Shoes to wear with wide leg trousers: 12 styling ideas for the season ahead

Want to know what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers? We have everything you need to find your new styling combination

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers
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Not sure what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers? The loose-fit shape is everywhere this season, and the footwear styling options are pretty much endless. As a fashion editor, I love the laidback, comfortable vibe of the wide leg trouser, but I also understand that many fashion fans are put off from wearing them because finding the perfect shoe to wear with wide leg trousers requires far more thought than the rest of your wardrobe.

Yes, I admit that finding the best shoes to wear with your wide leg trousers will take a little more effort than slinging on trainers with the best jeans for your body type, but I promise that once you have found your footwear formula, you will be wearing this look on repeat.

Wide leg trousers are totally timeless, and I think every capsule wardrobe should contain at least one pair. You can style them up or down easily, and your shoes can swiftly take them from daytime casual to a smarter evening vibe with minimal effort. I’d always recommend taking some time out to try on multiple outfits with different shoes in front of a mirror, to find a combination that works for you. Trends are great, but when it comes to finding the best shoe to wear with wide leg trousers, its most definitely more important to feel your best so go with what works for your own style personality.

Shoes to wear with wide leg trousers –  12 different types of shoes that will complete your outfit 

Whether you’re a big fan of your stomping boots or prefer to be out in strappy heels, you’ll find key tips and styling ideas below to make your everyday shoes work with this season’s must-have wide leg.

1. How to style wide leg trousers with trainers

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers trainers

Comfy trainers will give wide leg trousers a sporty spin.

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Trainers have made the big move from basic gym bag and weekend attire, to all week wonder-shoe over the last few years. Whether you prefer retro pumps, like the Adidas Gazelle or a Samba inspired colour-pop pair, or are loyal to chunky trainers from the likes of New Balance, both are great shoes to wear with trousers and will give off an athleisure vibe without having to try too hard. The length of the leg should ideally skim over your sporty footwear rather than a cropped length that shows the whole shoe. It’s a nice way to make smarter trousers feel more casual, and is a great choice for anybody that wants their shoes to be chic and comfortable.

2. How to style wide leg trousers with ballet pumps

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers ballet pumps

Ballet pumps have a soft and minimal feel that work well with stronger trouser shapes.

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The humble ballet pump is officially back in the style spotlight for 2024 and its no surprise as there’s something super easy and simple about the slip-on style. Keep it fuss-free with a nude or plain black pair or go for a strappy Mary Jane for extra style points. Ideally, you should just see the toe poking out beneath the hem of this season’s wide leg jeans and trousers, but if you are tall then pumps would work just as well with ankle-length.

3. How to style wide leg trousers with flat mules

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers flat mules

The comfortable mule is perfect for giving trousers a low key spin.

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The slip-on mule may not be the prettiest but its been a huge hit with the fashion set and it's seriously comfortable. This modern take on the clog became so popular, there was even a waiting list, but if it doesn't set your pulse racing, have no fear, as there are some slightly more elegant options for flat mules too. Pointed toe, luxe textures and bright colours will give this look a softer vibe. They are quite chunky, so choose a pair of trousers that ends on the ankle or go a bit narrower close to the hemline to avoid tripping up.

4. How to style wide leg trousers with heeled mules

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers heeled mules

Add some glamour to your trousers with a heeled slip on shoe.

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Heeled mules are not only elegant but the backless style means theres no chance of rubbing on your ankles either - hurrah! When it comes to shoes to wear with trousers, heeled mules add a feminine feel to smarter wide leg fits. You could keep it simple with a plain black pair but we like the idea of using your heeled mules to add a pop of colour or metallic shine to neutral trousers, or to temper a printed pair.

5. How to style wide leg trousers with loafers

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers loafers

Add a smart twist to your wide leg outfit with a chunky loafer.

