Fashion color trends 2023: These are the hot hues to look out for next season

Experts reveal the fashion color trends 2023 that are set to brighten up your new season wardrobe

images of women walking down the catwalk wearing different colors including silver and green to illustrate fashion color trends 2023
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The fashion color trends 2023 have been revealed and next season is looking bright and beautiful. With a range of hues that would rival any artist's palette, there is something for everyone. From earthy orange tones to vivid magenta, these are the fashion color trends experts think you'll be wearing.

Fashion color trends, much like fashion trends are informed by the runway shows that have happened six months prior to the start of the season. And while the runways play a big role in influencing the colors we see trickled down into store, there is also color forecasting, which is the practice of predicting the colors people will want to wear in the near future. Forecasters look at many different things from travel, art, technology, fashion and entertainment to predict fashion color trends.

But the fashion color trends 2023 are also influenced by other color specialist businesses. Companies such as Pantone and Dulux analyze different trends each year to come up with the key colors they believe will be big across a wide range of product categories - from paint colors to party dresses. This year, the Pantone color of the year 2023 has been revealed to be Vivid Magenta, and we can subsequently expect this to be a heavy feature both in clothes and homeware stores. 

Of course, the largest proportion of influence comes from the runways, who are responsible for setting major fashion color trends each year. Last year the fashion color trends 2022 championed super bright shades such as Kermit Green and Barbiecore pink, offering fashion fans a major hit of dopamine dressing. For the fashion color trends 2023 however, we're seeing a much more mixed approach. There was a lot of black on the runway, with a return to '80s and '90s Gothicism and grunge influences, but there was also a lot of color, ensuring that some of last year's brights are here to stay. There’s also a resurgence of more earthy, natural shades as well, which will work perfectly in the warmer summer months.

If you’re wondering what color suits me, it’s best to work out whether you have a cool or warm skin tone as a starting point. Then you’ll be able to choose the variations of any particular color to suit your tone, for the most part, we can all wear every color, it's just about getting the right shade and how close or far from your face a particular hue sits.

“An example of this might be (opting for) cream and camel if you are warm-toned with accents of orange and yellow, or if you are cool-toned (a neutral) charcoal grey and black with accents of blue and lilac (might suit you better),” explains celebrity fashion expert and stylist, Miranda Holder (opens in new tab).

With plenty of shades to choose from, there's something for everyone in the fashion color trends 2023.


three catwalk models wearing pantone color of the year viva magenta down the catwalk to illustrate the fashion color trends 2023

Del Core/Prabal Gurung/Giambattista Valli

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Pantone’s color for 2023 is Viva Magenta, a deep, pinkish-red shade. Think a slight berry red. Described by Pantone as ‘powerful and empowering’, it’s definitely not a shade to be missed!

“It is the color of creativity, kindness and independence and a beautiful color to immerse yourself in when you feel a little out of kilter,” explains Miranda.

While this color didn’t overwhelm the runways like some hues, Prabal Gurung, Giambattista Valli, and Del Core all chose this vivid shade for grand dresses and pretty skirts. Suggesting it is ideal for the best cocktail dresses as we head into the new season. A more grown-up and subtle move on from the fuschia trend, if you're not sure how to wear this carmine shade? Miranda suggests treating it just like last year's favorite, hot pink, meaning any outfits you put together for that look can be reworked for a new season.

“It goes brilliantly with khaki or turquoise, can add a dramatic flourish to grey or navy or looks fabulous with tonal shades of purple, pink and blue,” she says.

What to look out for:

  • Statement separates: Described by Pantone as an ‘audacious’ shade, this is not for the shy and retiring, but separates can make it less overwhelming. Worn with a neutral shade like white or navy, makes it much more accessible.
  • Occasion wear: There’s no doubt that strong color, is a great shade for dramatic evening wear. Pretty tulle and ruffles are set to be a key player in the fashion trends 2023 and this shade is the perfect partner for a frothy ballgown or dramatic tiered skirt.
  • Accessories: Miranda says Viva Magenta is perfect if you have cooler skin tones, however, this doesn’t exclude those with warmer skin tones adopting this bold shade. “Enjoy it as a vivid burst of color to complement the rest of your outfit, such as wearing it in the form of accessories such as a great pair of shoes or bag,” she suggests.


models walking down the catwalk wearing outfits in earthy orange shades illustrating the fashion color trends 2023

Hermes/Alberta Ferretti/Isabel Marant.

