What to wear to a christening: Appropriate outfits that hit the right mark

If you're not sure what to wear to a christening, these stylish outfit ideas will help

what to wear to a christening: style ideas from street style shots
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Deciding what to wear to a christening isn't always easy. Unlike weddings, there often is no clear dress code or theme, but there are some guidelines you can follow to ensure you're dressed appropriately.

An important landmark occasion, a christening is often seen as a grey area when it comes to outfit choice. Rarely as formal or as tricky as deciding on a wedding outfit, there might not be any hard and fast rules, but there are some soft guidelines we suggest you stick to to make sure you look appropriate for the occasion. If no dress code has been specified on the invitation then you'll want to take your cues from the venue and setting of the ceremony. For low-key events, a smart-casual vibe will suffice, think your best dresses, or smart trousers and a blouse. For grander christenings, however, you will naturally require an outfit upgrade. Most importantly though, select an outfit you're comfortable in - whether that's opting for sharp tailoring and a blazer or you need a little boost with the perfect dress to hide a tummy and some of your best shapewear, confidence is the key ingredient to pulling off most looks. 

The Duchess of Cambridge consistently nails what to wear to a christening, dazzling in designer outfits for her own children's big days, so if you're really stuck for some style inspiration, our archive of Kate Middleton's dresses is a good place to start for fashionable yet sensible pieces. And remember if you're attending a church, make sure your shoulders are covered and you’re not showing too much skin. And of course, christening outfits for mums or godparents will need a little more thought behind them too.

What to wear to a christening: 7 key pieces

When it comes to what to wear to a christening there is no need to get yourself into a style panic. When in doubt err on the side of caution and go for smarter more polished pieces over keeping it laidback and casual.

"Like weddings, christenings are a formal occasion and so when you're selecting what to wear, it's best to avoid casual items such as jeans and trainers and opt for smart occasion wear. A pretty floral midi dress or tailoring such as a pastel-colored suit teamed with a low block heel are both fail safe stylish options. While hats and fascinators are still popular, many are choosing to go with a more modern take on headpieces, such as an oversized Alice band, similar to those worn by the queen of occasionwear herself, The Duchess of Cambridge" - fashion editor and stylist, Antonia Kraskowski (opens in new tab)

1. Midi Dress

four women in midi dresses

A printed midi dress gives maximum impact with minimal effort.

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Christenings are joyful occasions, so don’t be afraid to dress to match the mood. The bigger and brighter the print you opt for, the better. This season has a particular fondness for bright color clothing, so embrace that dopamine dressing trend and go for a printed midi dress in mood-boosting hues. The best midi dresses offer maximum impact with minimal effort. While summer is largely about rainbow brights, dramatic monochrome prints will look chic and stand the test of time.

For a summer christening add your best sandals and you're good to go. When it comes to silhouette choice, opt for more flowy styles, over more bodycon designs, a tea dress, or shirt dress are good choices. 

2. A smart suit

four women wearing bright trouser suits

You’ll be able to get plenty of wear from your two-piece beyond the christening.

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Two-piece suits can work fabulously for a sleek and contemporary look that’s comfortable for all-day wear. Look for colorful blazer and trouser combos or lift more classic, muted hues by layering a vibrant blouse underneath. Wide-leg trousers or culottes not only look elegant and feminine but deliver on comfort too and are one of many big fashion trends 2022 has on offer. You’ll be able to get plenty of wear from your two-piece beyond the christening, styling them out as separates, nailing how to style a blazer and discovering what to wear with wide leg pants in the process.

3. A chic jumpsuit

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You can never go wrong with a flattering jumpsuit.

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Christenings tend to involve running around with little ones, so if you are worried about a wardrobe malfunction, a flattering jumpsuit is a perfect solution when it comes to what to wear to a christening. Go sleeveless on really hot days, or, if you’re not keen on showing off your arms, a caped or angel sleeve is very flattering. Cropped jumpsuits are a great alternative to the best petite dresses if you're shorter in stature, while a wide-leg style will suit hourglass body shapes - flaring out from the waist to create the illusion of a longer, leaner frame.

4. A dress coat

four women in dress coats

Draw inspiration from the royals and seek out stylish dress coats.

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We're not talking about your best winter coat or even a chic camel coat. When it comes to dress-coats for a christening, or a wedding guest look, this style very much draws inspiration from the royal family and royal occasions. To nail this look you're either looking for a dress and coat co-ord, where a shift, knee-length dress has a coordinating coat in the same length, or you can pair a frock style, tailored coat, over a neat shift dress in a well-matched hue to replicate the idea. If your capsule wardrobe already contains a dress you'd like to wear, give it a seasonal refresh with a wrap coat, or a lightweight trench coat. 

5. Comfortable yet fancy shoes

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Consider a wedge or block heel for a smart yet comfortable look.