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The androgynous style flat is a safe bet for every wardrobe - just make sure you opt for a sturdy and strong pair that will add some oomph to whatever you are wearing. The structured shape is at odds with the freedom of floaty trousers so to make it work, you need to keep the rest of your outfit very streamlined. Think a tailored blazer or a fitted shirt on top, teamed with trousers that toe the line between wide and straight cut. You can get away with a shorter leg length here, and we’d recommend aiming to show your ankles if you’re petite.

6. How to style wide leg trousers with wedges

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers wedges

Summer-ready wedges work particularly well with linen and denim styles.

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Wedged heels have made a bit of a comeback recently and they have a summer-ready holiday vibe that is perfect for wearing with a swishy pair of trousers. As well as looking great, they are comfier than a narrower heel as they support your feet all over. If you’re going for a traditional wedge then make sure your trousers are short enough to show off the detailing on the toes. If you go too long, you’ll look like you could be wearing stilts.

7. How to style wide leg trousers with chunky heels

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers chunky heels

Chunkier heels work just as well as daintier styles with your trousers.

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Trend-ticking shoes don't have to be sky high and spiky heeled - chunkier options will look just as chic while being more forgiving on your feet. Chunky heels is a broad category that can span everything from Mary Janes to the latest boot trends - so there are plenty of options to choose from.

In terms of the style of trouser to wear with your footwear, anything goes. If you’re wearing a statement shoe that you want to show off, choose cropped lengths. If you’re only really wearing a heel to lengthen the lines of your outfit and give yourself a little confidence boost, then go longer - they don’t need to be on show.

8. How to style wide leg trousers with stiletto heels

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers stilettos

Make a sartorial statement with a bold stiletto heel.

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Nothing says special occasion like a pair of stand out stiletto heels. The narrow heel is a fashion-forward footnote to a pretty dress but right now we would recommend wearing your shoes with a tailored suit in a colour pop for added wow. According to the street style set, the coolest way to wear your shoes with wide leg trousers is to just leave the tiniest whisper of your stiletto's toe and heel peeping out from the bottom of the hemline, so avoid cropped lengths that will show off your whole shoe. Ideally, only team stilettos with sturdier fabrics like cotton or denim as overly lightweight crepes have a tendency to catch on spiky heels.

9. How to style wide leg trousers with slingbacks

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers slingbacks

Boldy coloured slingbacks will add fun to your outfit.

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A slingback is a style of shoe characterised by a thin strap that goes around the ankles to the back of the heel, and they can be worn in a similar way to stilettos and mules. Slingbacks can be heeled or flat and tend to be filled in at the front - normally with a pointed or almond toe. The narrower the toe, the longer you can go with the length of your trousers - this style shoe can work well with extra wide flares and longer trousers. The smart yet playful shoe design will work just as well for daytime glam as it will for dinner with friends.

10. How to style wide leg trousers with stompy boots

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers stompy boots

Heavy biker boots are surprisingly easy to style with wide leg trousers.

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Wide leg trousers have plenty of space for wearing chunkier, shorter boots underneath. Either wear your trousers long to just give a glimpse of the chunky soles and front of your boots, or go edgy and opt for a shorter length trouser that shows your boots off in all their glory. Embrace the grunge vibe across your whole outfit with head-to-toe black for a streamlined look, or keep the rest prim and feminine, using your stompy boots for added edge.

11. How to style wide leg trousers with platform shoes

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers platform shoes

Give your trousers a retro twist with a playful pair of platforms.

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The best thing about platforms is not only do they look great, but they’re also much comfier than your average heel. Wide leg trousers with a flare are everywhere at the moment and adding a platform into the mix only exaggerates the shape as well as giving off some serious 1970s vibes. For a classic look, stick to platforms in warm shades of brown or use your footwear to add a pretty touch to your outfit by opting for heels in pastels tones.

12. How to style wide leg trousers with sandals

Street style influencers showing shoes to wear with wide leg trousers sandals

Day time attire calls for comfy yet chic sandals.

