How to style Birkenstock clogs for fall 2022, from loungewear outfits to office worthy looks

Unsure how to style Birkenstock clogs? We show you how to wear this must-have shoe for all occasions, as well as the best dupes out there

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Wondering how to style Birkenstock clogs? You're not alone. Birkenstock's breakout star this year has undoubtedly been the Boston clog, and for good reason. Comfortable and versatile, it is no wonder the popularity of the shoe has skyrocketed. But if you have been left wondering how to add Birkenstock clogs to your wardrobe, or just want to find out if they are a practical and worthwhile investment, there are a few things you need to know. 

When it comes to how to dress simple but stylish, Birkenstock clogs practically epitomize the laid-back yet incredibly chic aesthetic. Available in a primarily neutral color palette of beiges, browns, and greys, they will slot effortlessly into almost any wardrobe and suit a multitude of styles and tastes. Featuring the brand's signature cork and latex footbed, they don't compromise on comfort either. 

But for many, the style and shape of the shoe are divisive. Mirroring the ultimate love-to-hate silhouette of Crocs, it can be challenging to imagine how to wear Birkenstock clogs in a fashion-forward way. However, celebrities including Dakota Johnson, Kaia Gerber and Hilary Duff have all been spotted sporting this humble shoe this season - proving that practicality can still be trendy. Displaying elements of some of the key shoe trends 2022, the Boston clogs have nailed the sweet spot of staple, everyday comfortable flats that will retain their place in your wardrobe no matter the occasion. 

What is the Birkenstock clogs trend?

Birkenstock Boston clogs became somewhat of an overnight sensation this year, thanks to posts on TikTok that demonstrated the versatility of the shoe and the various occasions they can be worn for. However, the brand has been building itself for decades to be one of the most trusted footwear labels on the market. The Boston style actually first launched in 1979, and has slowly been growing in acclaim ever since. 

After reaching a peak in the '90s and early 2000s, the clogs fell out of favor when platform, strappy numbers came back into fashion. But today, in an era when '90s fashion trends and Y2K styles are firmly back on the style map, we are finally ready to welcome the Boston back into our wardrobes. 

Known best for its open-toed Arizona sandal, there are fashion aficionados who will only be seen donning Birkenstock shoes in the summer months. But these classic sandals don't work for every season, and can be impractical if you live somewhere with a colder climate. As we start pulling together fall outfit ideas, there has never been a better time to start working closed-toe Birkenstock clogs into your rotation for unmatched ease.

How to style Birkenstock clogs 

Wondering how to style Birkenstock clogs? Despite what you may think, they are probably one of the easiest shoes to style. Thanks to the closed toe, they look just as good with socks as they do with bare feet, meaning they are the ultimate transitional piece. Whether you want to team your pair with jeans, skirts, or even wear them to the office, there is a trendy and sophisticated way to do so.

1. How to style Birkenstock clogs with dresses

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Style your Birkenstock clogs with a dress for the ultimate nod to the Coastal Grandmother trend. Opt for a light colored and floaty number to evoke feelings of summer no matter the time of year, or team with the best jumper dresses and a pair of opaque tights as we head towards the holidays. 

Pairing with the best midi dresses doesn't only create a chic outfit in two simple steps, but also allows the silhouette of the clogs to shine. We love the layering potential with dresses and clogs: throw on a chunky knit and some ribbed or cashmere-blend tights for chilly days, or team with a light weight cardigan and slip dress for an at-home dinner party. 

2. How to style Birkenstock clogs with jeans

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Perhaps the easiest way to style Birkenstock clogs, jeans are a versatile item to team with your Bostons as a trouser silhouette, in general, will allow your fancy footwear to peek out from under the hems, making a subtle yet stylish statement. 

Whether you are after smart-casual outfit ideas for the colder months, or want an easy 'fit for running errands in' look, there is no end to the versatility of the combination that is jeans and clogs. Stick to classic neutral-colored clogs, for a discreet outfit, or push the boat out with a pair of the brand's bold hue iterations for a standout look. 

3. How to style Birkenstock clogs with skirts

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In a similar vein to dresses, styling your Birkenstock clogs with a skirt really allows them to sing and they can be worn together as a stylish combo, whatever the weather. From the best sequin skirts to knitted numbers, there is no end to how skirts can be styled for the winter that will work with any type of Boston clog. From midi to maxi, any length and cut of a skirt can work with clogs, so don't be afraid to experiment. 

Keep it simple with a white tee or plain knit to streamline your silhouette, and help balance out the roundness of the clog's toe. This also works if you have picked a more A-line skirt shape, as a fitted top will again help to enhance your shape. 

4. How to style Birkenstock clogs for the office

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Think that Birkenstock clogs are just for casual affairs? Think again. One of the key selling points for this brilliant shoe is that it can be styled formally just as easily as it can be dressed down. From work Christmas party outfits to regular days at your desk, the Birkenstock Bostons can do it all. With the appeal and comfort of the best slippers but with trend appeal, you will feel like you are still in the comfort of your home whilst on the morning commute.

Now is the time to begin investing in winter pieces that will see you through the holidays that can also work as transitional pieces when spring comes around. Birkenstock clogs fit that brief almost too well, so we won't blame you if you want to purchase a separate pair for work and play. Finish your weekday look with the best designer bags for work to flaunt your smart but relaxed style.

5. How to style Birkenstock clogs for casual days

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When it comes to styling Birkenstock clogs casually, you'll be spoilt for choice. The clog shape lends itself perfectly to slouchier styles, such as your best joggers, and the best loungewear for women, but they can also team with casual denim skirt outfit ideas and are just right when trainers don't quite feel like the right fit. 

When considering which pair of Birkenstock clogs to go for, there is no wrong answer. However, it is worth considering where you will wear them most. If you're likely to be out and about running errands, a leather pair might suit you best. For a pair of shoes that will work year-round, the suede finish is the most popular, although you should consider suede protecting them to help prolong their use. But we especially love fur-lined versions for days at home or relaxing with friends, and they will save you from swapping between slippers and shoes when dashing out the door. 

The best Birkenstock clogs dupes

Though we think the Birkenstock Boston clogs are a worthwhile investment, they are towards the pricier end of slip-on footwear and of course, thanks to their popularity, they're increasingly hard to get hold of. And if you're still unsure about the trend and want to experiment with a cheaper alternative before you take the plunge, then we recommend giving the best Birkenstock clog dupes a go first, here are our favorites.

How long do Birkenstock clogs last?

As with all shoes, how long your Birkenstock clogs will last largely depends on how you take care of them. For the longest lifespan, we recommend using a waterproof spray, especially on suede, so they don't get prematurely ruined. It will most likely be a couple of years before you begin to notice serious wear on the soles (depending on how often you wear them) but when this time comes, it doesn't mean that your Birkenstock clogs have to be thrown away. They can be re-soled by a cobbler which will give them a whole new lease of life, but make sure to take them for repair before any cork is exposed. The high-quality design really does speak for itself, but keeping them cleaned and avoiding water will help, too. When cared for properly, they could last you decades.