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Much like weddings, christenings can be long days and involve a lot of standing up so make sure you choose smart, comfortable shoes. Consider a wedge or block heel, or take your lead from Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton's shoe choices and choose a dainty court shoe. The pointed toe will make your legs look longer, while the narrow heel adds height and elegance. One of the most versatile styles of shoes, they’ll more than earn their keep in your wardrobe - working for interviews, work, and weddings, too. And if you can't abide heels, we've also got a great guide for comfortable flats for women, that has a section on dressy flats too. 

6. Hats and Headpieces

street style shots of women in hats

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Christenings that are erring on the more formal side will generally require a hat or headpiece. Look as this as an opportunity to really dress up and embrace some of the latest accessory trends to inform your choices. When it comes how to wear headbands, the more formal the occasion, the more luxe fabrications you're looking for. For a headband for a christening, look for sculptural styles, tulle and embellishment detailing to ensure you stand out (in a good way). Don't opt for anything too large though so you can comfortably wear it all day. 

7. Bags

When it comes to bags to wear to a christening, remember that, like with a wedding, you'll want to travel as light as possible. As a dressier occasion, you'll want to leave your best tote bag at home, even if it does give a nod to the handbag trends 2022. Opt for smaller, delicate clutch bags with wristlets or one of the best crossbody bags - as this will allow you to go hands-free and enjoy a day spent with friends and family in comfort and style. Select bags that just fit your essentials, otherwise you'll be tempted to fill it with items you simply don't need to be carrying.  

Christening dress code - some handy guidelines

Worried about the kind of outfit you've picked out or need some extra guidance? We've put together answers to some of the most common questions about christening outfits.

Can you wear white to a christening?

women in smart white outfits

It's a classic color, but is it appropriate for a christening?

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The rules are different to that of weddings and it is absolutely fine to wear white to a christening or baptism. Traditionally, the person being christened or baptized will wear white (or a similar color), but that doesn't mean guests can't wear it too.

And if you're a mother or godmother at the christening, then it's even more common to wear a white outfit.

Can you wear black to a christening?

two women in black smart outfits

Many wonder if black is too sombre for the occassion.

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Again, there aren't such strict rules around wearing black to a christening as there are when it comes to weddings. You can definitely opt for black if that's the outfit you're most comfortable in, although you should still consider the settings and theme for the day in the aesthetics of your look.

Is it OK to wear jeans to a christening?

women in jeans but smart jackets

It may be best to leave the acid wash jeans at home...

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While jeans might seem a bit informal, a tasteful darker denim could be passable. It really depends on the style of the event and the people hosting. You could team a pair of jeans with a smart and well tailored jacket for a sharper finish. We think it's safe to assume you can leave anything with rips in the knees or anything "acid-washed" in the closet for this one.

As far as fit, we’d say a white jeans outfit, such as a skinny or tapered pair teamed with a tunic or blouse sit on the right side of appropriate, whereas baggier denim will be a no-no. Although unless you have to wear jeans, leave your denim at home on this occasion.

Can you wear a short dress to a christening?

knee length occasion wear outfits

The Duchess of Sussex wore an elegant knee-length dress to her nephew Prince Louis's christening.

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Super short dresses and churches don’t tend to mix. To ensure your outfit remains respectful whether you’re sitting or standing, opt for a knee-grazing length or longer. If you really do want to go short, team with a pair of opaque tights to reduce the risk of a mishap. 

There are plenty of affordable midi-length skirts and dresses out there, so you won’t struggle to find something that hits the mark.

What to wear to a christening as the mother

Kate Middleton in christening outfits, wearing white for children's christenings

The Duchess of Cambridge wore white at her son Prince Louis's christening.

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If you're attending a christening or baptism as a mother, then it's nice to be a little more dressed up than your guests. Of course, there's no requirement to, but this is your day as much as it is your child's.

Opt for a floral midi or maxi dress for a more casual party, or dress up with a more structured dress for something more formal. You could even opt for a two-piece or a jumpsuit. Light colors, dainty prints, and any embellishment is a bonus.

What to wear to a christening as the godmother

women in occasion wear attending a christening

Zara Tindall went for a chic navy combo when she was made godmother at Prince George's christening.

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If you’re lucky enough to have been asked to act as Godmother for the child that’s being baptized, you’re likely to want to put more consideration into your outfit than if you were just attending as a guest. 

Firstly, speak to the little one's parents, and see what they are planning on wearing. This will not only help you to get a feel for what sort of clothing might be appropriate but will ensure you don’t arrive under or over-dressed. 

An all-in-one dress or jumpsuit is always a good option, offering a ready-made outfit without worrying about mixing and matching separates. How you accessorize from there is up to you. If it’s a fancier occasion, consider adding a hat, smart jacket, heels, or a beaded clutch. If it’s more laid back, flat pumps and a leather tote (with enough room for a packet of tissues!) will be all you need. 

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