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While burnt orange shades might initially seem more of a fall shade, for 2023 it will also see you into the summer months. Miranda says the shade has connotations of creativity, sensuality and abundance, which is probably why it’s proved such a popular color with designers.

Hermes and Isabel Marant sent cool separates down the runway, perfect for hot days on the beach (ideal for what to pack for a beach vacation) and tropical nights out and about. Alberta Ferretti featured the shade prominently in its 2023 collection, using it on everything from sequin evening dresses to slouchy separates.

While head-to-toe orange looks were popular on the runway, there were also splashes of other shades combined in outfits such as turquoise and olive green. This muted shade is also great if you’re scared of bright-colored clothes as it still packs a punch without being too OTT. The beauty of the shade, says Miranda, is that it goes with so many different hues to create a stunning array of looks.

“Orange loves a warm skin tone and can be paired back when teamed with neutrals such as cream, camel, bronze, or grey,” she suggests. “If you feel confident, mixing it with navy blue or jewel purple can be (super) impactful, as can clashing it by wearing it with its analogous hues on the color wheel such as yellow, pink and red.”

What to look out for:

  • Monochromatic outfits: Worn head-to-toe, earthy orange is super striking and less in your face than the bright neon shades that are also popular this year, it’s a good choice for a co-ord or a flattering jumpsuit.
  • Sheer fabrics: Alberta Ferretti used sheer textiles such as organza to create athleisure wear with a difference. Try sheer hoodies and jackets for a modern and luxurious take on sportswear. 
  • Natural materials: This earthy shade goes well with natural materials such as linen, or alongside crochet for a deluxe boho style


fashion color trends 2023 illustrated by three catwalk models wearing olive green outfits

Alberta Ferretti/Victoria Beckham/Brandon Maxwell.

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A shade more often associated with casual clothing, such as this season's fashion favorite, the cargo pant, olive green has had a makeover for 2023 - and a very glamorous one at that. Victoria Beckham and Alberta Ferretti both used the shade to create some of the best dresses for 2023, which looked both elegant and directional.

Get double style points by teaming it with another fashion color trend 2023 – burnt orange. The earthy duo looks great together says Miranda.

“It pairs well with other fall hues; just think of beautiful fall leaves and select your favorite color combination,” she says. “Because so much of nature is green, it can evoke peace and harmony when we use it in our clothing.”

What to look out for:

  • Silky dresses: A slip dress in olive green is an easy style statement to make. Not sure how to style a slip dress for the new season? Either wear it with an oversized blazer or pop a simple shirt underneath.
  • Jackets: A versatile shade, an olive-green blazer or trench coat will instantly add a chic finish to your look, especially as Miranda says, it works well with so many other colors from black to blush pink to navy.
  • Cargo trousers: While olive green is best suited for warmer skin tones near the face, it can still be worn by everyone on the bottom half. You can't beat a pair of cargo pants in this shade for a truly classic look. Not sure how to style cargo pants for 2023? Miranda suggests teaming them with a heel for the perfect high-low outfit combination.


fashion color trend 2023 illustrated by three models walking down a runway wearing pale pink outfits

Stella McCartney/Vetements/Fendi Couture

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While Barbie pink was one of the big winter 2022 fashion trends, when it comes to the fashion color trends 2023, pink is going paler and more subdued.

“Soft, feminine pink has really made a comeback and for good reason,” says Miranda. “It's a color affiliated with love, nurturing, and self-care - all of which are much needed in this post-pandemic world.”

Showing that pastel pink isn’t just for pretty dresses, Chanel sent models down in tailored pink suits, while Stella McCartney opted for minimalistic pink jumpsuits. And then there was the ultimate romantic look - sheer pale pink dresses by Fendi Couture.

Miranda says that teaming pale pink with other pastels is the way to go for a pretty, spring-time look.

“Pastels always look great with other pastels, so if you are opting for a paler pink, that’s a great place to start,” she says. “It’s surprisingly versatile though, mixing well with paler neutrals such as grey, light brown, ivory and beige.”

