The best hair dryer brushes for easy styling and volume

The best hair dryer brushes to make the perfect at-home blowout an attainable feat

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When it comes to styling, the best hair dryer brushes marry the qualities of a round brush with a hair dryer in one streamlined tool. This versatile gadget works with all hair types to secure a silky-smooth and frizz-free blowout, sans a time-consuming salon visit.

Today's best hair dryer brushes target specific textures to deliver tailored results and incorporate unique features, from the type of bristles and heat settings to the barrel design and grip. So, much like scouting out the best hair dryer, finding the right hair dryer brush takes some research and thoughtful consideration.

To help you find your dream blowout tool that little bit faster, we've rounded up the best hair dryer brushes recommended by hair experts, shoppers, and media outlets. We've tested multiple models and assessed the following: features and technology, ease of use, design elements (such as construction), and how each styling tool styles specific hair types. Our curation includes some notable crowd-pleasers, including the Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styling Set, among others.

How to choose between the best hair dryer brushes

There are several factors to consider when choosing between the best hair dryer brushes. Think about your hair’s texture, length, and overall health and then use that information to direct your search; think about aspects such as the design, weight and size of the brush barrel, the bristles and the heat and speed settings.

When looking at the design of the barrel, think about the shape—something round and/or oval will give you the best results for volume, while a straighter brush will work with curly hair a bit better. The diameter is also an important consideration, as a wider barrel will give you more lift and works well with longer hair types, but if you're rocking a short hairstyle, then you'll need a smaller barrel. 

Anything lightweight will also make it easier to use longer periods of time—worth thinking about if you have a long, thick mane of hair to tackle. And look out for ceramic or titanium barrels, as they are better at taming frizz and smoothing tresses than their plastic counterparts. We also love tourmaline barrels and ionic technology, which are designed to help combat frizz. 

When it comes to bristles, long, widely-spaced bristles are ideal for styling long and thick hair, as they generally glide through coarse locks and penetrate dense strands more efficiently without applying too much heat. Brushes with short, fine bristles work better for shorter hairstyles.

The very best hair dryer brushes will feature a variety of heat and speed settings so that you can have more control over your hair in order to create different styles. If you're going for something with a single heat setting, however, then those with finer hair should choose something with a low heat setting, while higher settings serve those with coarse, thick hair a bit better. As always, before styling spritz your best heat protectant to shield your precious tresses from heat damage.

The best hair dryer brushes as reviewed by our experts

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

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1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer Hot Air Brush

The best overall hair dryer brush

Warranty: 4 years
No. of heat settings: 2 heat and speed settings and 1 cool option
Brush design: Nylon pins and tufted bristles for detangling, volume, and control
Reasons to buy
+Oval brush design smooths hair, while the round edges create volume+1100 Watt power+Features ionic technology, which combats frizz+Reasonably priced
Reasons to avoid
-Gets incredibly hot during use

With more than 100,000 reviews on Amazon (yes, you read that correctly), the Revlon One-Step Volumizer is unanimously a top-performing leader in its category, gliding effortlessly through even the toughest of hair textures. By design, this best seller can be placed close to the scalp and underneath hair, achieving the much-coveted bounce and volume you'd normally see with a salon blowout or by using the best hair dryer for your hair type. This helps it take the top spot on our best hair dryer brushes list.

The dryer has an oval shape, which artfully combines the perks of a hair straightening paddle brush with that of a round brush. The flatter side of the brush acts as a straightening paddle for sleekness, working to eliminate the need for flat iron touch-ups later; the rounded edges function like a round brush to lift and add body. Though bulky and wide, the brush is quite intuitive and lightweight to hold, so all round it gives you greater control over styling. 

That being said, it does heat up quickly and intensely, so while its power brings benefits (hello, smooth locks!), over time it also may cause heat damage—something to note if you have drier ends. That's why we recommend applying heat protection when styling with this brush dryer, in the same way you normally would when using your best hair straighteners.

Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styling Set

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2. Dyson Airwrap Complete

The best hair dryer brush with multiple attachments

Warranty: 2 years
No. of heat settings: 4 heat, 3 speed
Brush design: Multiple
Reasons to buy
+8.5 ft. cable length+Features an array of barrels and brushes; one-click attachments+Heat control prevents extreme heat damage while styling+Features negative ions to reduce frizz+Easy-to-clean filter: removable and washable+Comes with filter cleaning brush
Reasons to avoid

A top-tier media darling, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Hair Styling Set might be a Jack of all trades but it's a master at pretty much all of them. Probably the most famous styling tool on our list of best hair dryer brushes, it's suitable for all hair types and textures. This robust system leverages a natural phenomenon called "The Coanda effect" (more on that shortly) and a proprietary digital motor; together, these work to curl, wave, smooth, and dry locks, without applying extreme heat. 

