve joint pressure. The cozy cashmere-blend top cover will also help keep you cool at night — ideal if you wake up from occasional night sweats.  

Casper Original Mattress: $1,295 (opens in new tab)

Casper Original Mattress: $1,295 $1,036 | Casper (opens in new tab)

You can currently save 20% on the much-loved original mattress from Caspar which boasts layers of breathable memory foam and a firm but soft finish. Reviewers praise the level of support and dreamy-soft finish. Oh, and the brand's top-rated weighted blanket is currently on sale too, reduced from $169 to $99. We always recommend buying from the retailer to make the most of generous warranties and add-on deals, but you can also pick this mattress up on Amazon (opens in new tab)for a limited time only for the same price.

Big Fig Mattress: $1,799 (opens in new tab)

Big Fig Mattress: $1,799 $1,399 | Big Fig (opens in new tab)

Big Fig mattresses are made for larger body types, with a total weight limit of 1,100 lbs. Not only is this mattress incredibly supportive, but it's also very cooling — with a layer of gel-infused memory foam, a ThermoGel fabric cover, and individually-wrapped coils working together to promote better airflow and draw away body heat. Usually $1,799, you can get a queen-size Big Fig mattress for $1,399 right now. You'll also get 120 nights to try it out, plus a 20-year warranty if you elect to keep it.

Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress:  $3,299 (opens in new tab)

Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress: $3,299 $2,049 | Plush Beds (opens in new tab) 

Any discount on Plush Beds' premium mattresses is welcome — and the brand is currently offering a massive $1,250 off all of its beds. That includes the Plush Beds Botanical Bliss Organic Latex Mattress, now $2,049 for a queen, down from $3,299. The Botanical Organic Latex mattress is handcrafted with premium organic latex, wool, and cotton. Best of all, you can tailor this bed to suit your sleep style with two firmness options (medium or medium-firm) and three height levels (nine, ten, or twelve inches). Try it free for 100 nights, and a 25-year warranty also applies.

Where to find the best mattress deals in the UK

The best mattress deals in the UK

Emma Original Plus Mattress:  £835 (opens in new tab)

Emma Original Plus Mattress: £835 £417.50 | Emma (opens in new tab)

The Emma Original mattress has cemented its cult status in the UK with over 500,000 models sold. Powered by elastic memory foam, it relieves pressure and draws heat away from the body. And now it's been upgraded, with the plus model featuring Diamond (Hybrid) Cover technology, a premium honeycomb design that promises a luxurious and sweat-free sleep. There's a reason why this is one of the UK's best-selling mattresses, and the brand is so confident in its technology that it offers a 200-night trial and a ten-year guarantee. Shop the best Emma mattress sales for even more savings.

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress: £1,728 (opens in new tab)

Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress: £1,728 £959.50 | Simba (opens in new tab)

Shoppers can now snap up the Simba Hybrid Pro Mattress for under £1,000, with over 40% off a UK double. Plus, you'll get a free mattress protector to help keep it good as new, along with a 200-night trial so you can try it throughout the seasons. The Hybrid Pro is a seven-layer bed made of memory foam and titanium Aerocoil®, the brand's patented layer designed to allow air to flow through the mattress. The tech also adapts to the sleeper's body shape. For more offers, head to our ever-updated guide on the best Simba mattress deals.

£1,499 (opens in new tab)

Nectar Premier Hybrid Mattress: £1,499 £749.50 | Nectar (opens in new tab)

The Nectar Premier Hybrid mattress is one of the brand's bestsellers, with a combination of micro springs, memory foam, and up to 2,462 springs creating a supportive yet comforting feel, with a quilted cover specially designed to eliminate body heat and keep the air around you fresh as you sleep. There's a huge 50% discount on the UK double mattress alone, but if you choose to upgrade to a bundle, you can sort your whole sleep setup in one fell swoop, and save over £1,000. This brilliant deal is comparable to the brand's Black Friday deals, so if you're on the market for a new mattress, now is the time to make the purchase.