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When the weather warms up, loose and floaty trousers combined with a comfy sandal is the ultimate summer uniform. As the shape of the trousers is already creating the illusion of longer legs you can go as chunky as you want with your sandals, without the risk of making your legs look shorter. Think sensible sandals, like Tevas and Birkenstocks. Or, lean into the holiday vibe of floaty trousers and go all Grecian with a strappy or rope sandal instead.

What to consider when choosing which shoes to wear with wide leg trousers

Finding the best shoes to wear with wide leg trousers requires some thought as the shoes you choose need to buddy up with the trousers well and create a balanced finish to your final look. The first thing to consider is the length of your trousers as floor-grazing, cropped, or ankle length will require different types of shoes. Equally, 'wide leg trousers' is a fairly broad term, particularly as the look is very 'in' right now and a wide leg can cover everything from boyfriend jeans to super wide and relaxed legs.

You should also think about the type of occasion you're looking to dress for. While trainers certainly are a shoe to wear with wide leg trousers, they won't necessarily be appropriate for office attire.

Once you've thought about the above, you can truly start having some fun with your outfits.

What shoes to wear with wide leg trousers in 2024

Unsure what shoes to wear with wide leg trousers for 2024? There are a few factors to consider. We asked the experts - “depending on the length, most wide leg trousers look best with a higher shoe,” says Daisy Barnett, founder, and personal stylist at The Daisy Edit. “It’s also a great way to elongate the leg as the extra volume of a wide leg pant can shorten the appearance of your legs. Boots are a great option, and for a more polished look, I also like an open-toe pump to add just a touch of sophistication.”

It’s heels all the way for personal stylist and jewellery designer Zoé DuFour too. “Wide leg trousers are so versatile, and a staple in my and many of my clients' wardrobes,” DuFour advises. “I love the juxtaposition of masculine and feminine so I would suggest a pointy-toe kitten heel or strappy sandal to add that feminine touch and take you from work to evening.”

For Mathilde Mader, Chief Creative Officer at Everlane, it’s all about the loafer. “Loafers are a great option for daytime,” she explains. “They’re smart but comfortable. Then for the evening a heeled boot or sandal is really lovely to add a bit more glamour. You can either have your trousers to the ground for just a hint of shoe or do an ankle-length crop to really show off your footwear.”

How do you style wide leg trousers for spring and summer?

How you style your wide leg trousers for spring will depend on the time of day. “I love tucking a white tee or simple crew neck sweater into wide leg jeans or trousers for daytime,” says Mader. “When the weather warms up, just take the jumper off and drape it over your shoulders. For an extra layer, an oversized blazer or classic trench finishes off the look. Wear with a loafer or a white trainer for an effortless spring look.”

In the evening, you can think more about adding extra details, whether that’s through fabrics or prints, or with elevated accessories. “Floaty and sheer fabrics will be everywhere this spring and summer, so pair a sheer blouse (with a bodysuit underneath) with your wide leg trousers,” adds DuFour. “Then add a belt and a pointy-toe shoe or strappy sandal.”

What shoes not to wear with wide leg trousers?

There aren't many shoes that wont work with wide leg trousers so its hard to get it wrong. I'd avoid anything too fussy, or overly embellished to keep your ensemble looking as clean and chic as possible. It always looks best to have a little bit of your shoe poking out from the bottom of your trousers too, so rounded toe shoes may get swamped under fabric and look a little lost. Overall though, most shoes will work well with wide leg trousers - try on different pairs and find the right match for you.

What footwear to wear with wide leg trousers in winter?

woman&home's Digital Fashion Editor Caroline Parr gives us her top tips for styling the wide leg style all year round - "ankle boots will always be a go-to in the colder months, and they work particularly well underneath wide leg trousers. Choose a block heel to give yourself some height and make your legs look longer, or if you're a fan of flats try chunky loafers and cosy socks with your wide leg trousers. Make sure they fall just above the floor either way. "

Caroline Parr

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