Best pajamas for women - to help you have a cozy and comfy night's sleep

Best pajamas for women - the ultimate bedtime styles selected by our fashion team

composite of models wearing the best pajamas for women from Sleeper, Yolke, White Company
(Image credit: Sleeper, Yolke, White Company)

The best pajamas for women should aid you in your bid for a good night's sleep. From breathable cotton to sumptuous silk, picking the perfect pair of pajamas boils down to more than just aesthetics. 

While the best pajamas for women might never make it past your front door, they're undoubtedly one of the most important items in your closet. Not quite considered part of your capsule wardrobe, pajamas will be the one item you spend an infinite amount of time, maybe even more time than in your favorite jeans, so getting them right is important. 

The pajama market for women right now is booming, with a mixture of great staples from well-known fashion brands and a crop of new designer and specialist brands that have made giving you the comfiest night's sleep their mission. But the best pajamas for women aren't just good for sleeping in. We've all gotten used to giving ourselves a little more downtime and paired with the best slippers and best robes, pajamas can double up as some of the best loungewear too. We've rounded up our favorites for style and comfort. 

Best pajamas for women - what to consider

When it comes to selecting the best pajamas for women, there are a few things to consider. 

  • Fabric: opt for natural or natural blend fabrics for all night breathability
  • Use: now obviously their primary use is sleep, but are you someone who then wants to laze around the house in your PJs too? 
  • Aesthetics: from the uber-glam, retro, feathered trims to pretty and printed, or something closer to the best joggers, deciphering your pajama style is also a key consideration. 

The best pajamas for women, chosen by our fashion team

1. Marks & Spencer

best pajamas for women from Marks and Spencer

(Image credit: Marks and Spencer)

This British clothing brand is an institution when it comes to the best basics, so it's no surprise that M&S are one of our go-to brands for the best pajamas for women. Not only do they have great quality pieces in cute prints but they have brilliant price points too, with lovely fabrications.

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2. The White Company

composite of model wearing silk pajama set from The White Company

(Image credit: The White Company)

The White Company is one of the best pajama brands and is where we head to for luxury basics that don't cost the earth. While we've always enjoyed good pajamas and lovely loungewear, after the last two years, we've realized how important feeling secure and comfortable at home truly is. The White Company always keeps it classic, with lots of lovely light neutrals, timeless stripes and chic prints. For the fast-approaching warmer months expect lots of cotton fabrications, both long and short pajama sets that will be ideal for warm weather.

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3. Intimissimi

composite of two models wearing pajamas from intimissi

(Image credit: Intimissi)

Italian clothing brand Intimissimi specializes in lingerie, hosiery, and loungewear. With lots of lovely fabrications and great price points, as you might expect from an Italian fashion brand, their pajamas are both super chic and really wearable. Sold as separates rather than sets, they have lots of lovely mix-and-match collections so you can make the set that's right for you. The mix-and-match idea is also particularly good if you're different sizes on the top and bottom. Made from high-quality fabrics, they also have some of the warmest pajamas around, for those that feel the cold.

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4. Yolke

composite of two models wearing pajamas from yolke

(Image credit: Yolke)

Launched as a luxury sleepwear brand in 2013, Yolke have garnered a reputation for beautiful silk pieces (with stretch) in classic silhouettes with gorgeous prints and playful twists. The brand has since grown to encompass childrenswear, ready-to-wear and homeware categories so you can inject your life with print and color and make your loungewear collection stand out from the crowd.

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5. Bonsoir London

composite of model wearing silk patterned pajamas from bonsoir london

(Image credit: Bonsoir)

With a history that dates back to 1926, Bonsoir of London specializes in fine craftsmanship and timeless elegance. The brand premium materials and the most delightful of natural fabrics, including super-soft cashmere, crisp cotton and luxurious silks. For luxury pieces that won't completely break the bank, look no further.

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6. Desmond & Dempsey

leopard animal print pajamas

(Image credit: Desmond & Dempsey)

A fashionista favorite, Desmond and Dempsey are all about the print. The brand was launched after a failed hunt for pajamas in the UK and an obsession with beautiful night and loungewear was born. "Proper pajamas are to leisure what butter is to toast; a way of turning something quite ordinary into something quite magical. And we’re all about the magic of ordinary things." - Desmond & Dempsey. Packed full of fantastic prints that come in a multitude of silhouette options, if you like your sleepwear to packed with fashion flare, then this is the brand for you.

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7. Fable & Eve

composite of model wearing blue silk pajama set from fable & eve

(Image credit: Fable & Eve)

Not just a beautiful pajama brand, Fable & Eve is also one of the best sustainable clothing brands too. Keen to produce responsibly, Fable & Eve uses 100% natural fibers and modal/cotton blends that don’t use any harsh or synthetic chemicals. The prints are beautiful and often carried through into coordinating eyemasks and robes for a really cohesive look, making this ideal for gifting and self-gifting. 

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8. Sleeper

composite of model wearing blue gingham sleeper pajama set with feather hems

(Image credit: Sleeper)

This fashion brand creates the most covetable of loungewear and pajama sets. This is high fashion sleepwear at its finest, with boudoir style feather detailing, silky executions and luxe looks that you can wear to bed as well as throw on heels to head to a party in too. While their pajama and loungewear combos will up your at-home glam aesthetic, make no mistake, these are for whenever you need to feel like the starring role in your own screenplay. 

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What are the most comfortable women's pajamas

The best pajamas for women does in part boil down to the time of year. In the winter you will want cozy fabrics such as brushed cotton, fleece and cashmere blends to keep you snug against the winter chill. In the summer you will want less warm-to-the-touch fabrics such as lightweight cotton, linen, and silk fabrications - although silk can work all year through due to its unique properties. 

The one thing all of these pajamas do have in common though is breathability. The best pajamas to choose will always be natural fabrics or at the very least, blends with a high percentage of natural fabrics. That is because these fabrics - cotton, silk, linen, modal and cashmere, all have the ability to help regulate your body temperature and that in turn will help you get a good night's sleep. 

When it comes to stretch, there are two divided camps here. While a stretchy waistband is a must for maximum comfort at bedtime, not everyone will subscribe to pajamas with stretch woven throughout the fabric and this will come down to personal preference.