£999.98 (opens in new tab)

Silentnight Ortho Firm Mattress: £999.98 £499.99 | Bensons for Beds (opens in new tab)

At £499 for a small UK double, this 782-springs support system features a 'no roll together' function so that the springs will stay in place and you won't be pulled toward your partner in the night if they fidget. This hand-tufted mattress is made partly from recycled plastic, with the soft and breathable Tencel cover also made from sustainable sources and has a five-year guarantee.

£749 (opens in new tab)

Eve Original Hybrid Mattress: £749 £449 | Eve (opens in new tab)

Save 40% off Eve's iconic original hybrid mattress for a limited time only, meaning you can get a double-sized mattress for under £500. With over 800 full-sized pocket springs and layers of memory and cooling foams, this medium-firm mattress responds to your body so is well-suited for all types of sleepers. 

£1,722 (opens in new tab)

Nectar Platform Bundle: £1,722 £851.31 | Nectar (opens in new tab)

This bundle from Nectar is an impressive 50% off, meaning you'll save £870 on a UK double. Nectar's Platform bed comes with a Memory Foam mattress, a pair of Premium pillows, a bedding set including a duvet cover, fitted sheet and pillowcases, a duvet and a mattress protector - though if you choose the single bed option, you'll only get one pillow. If you prefer a memory foam mattress, the Nectar option is 25cm thick, with a medium-firm feel, and still with the brand's bestselling five-layer technology.

£339.98 (opens in new tab)

Solar Mattress Medium Firm: £339.98 £169.99 | Bensons for Beds (opens in new tab)

The Solar mattress has 325 open coil springs, making it a medium firmness level that encourages your body weight to be evenly distributed on the mattress. As well as the layer of coil springs, there's a foundation layer made from recycled yarns, alongside a polyester filling layer, made with at least 70% recycled plastic bottles. The mattress is hypoallergenic, so sleepers who suffer from allergies don't need to worry about dust mites or other aggravating allergy triggers. What's more, with a 50% saving in Bensons for Beds' seasonal sale, a UK small double sits at just £169, making this one of the best deals we've seen and one of the cheapest mattresses currently available in the UK.

£420 (opens in new tab)

Simba Premium Seven-Zoned Foam Mattress £420 £273 | Amazon (opens in new tab)

A great choice for hot sleepers thanks to its temperature-controlling properties, the Simba Premium Seven-Zoned mattress is also hypoallergenic. It's definitely a bit thinner than most other mattresses (19cm instead of 25cm) which won't suit everyone but the brand offers a free 100-day trial so you can see if it works for you.

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: £969 (opens in new tab)

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress: £969 £484.50 | Nectar (opens in new tab)

Don't need a whole new setup? You can still save substantially on Nectar's popular Memory Foam mattress. Originally £969, you can bring home a UK double for only £484.50 for a limited time only. Nectar's flagship bed also includes a one-year trial and a lifetime warranty, and they'll also remove an old mattress for you when they deliver your new one. This mattress is medium-firm, so it'll support any sleeper while not being too hard on the muscles.

How to find the best mattress deals

As you explore the discounts on offer, keep these practical shopping tips in mind:

  • Know what you're looking for in a mattress: Purchasing a top-rated mattress at a super low price will be for naught if it's the wrong bed for your body type and sleep style. Have a good understanding of what you need to sleep comfortably, then narrow your selection to models that match your criteria.
  • Look for a guarantee: Shop at a retailer that'll guarantee the price of your mattress. Many sellers may refund you the difference if the mattress you purchase goes on sale within a certain amount of time after your purchase.
  • Don't buy without a trial: Buying a mattress online always carries the risk that it won't be quite right when it arrives on your doorstep. Fortunately, it's standard practice among online mattress retailers to offer a risk-free trial of at least 30 days, which is approximately how long it takes for your body to adjust to a brand new bed. Trial periods of 100 nights are fairly common, and some brands even grant a full year to test your mattress — which will give you a sense of how it performs throughout the seasons.
  • Understand the return policy: Many companies offer trial periods with free return shipping, sans penalty fees. It's important to review this information carefully because beyond preliminary research, finding the perfect mattress requires testing and evaluation. If you'll be on the hook for return fees, knowing that ahead of time will allow you to budget wisely.
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