15 best sex toys to help you reach a mind-blowing orgasm in no time

There's a pick of the best sex toys out there for everyone - here's our selection of the tried, tested, and reviewed favourites for every experience level and budget

A collection of the best sex toys from Lovehoney, Lelo, and Satisfyer
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From bullets to wands, the best sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. There's truly an option out there for everyone, and with an ever-growing number of brands to choose from, there's more choice than ever in 2024. 

The pleasure sector has seen a boom in innovation over the last couple of years, with big-name brands and smaller independents bringing new concepts to the market. With sleek aesthetics, high-tech extras, and pleasure-enhancing features like gentle air suction and stimulating textures, sex toys have entered a new era. 

What's more, there are so many benefits of knowing how to use sex toys, whether by yourself or with a partner. Introducing sex toys into your relationship can enhance communication about how and where you want to be touched, and add a bit of novelty to your sex life, says Megwyn White, a certified sexologist and director of education at Satisfyer. "Some products can also help support couples when challenged with issues of stamina and performance. For instance, cock rings are wonderful tools to help support longer and stronger erections while also enhancing pleasure for both partners with vibrations, and products that excite the clitoris can be helpful when exploring penetrative sex."

Your needs and your body will be different from others using toys though, so it's important to find the right sex toy for you. Here, we've rounded up the best sex toys with winners in categories like clitoral stimulators, G-spot stimulators, and dildos, testing based on key factors like ease of use, versatility, and price. Whether you want the best vibrator you buy or something to start off your collection, we've tried and tested some of the best sex toys and ranked our favourites according to their best features.

The best sex toys, tested by us

Why you can trust Woman & Home Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test.

How we tested and selected the best sex toys

We spoke with experts to determine the best sex toys available for beginners, for the more practiced, for solo sex and partnered sex. Taking cost and practicality into account, we looked at the best budget sex toys, high-end thrills, innovative sex tech, hands-free, and miniature devices. Once we explored the collection and consulted the experts on what makes a great sex toy, the woman&home health team tested every toy ourselves. 

How to choose one of the best sex toys

  • Find out what you like: This is the most important part of choosing a sex toy - they're supposed to be pleasurable after all. "I recommend getting to know your body using your own hands to help feel the details of where you like the touch," says White. "Sexual wellness devices are then great for adding extra stimulation. Think of them as tangible guides to pleasure, helping you to tune in and become more responsive to sensual touch."
  • Consider materials: White suggests looking carefully at the materials your potential purchases will be made from. Consider whether silicone, which is easy to clean but can't be used with certain types of lubricant, will be a better choice for you than glass for instance, which is ideal for those who love temperature play.
  • What's your budget? The best sex toys can range from just a few dollars or pounds into the hundreds, so it's important to figure out your budget before you start shopping. However, just because the toy is more expensive doesn't it'll offer more than one of the best vibrators to buy on Amazon
  • Location, location, location: Where are you going to use your sex toy? If you're planning sex in the shower, you'll need a toy that's totally waterproof or at least submersible. If not, then it may not be so much of a concern. If you're taking your toy away with you to use abroad, you'll need to consider one with a travel lock to prevent any awkward buzzes from your suitcase mid-flight. 
  • USB chargeable or batter-powdered: Many of the best sex toys are chargeable via a USB cable which fits neatly into a main power source. However, others require batteries. Either charging method won't necessarily affect how the toy works but you'll need to decide if you prefer one over the other before buying. For example, ask yourself whether you'll really remember to buy batteries.

How to care for your sex toys 

  • Learn how to clean sex toys: If you want your new purchase/s to stand the test of time, it's worth investing in cleaning supplies to keep them well-washed and free of dust and debris from the bedroom. For most sex toys, simple bod-safe soap and warm water will be enough but others may require more specialist methods. Always read the care instructions for your toy before cleaning. 
  • Find out how to store sex toys: Keeping your sex toys clean and safe when they are not in use is equally as important. Silk or satin storage will always be best for the material but if they're going to be thrown around a bit (i.e. you're going to take them in your suitcase on holiday), it may be worth investing in some more secure storage options. Also, storing toys made of porous materials (e.g. rubber or jelly) together will cause them to degrade. 
  • Store the chargers with the toys: We all know the frustration of not being able to find a phone or laptop charger when we need one - now imagine not being the charger for your favourite sex toy. Where possible, always store the chargers with the vibrators. 

Why couples should try using sex toys together

Whether the aim is a mind-blowing orgasm alone or with a partner, research from Rutgers University-Newark shows that masturbation techniques are good for the body and that sex toys can elevate experiences to new heights. If used with a partner, toys can be the catalyst for new and refreshing experiences and when used solo, they can be an incredible way to explore and reconnect with your body and sexual identity.

As noted, the benefits of using a vibrator include helping you (and your partner) understand where and how you each like to be touched, and adding an extra point of pleasure into the mix. For example, you might be having penetrative sex most of the time, but research from Concordia University shows that 70% of women actually need some kind of clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm. That's where it comes in handy to know how to use a bullet vibrator

Who makes the best sex toys?

Some of the most recognisable names, like LELO, Womanizer, Lovehoney and Smile Makers, make the best sex toys. But like we said, every body is different, so what one person considers to be the world's best vibrator, might not be the same to the next. 

However, there is an index of quality, innovation and consideration for women's health and pleasure that factors in how we select the best sex toys. We know, for example, that certain body-safe materials, such as phylate -free, medical-grade, vegan and cruelty-free silicone are used by certain brands and not by others. We also know that rechargeable high-spec motors and batteries are used in the best vibrators in the world, but that in others, you can use AAA or AA batteries.

In a world where femtech and sex positivity are huge talking points, women all over the world are prioritizing their pleasure and self-care. As a result, sexual wellness categories are some of the most visited areas on many shopping sites and we're seeing new brands pop up every day. All of the contenders on this list, for example, have been carefully selected and many have been created by brands that are only a year or two old. 

In order to select a toy that's right for you, consider your personal criteria in terms of the sensations you enjoy, things you'd like to experiment with, and how you tend to practice self-touch. Then consider things like materials, sustainability credentials, weight, size, cost and whether the company supports any charity initiatives or supports women's health more broadly. Think about how the object might look on your nightstand, whether you plan on using it with a partner, or solo, whether you have plans to travel with it, the sound it makes and how it charges. Build a collection that suits you and your needs in order to fully embrace your sexual potential.

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