How to dress simple but stylish: 12 tips to look chic every day

Streamline your style with these 12 tips for how to dress simple but stylish for every occasion

How to dress simple but stylish
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Yearning to learn how to dress simple but stylish? If your wardrobe is busting at the seams but you never have anything to wear, it might be time to simplify how you get dressed.

Do you want to know the secret to how some women always look so put together? It’s all down to their knack of looking stylish in simple clothes. Creating a capsule wardrobe of essentials, it all comes down to how they style pieces together. Opting for a more pared back look, timeless silhouettes and neutral hues will give you a hardworking wardrobe that always looks luxe.

Many of us have closets that are full of clothes, yet we only wear a select few items time and time again. Too much choice can be paralyzing when trying to pull together a chic outfit, making how to dress simple but stylish nearly impossible. Having a subtle approach to getting dressed means knowing your personal style and ensuring your wardrobe is packed with pieces that effortlessly go together.

12 steps to learning how to dress simple but stylish

Nailing how to dress simple but stylish does take some work, to begin with, but once you’ve got these steps in place, you’ll find getting dressed every day becomes joyful, rather than stressful. These expert tips will also help you buy less, shop better, creating a chic minimalist capsule wardrobe in the process, what's not to love?

And rather than it being about boring clothes, learning how to look stylish in simple clothes will help you maximize on the basics, adding in trend-led or statement pieces as and when you want, but really getting the wear out of the building blocks of your wardrobe. 

How to dress simple but stylish - quality over quanity

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1. Choose quality over quantity

How often have you been tempted to buy something because it was discounted? Or ended up buying something you didn’t need because you were won over by a cheap ticket price? Never buy anything just because it’s a great deal - if you never wear it it’s definitely not a bargain!

“Investing in immaculately cut, classic pieces in beautiful fabrics that will stand the test of time will reduce clutter in your closet and provide an elegant foundation from which you can develop your style,” advises stylist and feel-good fashion coach, Miranda Holder.

Cheaper items can also often mean that the quality isn’t as good, so if you find something you love and wear it repeatedly, it may only last a year or so, meaning the cost-benefit is short-lived.

Investing in good quality items made from natural fabrics is a good bet to longer-lasting clothing. Yes, the best cashmere sweaters aren’t as cheap as their man-made counterparts, but they’ll last longer and feel a whole lot nicer to boot. Plus, if you added up how much you spent on cheaper sweaters, you’ll have probably spent the price of a quality jumper already.

This is particularly true for those items you wear a lot such as coats or footwear. Work out the types of coat that fit into your lifestyle and then spend the maximum you can; the same goes for shoes and boots.

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2. Back to basics: incorporate essentials in your wardrobe

A wardrobe that is full of the latest trends is all well and good, but you need to first invest in wardrobe essentials as the building blocks of your closet; the pieces that will help you simplify getting dressed and streamline your style. 

These essentials will differ depending on your lifestyle and where you live, but basics such as the best white t-shirt, jeans that fit well, and a quality sweater should make it onto the list, whether you're putting together an over 50s capsule wardrobe or a closet for a totally different age bracket. 

Other essentials you could buy to help you elevate your look include:

A dress: Whatever style dress you choose, opt for a neutral color or pattern so that it can pair with everything else in your wardrobe. The best shirt dresses, for example, should be easy to incorporate into smart casual outfit ideas, working with trainers as well as court shoes for the office.

An oversized shirt: A breezy oversized shirt is a modern must-have and can take you from season to season. You just need to learn how to style oversized shirts to get the most out of them, but once you’ve got one, you’ll never look back.

A blazer: The best blazer is that one that suits your wardrobe and style. If you like to be on trend, go for one that’s slightly oversized, however, if you’re petite, be wary of going to oversized, as too much fabric can drown your frame. Instead, opt for a more tailored style to highlight your frame. Largely a casual dresser? Select a blazer that will work with jeans and hoodies, as well as over office-ready pieces.

Clothes care label will help you dress simple but stylish

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3. Look after your clothes

No clothes, not even the most expensive ones, will look good if you don’t look after them.

It all starts with how you wash them. To save your clothes and the environment, wash less, but when you do wash them, make sure you’ve read the care labels. Washing detergents are so good these days, that you can use low temperatures for most things - this will help preserve your clothes for longer. And if you can avoid dry cleaning, do so as it’s kinder to the planet and fabrics (unless the fabric specifically requires dry cleaning). Hand washing delicate fabrics such as cashmere and silk will work just as well - and be a whole lot cheaper, even if they do take a little longer.

