Jumpsuits so stylish that sashaying in them is inevitable

Spoiler alert: they're also practical too

A jumpsuit is the perfect all-in-one outfit, all you'll need to do is slip on the right heel and some earrings, because they pack a punch all on their own.

The joy of a jumpsuit is that it eliminates the hassle of thinking about what goes with what. There’s no agonising over top and bottom combinations and stressing about what to wear to that event. And there’s no faffing with tucking things in after visits to the bathroom, which is just as well as it offsets the weird feeling you get when you disrobe from your jumpsuit and realise you’re basically naked in a public restroom stall.

Aside from the positive impact jumpsuits have on our mental health though, they’re also cool to boot. There’s a reason they continue to stomp down catwalks and are gaining ground at weddings on the occasion dress: they simply look great. And statistically they’re more likely to have pockets. Huzzah!

No matter your shape, there’s a style to suit you: you just have to know what to look for. Jumpsuits look great worn slouchy if you’re athletically built, or look for styles with belts or a seam at the waist if you have an hourglass figure. If you have big boobs looks for jumpsuits with a bold colour or print on the lower half. And similarly, if you’re pear-shaped, seek out jumpsuits with noticeable details around the neck or shoulder, such as a bold collar or flounce.

We think that jumpsuits are a real day-to-day saviour. Comfortable and stylish, they’re as versatile as a dress but will work whatever the weather or occasion, come rain or shine, come work or wedding.

If you’re convinced but can’t be bothered to hit the shops then worry not. We’ve done the hard work for you, searching the high street and high end brands to find jumpsuits that suit all shapes, sizes and budgets.

Scroll down to see our edit of the most stylish jumpsuits in stores this season….

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