What to look out for:

  • Pink patterns: Don't want to go for all-out pink? Then go for pink gingham, as sent down the runway by Acne Studios, or a subtle pink floral.
  • Feather trims: Feathers are one of the wedding dress trends for 2023, but you can still tap into the look even if you’re not getting married. A soft pink feather trim on a simple dress will give it a vintage vibe that looks oh-so-modern.
  • Leisurewear: While baby pink lends itself to romantic dresses, it’s not just for dressing up. Vetements sent models down the runway in oversized, pale pink tracksuits. Sweatshirts or jogging bottoms are an easy way to tap into this color trend. Just add your best white trainers and you'll be ready to go.
  • Eyewear: When it comes to the eyeglasses trend 2023 pastels are once again key, making this a winning hue to invest in.


Catwalk images of three models walking down the runway wearing blue outfits to illustrate fashion color trends 2023

Issey Miyake/Rejina Pyo/Fendi

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Pink has long ruled the runway, but for the fashion color trends 2023 we will see blue enjoying a resurgence. Forget bright or royal blue though, these blues range from pastel shades to azure, and turquoise, all adding a tranquil, royal feel to fashion.

“A sky-blue hue has a certain vitality and freshness to it,” says Miranda. “It was also the color The Queen (was thought to have) favored most often.” As she regularly wore it for public engagements throughout her reign.

While Rejina Pyo and Fendi sent all-blue outfits down the runway, some designers used vibrant blues to create a riot of color on the runway. Alberta Ferretti for example added blazers in a beautifully bright turquoise shade over burnt orange dresses, creating a gorgeous summer combo.

There is a blue for everyone out there, however, pale blue is one of the easiest shades to wear thanks to our love of denim.

“Thanks to our love of denim, pale blue works very much like a neutral and will work well with almost any other color, so why not tune into your mood and intuitively pick the color combination that will benefit you the most?” advises Miranda.

What to look out for:

  • Put your best foot forward: Colorful shoes are definitely one of the big shoe trends for 2023, and if you want to dip your toe into the (watery blue) water, this is a great way to do it. A turquoise strappy sandal or platform shoe will look great with a contrasting pink dress. Or channel Ganni and go for a turquoise cowboy boot, for real show-stopping style.  
  • Swimwear: This color practically screams vacation so makes a wonderful shade for the best swimsuits. Wear it monotone or make like Moschino and choose a patterned swimsuit, mixing blue with the other big fashion color trends of 2023 such as pink and yellow.
  • Florals: If you prefer something a little more romantic, go for a blue floral print, which makes for the best midi dresses. Either choose a print that’s all blue or take your cues from the Caroline Herrera show, which featured dresses with pretty pink flowers on a blue background - perfect for when you don’t know what to wear to a wedding.


three models walking down the catwalk wearing yellow outfits to illustrate fashion color trends 2023

Molly Goddard/Stella McCartney/Valentino

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Never fear, mood-boosting brights are going nowhere in 2023, with variations of yellow bursting onto the runway. It’s a shade that, despite its natural associations with summer months, can be worn all year round. It’s also one that exudes positivity - something we all need right now.

“Sunny, happy yellow is the color of optimism,” says Miranda. “All of the shades can lift our mood and are associated with hope and laughter. Wearing splashes of yellow in the cold winter months can be the perfect antidote to dreary grey days.”

Wear under grey or camel coats in the winter months and come summer, mix with blue or even purple for a statement look.

Lots of designers went mellow yellow on the runway, with various different tones being used to great effect. Stella McCartney used a paler, lemon shade to create beautiful dresses, perfect for all those summer occasions, while Valentino and Versace chose lime yellow, the citrus shades worn head to toe for dramatic effect.

Not sure if yellow suits you? Miranda says there is actually a shade of yellow to suit all skin tones.

She says: “If you are warm, choose richer hues with an orangey undertone and if you are cool, the lime greeny, acid yellows will work well.”

What to look out for:

  • Occasion wear: There’s no doubt that yellow is a statement color and it looks fabulous worn head to toe, so look out for the best summer dresses for those big events. Grecian styles and floating, ethereal layers look super romantic, while structured dresses look super modern in this shade.
  • Splashes of yellow: Issey Miyake used simple flashes of yellow against more neutral shades to make the color pop. Miranda says a splash of yellow against white, ivory and beige keeps it looking fresh and is great if you're scared of color. Look for t-shirts with a yellow pattern or stripe or tote a yellow handbag.


fashion color trends 2023 illustrated by three models walking down the catwalk wearing creige-colored outfits

Miu Miu/Chanel/Roksanda

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We’ve had greige - a grey beige shade for a while so now it’s time to say hello to 'creige', a mixture of cream and beige, a new neutral for the fashion color trends 2023.

