12 most comfortable wedding guest shoes - the styles that will keep you dancing long after the ceremony

Wondering how to style your wedding guest dress? Our fashion expert has found footwear options ranging from block heels to the platforms that feel like flats

Three models wearing comfortable wedding guest shoes
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Finding comfortable wedding guest shoes is not an easy task, and it's something I'm often asked about as a fashion editor. Weddings are the biggest dates of the year in your diary, however most last a full day and long into the night, and will likely involve a fair bit of walking - and dancing!

You may well have chosen your favourite from our list of best wedding guest dresses, but now you need to know how to accessorise. A simple clutch bag usually does the trick, but when it comes to comfortable wedding guest shoes, there's a lot more than just colour to think about. For more casual weddings, you might be able to get away with them, but for the majority of big days your best white trainers just won't cut it.

Comfortable heels sounds like an oxymoron, right? But with all the technology brands have at their fingertips nowadays (or should that be toes?) it's possible to find shoes that will give you height but you won't find yourself counting down the seconds until you can take them off. And the best bit is they'll last you far beyond the big day, becoming a key part of your capsule wardrobe.

The woman&home fashion team certainly agrees. Writer Molly Smith says: "when it comes to choosing wedding shoes, comfort is a huge priority. As someone who doesn’t wear heels day-to-day, I tend to opt for either wedges, block heels, or kitten heels to ensure maximum support. There are also plenty of stylish options! So if you aren’t used to walking in heels, either go low with a strappy kitten heel or a mid-height block heel - practical and pretty choices that won’t leave your feet in bits!"

Somehow I used to be able to wear heels for a full day of work, but nowadays I'm a bit kinder to myself. Nobody wants to be staggering home after a magical wedding, barely able to walk; you want to breeze home looking just as radiant as you did when you arrived. So with that in mind, we've hit the virtual high street to find some shoes - both heels and flats - that should be on your list of contenders.

The most comfortable wedding guest shoes - as chosen by our fashion editor

High heels

Mid and low heels

Fancy flats

What shoes are most comfortable to wear for a wedding?

We spoke to style editor Matilda Stanley, who told us "It's worth planning your shoes wisely if you have a big day in the diary. A wedding involves a lot of walking, standing and dancing so you want a pair of shoes that will stay as comfortable as possible and take you from the ceremony to the dance floor without any ouch moments!

"Block heels are always a safe bet as they will support your feet better than a skinny stiletto, and if you want plenty of height you could opt for a 70's style platform. A playful pair of platforms that will add inches while keeping your foot at a comfier angle to put less pressure on your soles."

Can you wear white shoes to a wedding?

While white is generally out of the question for dresses, there's absolutely no reason you can't wear white on your feet! Nobody will mistake you for the bride if you're wearing a printed or block colour dress with a pair of white shoes so you can wear them without fearing a faux pas. Comfort is more important than colour!

Is it ok to wear flats to a wedding?

Matilda gave us her opinion on this: "Absolutely! I'm a firm believer that you don't need a sky-high pair of heels to finish an outfit. Flats can look just as chic and will definitely be more comfortable for a whole day and night spent at a wedding.

"The key is to go for a pretty and elegant style of flat rather than anything too chunky. Avoid heavy loafers or brogues and opt for a fuss free ballet pump or a classic Mary Jane that will feel special for a day of celebration and romance. When it comes to a colour, I'd always opt for a soft neutral or a shiny metallic that will work well with pretty much any outfit nicely. Comfy flats are perfect for wearing with jeans and a t-shirt the next day too, which makes them ideal if you're going away for a wedding and worried about suitcase space!

Should shoes and bags match for wedding guests?

Whilst it's tempting to co-ordinate your wedding accessories, personally I like to steer clear of being too matchy matchy. Although if the dress code includes a hat, it's a good idea to stick to similar tones to avoid looking mismatched.

Matilda Stanley
Matilda Stanley

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Molly Smith

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