30 comfortable flats for women that you can wear all day and still look fabulous

30 comfortable flats for women, from dressy flats to work flats

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When it comes to comfortable flats for women, style and support should play equal importance.

Great shoes are a wardrobe essential and comfortable flats should certainly form part of your capsule wardrobe. The idea that your feet should suffer for fashion is an outdated notion. While wearing the best designer heels used to be the only way to feel stylish and on-trend, designers have thankfully acknowledged this sea change and as a result, runways and stores have been packed with beautiful and fancy flat shoes, that are comfortable too. 

The latest shoe trends 2022, are full of gorgeous shoe styles, many of which forgo a heel, ensuring you can have on-trend style and happy feet. From wedding guest styles to office-ready shoes, comfortable flats for women are more attainable than ever. And don't forget, if you're going for an accessories refresh, pair your new-season shoes with any of the latest handbag trends 2022 to slide easily into spring. 

Comfortable flats for women—what to look for

Stylist Antonia Kraskowski suggests, "When looking for a comfortable flat shoe, the footbed is very important to consider. A molded style such as Birkenstock sandals will give your foot support where it needs it. With a molded footbed, you may find that you need to size up or down in order for your foot to sit in the correct position for a truly impactful fit.

"Styles with additional padding such as Marks & Spencer’s Insolia technology will ease the impact on your joints. Vans have also introduced the ComfyCush to many of their styles—an outer sole with additionally cushioning that promises to make you feel like you’re walking on a cloud.

"If you find that the back of your shoes rubs on your Achilles heel, consider adding a small orthopedic lift to your shoes. Traditionally made from leather-topped cork, these will bring your heel into alignment with modern designs which sometimes have a higher back."

Comfortable flats for women—shopping links

Comfortable dressy flats

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Choosing the best shoes when getting all dressed up is no easy task and if you're not keen on wearing heels, then getting ready for a glam night out can cause a lot of anxiety. But have no fear, dressy flats are far easier to shop for than you think and they come with the added bonus of allowing you to dance all night long. Drawing inspiration from the catwalks of Dior, who sent models down in delicately bejeweled flats, new season shoes have benefited from a host of new embellishments.

Comfortable black flats

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When building a capsule wardrobe, comfortable black flats are a must. Appropriate for a host of occasions, from evening wear to your daily commute, whether you slip them on simply to help you arrive at your destination quicker or you need black comfortable flats to get you through the day, a pair of black flats will never lie idle in your wardrobe. Our advice would be to stock up with a couple of pairs when you find a style that really works for you to avoid missing out when designs change. 

Comfortable ballet flats

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Ballet flats have become a fashion staple, as they offer both style and comfort. A ballet flat as the name suggests is based on a classic ballet shoe but as time has evolved they have gone through multiple style tweaks, giving them a more fashion-forward aesthetic. Ballet flats are effortlessly elegant and are a great choice not only for comfortable flats but also for their ability to be glamorous evening shoes or great for slipping in your bag for when you're feet are tired from heels. While bejeweled and metallic iterations are ideal for special occasions, neutral hues are the solid building blocks of your shoe capsule wardrobe. If you worry about the backs of your heels, look for supple and soft leather styles. With the ability to be paired with everything from the best midi dresses to a well-tailored pair of trousers, these are shoes you can rely on. 

Comfortable work flats

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Whether you're on your feet all day or just can't abide heels, comfortable flats for work are a great idea, even if you simply add them to your work capsule wardrobe and rotate them with heels when you have a busier day ahead. When choosing comfortable flats for work, you not only need to be comfortable but you need to look and feel professional too. Ballet pumps can certainly play a role for workwear flats, but loafers also make for excellent comfortable flat shoes for work. Slightly more androgynous, loafers look fantastic paired with tailoring. Ideally styled with trousers, a more feminine loafer, with an elongated toe, will team well with dresses too. For a softer finish opt for pastel hues and suede fabrications.

Comfortable flats with arch support

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One of the biggest issues with flat shoes can be their lack of support. While some women can't wear heels, others find the flip side, a very flat shoe can cause them equal amounts of pain and discomfort. While many flat shoes don't offer huge amounts in terms of support there are several specialist brands which lead with comfort and have developed high tech specs and cushioning for their footwear to help you look and feel great. 

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