Best sex positions: For a faster orgasm, to help you tone up, if you're pregnant, after you've had a row and more

These best sex positions will change your sex life for the better, whatever your situation…

best Sex positions
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The best sex positions are always going to be those you enjoy. But, let's face it, it's easy to get stuck in a rut when it comes to sex, especially if you're in a long-term relationship. But, forget using one of the best vibrators to help you orgasm, changing your sex position can be all you need to help give your love life a much-needed boost.

These best sex positions are great for all scenarios, whether you're stressed, need to orgasm quickly, feel bloated or even fancy mixing up sex with a workout. You don't even need a partner for some of them, just your imagination will do.

Here's the best sex positions to try depending on your current situation...

The UK's top sex positions – revealed

Did you know that where you live in the UK goes some way to determine your favourite sex position? A survey by found the following...

  • London = The Eagle
  • Edinburgh = 69
  • East of England = The Eagle
  • North East = Standing
  • North West = Reverse Cowgirl
  • South West = Missionary
  • Yorkshire and The Humber = 69

Best sex positions to help you feel closer

Been arguing a bit with your partner, or spent some time apart? There's an easy way to feel more connected during sex.

“Any position that allows you to focus on your partner’s face is an opportunity for more intimacy," says Lovehoney's sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight. "I think woman-on-top is ideal for super-connected love-making. After you have done as much eye-gazing as you like, you can fall on top of your partner for maximum skin-on-skin contact."

"This is another super-intimate Tantric-style position," says Annabelle. "Sit facing each other with your legs draped over his. Stare into each other’s eyes and synchronize your breathing. Maintain eye contact and start touching each other in non-erotic zones, moving on to more intimate areas. Then sit on his lap, straddling him, for some longer, sweet kisses before sliding onto his penis for some great make-up sex. The advantage of this second position is that you can enjoy intimacy and foreplay and have intercourse as an added extra."

Best sex positions if you need to be quiet

Not alone in the house? "There's no reason why you can’t enjoy a little passion," says Annabelle. Just try these positions.

"Ditch the squeaky bed!" says Annabelle. "Instead, he sits on some pillows on the floor with his legs outstretched. She lowers herself onto him, sitting upright and with her feet on the floor. She is able to control the rhythm by pressing up through the balls of her feet. This works because there is less thrusting (therefore less noise) and more bobbing up and down. You’re facing each other and can kiss which is great for added intimacy."

"While in the missionary position, just roll on to your sides and uses your arms to support your upper bodies," says Annabelle. "This works because it encourages slower thrusts. And if anyone comes in, you can just make out that you were having a little cuddle under the covers."

Best sex position if you're feeling stressed

Feeling too stressed to have sex? “Sex is the best stress buster," says Annabelle. "Not only is the act of sex something you can get lost in and really forget your troubles, there are so many stress-busting benefits of orgasming."

Try the ultimate stressing busting position known as the Lotus after the yoga position," says Annabelle. "He gets cross-legged and then she mounts him crossing her legs behind his butt. She grinds away. This is a meditative pose. You can take a minute to zone out and enjoy the sensation without anything to do except be."

Best sex positions

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Best sex positions if you're feeling lazy or bloated

Eaten too much and feel stuffed? These positions can help...

"This is a great way to stay cosy and comfortable if you are feeling bloated after too much dinner," says Annabelle. "Just lie on your side and he enters you from behind. It is worth using a little lubricant for this position to aid entry. Plus, you’re facing away from him so any  bloat won’t be visible."

The 69 (where you both lie on your side to give your partner oral sex at the same time) is ideal when you're feeling lazy and bloated. 

Best sex positions if you want to tone up

Save on gym fees with these top picks...

"This one is for the strong-armed," warns Farah Kabir, co-founder of Hanx condoms. "Have your partner stand behind you holding your hips. Place your forearms flat on a surface and keep your pelvis and thighs elevated. This is a good one for the G-spot and might tone some muscles at the same time.’ 

"This one really works out your arms and shoulders nicely," says Dr Sarah Welsh from Hanx condoms. "Hold yourself up as if you’re about to do a push-up and, voilá, toned arms."

"Standing sex is great for an overall body workout," says Dr Welsh. "Wrap your legs around your partner’s waist to work on your core and thigh muscles. Add in arms by bracing them against to wall."

Lie down on an exercise ball on your front then get your partner to enter you from behind while standing. This position really helps stimulate the G-spot and can make for an intense orgasm.

Need some more inspiration? A survey by found the best sex positions for women who want to tone up at the same time. These included:

  • The squat 188 cals
  • Butter churner 179 cals
  • Kneeling wheelbarrow 149 cals
  • Standing 145 cals
  • Cowgirl 139 cals

Best sex positions if you are pregnant

Just because you are pregnant, it doesn't mean you have to miss out. Try...

"In terms of sex positions, what is possible and not possible throughout certain stages of pregnancy is obviously going to change as your body changes," says sex and relationship expert for LELO, Kate Moyle. "For some women, positions where the woman is on top can help her in feeling more in control of the depth and speed of penetration, but you may also notice that you get tired quicker.

"Spooning is another great position for navigating around a bump, which can also allow for clitoral stimulation," says Kate.

Best sex positions for a better orgasm

Want to prioritise your own orgasm? We don't blame you. Then try one of these positions to have an orgasm that will change your life...

Fear not. This doesn’t involve a jaunt to your local Birds of Prey centre. "Lie on your back and pull up your legs to your shoulders while he pounds into you," says Dr Andrea Pennington, author of The Orgasm Prescription For Women. "Then, simultaneously rub your clitoris and use your fingers to feel his penis move in and out, which can be exceptionally hot." 

"Sit on top, moving up and down on him," suggests Dr Andrea. "Then have him suck, lick, and bite on your nipples until you climax. For many, these dual sensations are enough to send them into the erotic bliss of orgasm." 

"Get him to hold his penis on your clitoris while you grind against it in the Reverse Cowgirl position, allowing you to move and thrust your clitoris in a way that arouses you," says Dr Andrea. 

"Use a blindfold as by depriving yourself of sight, you are amplifying your other senses – which can give you a greater, more powerful orgasm experience," says Dr Andrea. "Or hold a vibrator to your clitoris while he’s inside you."