“A sophisticated combination of cream and beige, creige gives us the neutral canvas of beige, but with warmer undertones, making it an easier option for the warmer skinned amongst us,” says Miranda.

The beauty of this milky shade is that it’s a great background shade for all the vibrant colors that are going to be big and can help if you're not sure how to wear bright color clothes. It tones down vivid magenta as seen at Giambattista Valli, and also helps neon yellow pop as spotted at Bottega Veneta. For a truly timeless look, wear it with other neutral shades head to toe as seen at Miu Miu and Acne Studios - a must have for those contemplating a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

“This color feels expensive and looks particularly amazing when layered with other pale neutrals such as cream, ivory and white to create a sophisticated tonal look,” says Miranda. 

“It really is the chameleon of tones, as its properties take on the colors it is tamed with, making it the perfect impartial foundation for any outfit.”

What to look out for:

  • Jackets: Whichever one of the coat trends you choose, this color will add a modern touch to your outerwear. Bomber jackets look more luxe, while creige leather coats will look less rock and roll and more Fifth Avenue princess. 
  • Sportswear: Even a creige tracksuit will look luxe, so if you want to chill in style, invest in some separates such as the best joggers, a cozy sweatshirt and a  relaxed fit t-shirt and wear them all together, for the ultimate neutral co-ord.
  • Handbags: If you aren’t keen on creige clothing (or have a dog/toddler/prone to coffee spills) a handbag in this elegant color is a great way to tap into the color trend. For the best designer bags for work, try a new season must-have, the puffy bag, or a more classic hobo bag, both of which will work wonderfully in this shade and take you effortlessly from spring to fall.


models in metallic outfits walking down a catwalk to illustrate the fashion color trends 2023

Tom Ford/Chanel/Simone Rocha

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“Wearing metallics feels opulent and luxurious, and the inherent light reflecting qualities when worn directly under the face can provide us with a very youthful radiant glow,” says Miranda.

It’s no wonder then that the runways were awash with swathes of silver, gold and bronze. Tom Ford's show was an all-out disco with sequins and shiny separates dominating the show, all accessorized with bold, glittering earrings. Signalling that the molten metallics look from the fall 2022 fashion trends, has been given a makeover and is here to stay for 2023.

While gold featured at some shows like Chanel, silver is now having its moment in the metal spotlight. It's one of the big jewelry trends 2023, as if models weren’t wearing silver clothes, they had architectural arm cuffs stacked up their arms or shoulder-grazing earrings adorning their lobes.

While silver is the main metallic, it may not be right for you and Miranda says if you get it wrong, it can be a very unforgiving color to wear.

“The one rule regarding wearing metallics close to your face is to make sure you are in the correct tone,” states Miranda.

“If you are cool-toned, you need silver or pewter and gold, while copper and bronze is preferable for warm skin tones. They can look absolutely fantastic when you get the combination right and it's for this reason that professional color analysts turn to metallics if they are having difficulty diagnosing someone's skin tone. Metallics never lie.” 

What to look out for:

  • Matching separates: For a full-on disco look you can’t go wrong with a co-ord or suit. Miranda suggests teaming these with neutrals such as black, navy or white to keep the look grounded. But if you’re off to a party, go mad and mix with hot pink, turquoise or even other metallics for a mixed look.
  • Metallic accessories: Miranda suggests starting small if all-over silver or gold is a bit too much. She suggests a silver handbag or gold shoes to lift up your outfit.
  • Jewelry: Bold, big, and sparkly - that’s the main direction for jewelry this year and it’s a great way to add metals to your finishing look. Jil Sander had models wearing huge silver, sculptural earrings, an easy look to recreate away from the runway, and one that can also act as your own personal light, giving you a radiant glow wherever you go.

With over 22 years’ experience in journalism, Jayne has written about a variety of subjects. She spent the start of her career within the world of film, interviewing Hollywood stars, attending premieres and lusting after red carpet outfits, and then moved into fashion, launching websites for big magazines such as Look, Woman’s Own and Wedding and working with top fashion brands such as Westfield, LK Bennett and Hunter. 

Career highlights include dressing up as Kylie (in gold hot pants!) for a national newspaper and working on big fashion events alongside Giles Deacon, Henry Holland and Naomi Campbell.