Air dry where possible. Tumble drying is not only a drain on energy, but it can also shrink certain fabrics. A heated air dryer is a great, gentler alternative if you don’t have good drying weather.

Finally, how your store your clothes is really important. 

  • Choose wooden or padded hangers to stop them from becoming misshapen. 
  • For knitwear, it’s good to store with lavender or moth balls for extra protection.
  •  And remember, not to ram your wardrobe full of clothes. It will just create lots of wrinkles and color can transfer from items. If you're finding your closet is overloaded, learn how to organize your closet, to maximize space.

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4. Try on your wardrobe

You may know what’s in your wardrobe, but does it still fit? Or suit your current style? When it comes to how to dress simple but stylish, streamlining your wardrobe is absolutely key, as it will help you truly see what's in there. 

A wardrobe try-on is a great idea when overhauling your look. Use this as an opportunity to get rid of old clothes, fix beloved items that need some TLC and create new looks as you go. You can even take pictures and create a little visual library as a reminder to make hurried mornings a little easier. 

Getting rid of clothes wlll help you dress simple but stylish

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5. Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit, dated, or worn out

If you want to master how to dress simple but stylish, it’s important to take a look through your wardrobe and see what you are actually wearing. There will be many items that no longer fit, are damaged, or are just not in style anymore.

A good tailor can fix past season favorites, as well as alter those items that are out of style. Taking up a pair of trousers to give them a cropped look will make them seem more contemporary, while a maxi dress can easily be shortened into a midi dress to make it more wearable. 

Once you’ve got your wardrobe in shape, make sure to do an MOT regularly, so you keep it looking streamlined and stylish. Always focus on the building blocks, as these are key to how to look stylish in simple clothes.

If you find you have items that you don’t know what to do with, try them on with other items in your closet, if you decide an item isn't for you, it might be time to learn how to sell clothes online.

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6. When in doubt, choose neutrals

While color adds a touch of joy to any outfit, matching brights or pastels can be tricky, especially if you’re time-poor. There’s also establishing 'what color suits me?' to take into account when working out the shades to shop. But you can get rid of that daily procrastination by having a wardrobe full of neutral colors. A key spring/summer fashion trend 2023, not only will it make outfit building super easy, but neutral outfits also always look luxurious and expensive.

“Neutrals, from black to navy to charcoal grey all mix and match effortlessly, and when combined, create a polished, expensive-looking aesthetic- just think of all those trendy Instagram feeds - don’t forget that denim and leopard print are also classed as neutrals too!” says Miranda

When you have a neutral base to work with, it’s also easy to introduce the fashion color trends 2023, such as bright pink or green when you're feeling in need of a little pick-me-up.

capsule wardrobe ideas: multiple pieces involved in building a capsule wardrobe

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7. Create an easy-to-wear uniform

If you like having fun with fashion, the thought of a capsule wardrobe can feel dreary, however, if you get the elements right, it can help you create a personalized uniform, so to speak. 

The benefit of a uniform is that you know it will suit you, everything will go together, and you can get ready in record time. It’s not something that you have to live in forever - weekends and special events in particular offer opportunities to really think outside your capsule wardrobe (if you so choose) - but if you want to look effortlessly stylish on a day to day basis, then it’s the way to go. 

It’s something Miranda believes works for everyone – including royals like the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton.

“Creating your own signature look has to be the ultimate hack for hassle-free dressing and can save you buckets of wasted time and money while clothes shopping,” she says.

She continues: “The first step is to explore your options, either with the help of a personal stylist or through the endless resources in books and online. Consider your body shape, style personality and lifestyle, then have fun developing a look that is ‘all you’, before investing in several slightly different versions of it. Your clothes will always fit and flatter, and you’ll never be stuck for what to wear again.”

Accessories to help you dress simple but stylish

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8. Harness the power of a good accessory

“Never underestimate the power of the finishing touches to bring a look together and reflect a little personality, making a simple outfit far more special,” says Miranda.

She continues: “Whether it’s a statement handbag that brings a little edge to an otherwise feminine style or a bold necklace which transforms a plain white tee into something more interesting, accessories are your best fashion friend and a great way to get creative and playful with your style.”

Making a simple but stylish outfit feel instantly more put together and thoughtful, accessories are also a way you can stamp your identity onto wardrobe basics. Choose different textures, bright colors or unusual shapes to have some fun. 

Miranda’s top tip? Keep an eye out for interesting accessories while you’re travelling - they’ll add a unique touch to your outfit, as you're unlikely to spot someone else in the same piece and will also remind you of cherished trips.