Best fleeces for women to keep you cozy and chic

Our round-up of the best fleeces for women to see you through winter in style

Collage of three of the best fleeces for women
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The best fleeces for women are a must this winter. As temperatures plummet, this sporty, '90s-inspired style is one of the chicest ways to weather-proof your wardrobe. 

Previously reserved for dog walks and country pursuits, the fleece has undergone something of a re-brand in recent years. Thanks to the popularity of '90s fashion trends and Gorpcore fashion, the best fleeces for women have joined the ranks of leggings, puffer jackets, and bum bags in being the latest style to add to your wardrobe stat. 

A great update to your best sweaters, fleeces have plenty going for them. They’re warm, cozy and can be styled in a number of different ways depending on whether you opt for something form-fitting or oversized. The technical nature of the fabric means extra protection from the elements, and, as they’re all synthetic, there’s no need to consider wool allergies and they're easily washable. From designer iterations to straight-to-market style steals, the growth in popularity for fleeces has meant that they're widely available too, with trend-led pieces, or casual, wear-with-everything designs too. These are the 21 best fleeces for women we're loving this season.

21 best fleeces for women to shop now 

Should a fleece be tight or loose?

Whether your fleece should be tight or loose depends mostly on how and when you intend to wear it. If you want to wear your fleece for sport or any outdoor activities like hiking, it probably makes sense for it to be relatively tight so there’s no excess fabric getting in your way. However, if it’s more for leisurely walks and day-to-day casual wear, then the fit matters less. If you feel cooler or more comfortable when wearing baggier or oversized clothing, then go ahead. Just think about what you want to wear and layer with your fleece too. A loose fit is best to make space for base layers like a long-sleeve top or t-shirt beneath, without swamping your frame. If you want to put your best winter coat over the top, then wide, fuzzy arms aren’t going to be easy to slot into the sleeves, so, in this case, opt for a lightweight fleece with a tighter fit. 

What does a 300 fleece weight mean?

Ready to get technical about fleece? Performance fleeces can be differentiated by micro, 100, 200, and 300, all of which indicate a different level of warmth. Micro fleeces are the thinnest, which makes them best for wearing for sweaty activities like running, as the lighter fabric will dry faster than a heavier fleece. 100 is a step up, providing slightly more warmth than a micro. Consider this your spring, summer or shoulder-season fleece, adding that little extra warmth when you don’t quite need a jacket. A 200 fleece is another step up from the 100, and will keep you toasty in colder weather. Finally, there’s the 300 fleece, which is the thickest and coziest of them all. With greater warmth comes greater bulk, and 300 fleeces are less flexible than lightweight options. You could wear a 300 fleece for walking outside, but for activities like climbing or playing sports, it would be a bit of a hindrance. 

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