How to store sex toys safely - and why you should never keep them under the bed

Want to know how to store sex toys safely? Follow these tips to make sure your favorite vibes stand the test of time

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It's really important to know how to store sex toys safely, whether you've got a huge collection of vibrators or a small range of favourites. Both for the lifespan of your toys and your own intimate health, dust and fluff-covered vibes should be avoided at all costs.

Along with potentially causing a whole range of issues in the gynaecological department, fumbling around under the bed or through the bedside cabinet for your favourite toy when the moment strikes isn't exactly the sexiest of foreplay or an easy start to a self-pleasure session.

Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to store your best sex toys and best vibrator in a way that's clean, organised, and discreet. From the softest satin bags to bump-proof boxes, this is how you should be storing your sex toys and accessories, according to a sex toy store founder and sexpert.  

How to store sex toys

1. Make sure they’re clean and dry

If you do nothing else, make sure you know how to clean sex toys before you put them away. “It’s essential to clean toys with a suitable sex toy cleaner and leave them to air dry before storing them,” explains Ky Hoyle, founder of Sh! Women's Store, the first women-focused sex toy store in Europe.

“Porous and semi-porous sex toy materials trap lube and bodily juices in their micro-pores during use,” she says. “Failing to properly wash these toys before storing them guarantees bacterial growth. Giving this bacteria access to your delicate bits by using the toy unwashed is likely to result in a yeast infection.”   

2. Silk or satin storage is best

Now you’ve gone through the process of cleaning your vibrator and drying it off, you can put it away. Here, it’s important to consider the material your toy is made out of. 

“Dampness can cause mold and leather needs to breathe, so a silk or satin storage bag is best,” Hoyle suggests. “Never use air-tight containers or plastic bags to store your sex toys.”

3. Store sex toys of different materials separately

Most sex toys are made of silicone and these can be kept together but if you’ve got ones made of other materials too, like glass, metal, plastic, or jelly, then these need to be kept separately. If you've recently bought one of the many sex toy kits available at the moment, this is something to really watch out for.

"Storing some sex toy materials together can cause 'melting' and potentially damage their surfaces," says Hoyle. "Always store sex toys together by materials, like in a bag with other toys only made from silicone and then another bag for toys made from TPE or TPR."

This is definitely the case for any toys made of jelly, as it’s the cheapest and most unsafe material, she adds. "Cheap jelly material often seeps phthalates, so keep these away from other materials - or even better, throw them away," she adds. 

4. Remove batteries before storing

If you use battery-powered toys and vibrators regularly or have a big range of remote vibrators and you don’t want to be splashing out on batteries every five minutes, then take them out before storing. 

"This prolongs the life of both the toy and the batteries. Vibrators can soak up battery life during storage, and your favorite vibe may be out of power when you need it the most. Storing batteries inside the toy can also cause them to leak.” If this happens, always dispose of batteries and toys safely," she says.

5. Keep charging cables together with your toy

This is more of an organizational point than a safety one, but still very important. The only thing worse than having a vibrator that runs out of battery halfway through using it is one that you can’t find the charger for afterwards.  

“This ensures chargers never get mixed up,” Hoyle says. “Leave the cord loose in the bag though. Wrapping it tightly around the wall plug or vibrator will cause damage. And make sure you charge a toy every six months, even if you haven’t used it so you can keep the motor in good condition.”

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6. Pay particular attention to anal toys

If you have a collection of toys you use for anal play, pay attention to how you clean and store these, the expert suggests. 

"Cleaning your toys before and after use is important," she says. "Lubes and bodily juices will be coating them after play, so regular washing with a gentle sex toy cleaner or anti-bacterial hand wash & hot water is a must. This removes bacteria and you can store your anal toys according to materials." 

Why it's important to store sex toys safely

If you don’t store your sex toys safely then there’s a very big chance that dirt, dust, pet fur, etc, will find its way into your collection. “Your vibrator or sex toy will be teeming with bacteria,” says Hoyle. “This harmful bacteria can cause an imbalance and an itchy infection if it transfers to your vulva and vagina during the next session, for example.”

It’s why it’s so important to know how to store sex toys - and keep them away from the floor under your bed. “Storing toys directly on the floor, under the bed is a popular option. It’s quick and easy after a hot session, but it’s not safe or hygienic,” she says. 

How much storage do sex toys need?

That’s entirely dependent on your collection. Someone who owns a range of rabbit vibrators of varying sizes will need a lot more room than someone who just has a couple of the best bullet vibrators. It’s always better to go bigger in this case though, as it’s more than likely your collection could grow in the months or years to come. 

Take stock of what you have, including all the toys, lubes, chargers, and other accessories you want to store away, then physically measure your space to see what you’re working with. 

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