The best bikini trimmers for an irritation-free trim in 2024

Our tried and tested guide to the best bikini trimmers for a safe, intimate trim at every budget

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Looking for the best bikini trimmer can feel like a high-stakes endeavour. This would not be a smart area of your beauty routine in which to take a punt on a subpar product. 

However, it is definitely worth the effort as there are so many good things about using a bikini trimmer. Even the best razors for women can leave this sensitive area feeling uncomfortable. Trimmers are easy to operate, effective, and when used properly, comfortable. “Trimmers are good for the bikini area because there is less risk of irritation,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr Debra Jaliman MD. “They're also less painful to use than both waxing and epilating, and can help prevent razor burn.” 

While even the best bikini trimmers tend to neaten up a hairy bikini line rather than completely eradicate hair, their convenience factor offsets this. Hair removal specialist Rosie Khandwala agrees, "The advantage of bikini trimmers is they can be adjusted to the length of the hair desired to keep the area tidy." From clean-shaving clippers to sensitive skin-friendly options, this is our all-time best bikini trimmer hotlist.

A selection of bikini trimmers we tested for this guide

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The best bikini trimmers, chosen by our beauty experts

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How to choose the best bikini line hair remover

This really comes down to personal preference, with each of the common methods of pubic hair removal - trimming, shaving, waxing, and laser - all holding their own merits. While using a bikini trimmer is quick, easy, and pain-free, the end result is more of a tidy-up rather than full hair removal. 

"Trimmers are great for shaping the hair you do have, whereas shaving or waxing is more useful to remove hair altogether," Aimee Piper, senior skin therapist at Vie Derma, told us. "If you are looking for a smooth, clean result the use of a trimmer might not be the way to go as you do not get as much of a clean finish compared to shaving or waxing." 

Using a bikini trimmer or razor also won't give the longer-lasting results of waxing, or even longer-lasting results of laser. "With trimming, shaving (and sometimes even waxing) you are still likely to see stubble and regrowth after a few days, which is why laser hair removal is a really great option if you are looking to get rid of unwanted hair for good," Piper continued. 

How to trim your bikini line safely

  • Exfoliate first: It’s a good idea to start some skin smoothing a couple of days before trimming the area. You could use a traditional scrub or even body lotion with skincare acids. Why? Number one, exfoliating removes excess oil, dirt, and dead skin cells. And number two, it can also lift the hairs so they’re not lying flat to help achieve a smoother shave. Word of warning: don’t exfoliate on the same day as trimming as this can cause irritation. 
  • Never dry shave: If you use a bikini trimmer or razor on dry skin, there’s no slip and slide which can result in razor burn, nicks, and cuts as well as a stinging sensation. Shaving gels and creams are designed to prep your skin for a seamless shave without any irritation. 
  • Work in one direction: Do not, we repeat, do not trim the hairs in all directions. If you do, there’s a high chance you will irritate the skin, cause razor bumps and even increase the chance of ingrown hairs. Instead, trim the hairs in the same direction that the hair grows.
  • Moisturize after: After you're finished trimming, be sure to apply a generous layer of your favorite body moisturizer. This will not only soften the skin but will reduce the chances of ingrown hairs. 

How we tested the best bikini trimmers

We tried dozens of options to find the best bikini trimmer for women, testing them wet and dry on various lengths of regrowth, and paying attention to the special features Dr Jaliman advises looking out for, which are: 

  • Waterproof: If you shave in the shower, this is a must 
  • Cordless: Reaching awkward angles is eminently easier without leads
  • Lightweight: Save yourself from achy arms and wrists  
  • Customizable: Many of the best bikini trimmers also work on other areas
  • Different comb lengths: To tackle various lengths of hair and regrowth

The tools that made our edit ticked many, if not all, of these boxes and offered a comfortable, convenient experience. Devices with safety features scored highly and those that included options for other hair removal methods, such as epilation heads and razors, got bonus points. 

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