Without getting overly technical, the Coanda effect is a physical phenomenon that engineers and designers have harnessed to use in technology. In the case of the Dyson Airwrap, it is used to "attract" hair to curl around the barrel of the brush to be styled with air. In other words, you don't have to manually wrap a section of your hair around the barrel, hold it in place, and then release—the Airwap system assumes this tedious task itself. Though it's a costly piece of kit, shoppers say the investment is worth every penny.

This system comes with one-click, agile attachments, which can be quickly adjusted and changed while styling. 

1. For volume, curls, and waves: 1.2-inch barrels 

2. For loose curls and waves: 1.6-inch barrels

3. To control frizz: Firm smoothing brush

4. To smooth fine hair: Soft smoothing brush

5. To volumize and shape flat, fine hair: Round volumizing brush

6. For styling prep: Pre-styling dryer

7. For on-the-go travel: Storage case

8. Dyson Airwrap™ Base

Osensia Ultra Small Round Brush

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3. Osensia Ultra Small Round Brush

The best budget hair dryer

Warranty: None
No. of heat settings: 1
Brush design: Mini round brush; antistatic, ionic, and mineral-infused bristles
Reasons to buy
+Great for styling short hair; brush design offers targeted control for curling and adding volume to bangs, etc.+Ceramic and lightweight material+Affordable
Reasons to avoid
-Doesn't hold up as well with thicker hair types-Non-flexible return policy

While mini in size, the Osensia Ultra Small Round Brush is adept at delivering maximum volume, hold, and shape so of course is one of our best hair dryer brushes. Both light and durable, this hair dryer brush harnesses vents to provide even airflow, reducing drying time and heat damage as a result. Its tiny diameter also affords you hyper-precise control over styling, giving it a clear advantage over bulkier options that are less likely to reach the roots. The cushioned handle is comfortable in the hand and, when combined with its secure grip, goes some way to reducing strain from long-duration use.

The only drawback: it's limited to use on fine, thin, and short hair types. Nonetheless, this is one of the best hair dryer brushes for bangs, annoying flyaways, and touchups, so even if you have thicker, longer hair, you'll still want this in your cart.

DryBar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

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4. DryBar The Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush

The best hair dryer brush for damaged hair

Warranty: 2 years
No. of heat settings: 3 temperature settings (cool/ medium/ high)
Brush design: Oval shape with gently curved edges to provide volume; nylon and tufted bristles
Reasons to buy
+Vents provide maximum airflow for a faster blowout+Ionic technology combats frizz and adds shine+Temperature flexibility allows for customizable styling
Reasons to avoid
-Some shoppers say it sucks stray strands into the fan-Could do a better job at straightening hair

The DryBar Double Shot Blow-Dryer Brush revives mops of damaged, unmanageable hair, creating a shiny blowout in a fraction of the time. Though suitable for all hair types, this option is one of the best hair dryer brushes for those with damaged locks;  its wide and lightweight construction offers more exact control over styling (in other words, you're less likely to overexpose fragile strands to heat). Plus, variable temperature control means you can apply a certain amount of heat, based entirely on your hair texture. From its gentle curved edges to its defined bristles, the dryer is thoughtfully designed to build body and fullness from every angle—even for hard-to-reach coils—without creating excessive heat. 

Aima Beauty 4-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush

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5. Aima Beauty 4-in-1 Hair Dryer Brush

The best hair dryer brush for frizzy hair

Warranty: 1 year
No. of heat settings: 3 heat and speed settings
Brush design: Oval brush with round edges
Reasons to buy
+Features ionic technology to smooth frizz and flyaways+Bottom airflow vents reduce noise and impact of heat damage+Includes 6ft-long cord+Includes unique tangled bristles with massage ball, both of which soothe the scalp and slide through the hair easily+Air inlet design extends service life
Reasons to avoid
-Handle gets too hot-Could dry hair quicker

A labor-saving tool, the Aima 4-in-1 dryer brush is meticulously made, right down to the smallest of details. This versatile dryer consolidates the functions of multiple stylers in one piece of kit, namely a dryer, comb, hair curler, and hair straightener. Fueled by ionic technology, it nourishes hair and flattens frizz, to produce enviable results, namely silky-smooth locks. The design also features a handle with diamond-shaped detailing for intuitive grip, as well as an anti-scalding top, which can be used to maneuver and angle the brush as you style. In addition, it features the same coating present in ceramic hair straighteners as a preventative measure against long-term heat damage.

Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer And Volumizer

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6. Bed Head One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

The best hair dryer brush for curly hair

Warranty: Varies by product
No. of heat settings: 3 heat and speed settings
Brush design: Oval design and mixed-pattern bristles
Reasons to buy
+Tourmaline ceramic technology smooths hair and adds shine+Lightweight design+Fast drying for thick and curly hair types+Tames frizz and flyaway strands
Reasons to avoid
-120-volt US outlets only-Gets very hot-Large head makes it tricky to get to roots

When it come to taming frizz, coils, and waves, the Bed Head hair dryer brush leverages tourmaline and ceramic to impart a sleek, glossy finish. Its mixed bristles penetrate each strand from root to tip, equipping users with exacting control and precision. Shoppers rave about its ability to dry thick, coarse-wavy hair in a jiffy, as well as its capability to make hair visibly smoother, softer, and shinier than a flat iron. That said, if you're a die-hard hair straightener fan looking for a poker-straight finish, it's likely you'll still want to make a beeline for the best straighteners for curly hair on the market.  

Babyliss Pro

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7. Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Rotating Hot Air Brush

The best hair dryer brush for fine hair

Warranty: 2 years
No. of heat settings: 3 temperature settings
Brush design: Rotating barrel and bristles
Reasons to buy
+Conditioning ions seal in moisture+Push-button forward/ reverse controls+Dries and straightens hair in one sweep, perfect for fine and fine-wavy hair types+Glides through hair with ease
Reasons to avoid
-Can tangle easily and pull your hair, due to spinning feature-Some shoppers say that the bristles are too soft to grab onto hair 

The BabylissPRO hair dryer brush harnesses a clever rotating barrel, which can adapt to your drying position, angle, and targeted hair section. This bi-directional function also works to volumize and shine hair with ceramic heat as you dry. It also includes soft bristles, which gently glide through strands without hassle or tugging. All in all, the verdict is clear: it's a godsend for fragile, thinning hair that's prone to breakage and needs some extra TLC.

Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer

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8. Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer Volumizer

The best hair dryer brush for thick hair

Warranty: 7-year limited warranty
No. of heat settings: 3 heat / 2 speed settings
Brush design: Oval design and charcoal-infused bristles
Reasons to buy
+Gold styling surface for even heat distribution+8-ft. swivel cord+Lightweight design provides relaxed control and grip
Reasons to avoid
-Bulky-Gets very hot-Some shoppers say it's more straightening than volumizing

The Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold hair dryer brush is a solid-yet-lightweight option that quickly styles and dries the most unruly of strands. Designed to eliminate the need for a flat iron, this brush includes a 24K-gold styling surface, which evenly distribute heats and thereby delivers silky locks—consistently. The ergonomic design incorporates a rotating temperature control for quick adjustments as you style, while its wide oval-shaped brush straightens, volumizes, and smooths hair. As a solution against chronic frizz and static, the brush's Direct ION Technology maintains neutral charge on the hair's surface. (Ed's note: If your hair's surface is positively charged it means individual strands will repel each other, thus creating flyaway, frizzy hair.) Safe to say it's the perfect staple for thick, difficult-to-manage tresses, with a bit of extra science thrown in for the smoothest results.

John Frieda Hot Air Brush 1-Inch

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9. John Frieda Hot Air Brush 1-Inch

The best hair dryer brush for short hair

Warranty: 3 years
No. of heat settings: 2 heat settings plus a cool setting
Brush design: Titanium ceramic hot air brush barrel
Reasons to buy
+Ionic technology tames frizz and makes hair smooth and silky+Titanium barrel holds heat more efficiently for a faster blowout
Reasons to avoid
-Could be more ergonomic and tapered in design

The  John Frieda Hot Air Brush slightly exceeds one inch in diameter, serving as the quintessential hair dryer brush for bobs and pixie cuts. For versatile styling, this option features multi-heat and cool settings, plus a swivel cord that moves with you to prevent kinking. The oval size and slim shape allow those with short hair to easily wrap hair around the brush and glide it through—without its bristles tugging on the scalp.

Types of hair drying brushes on the market

Today’s market offers a spectrum of hair dryer brushes, meaning there is something for everyone. To get the most out of your investment, keep your eye out for specific technologies, unique brush functions, and design elements, such as these: 

Stationary hair drying brush: the brush is held in a fixed position in these designs, so you have to manually roll it to style your hair. While manual labor sounds daunting, stationary brush dryers tend to not tangle hair—unlike their rotating cousins—which makes them better for beginners. 

Standard rotating hair drying brush: featuring a rotating, mobile brush head, these stylers add more volume and minimize some of the hassles associated with twisting or twirling hair as it's styled. If flexibility is your priority, you can also opt for a hair drying brush with a spinning head, which tends to “catch” more hair than stationary options. 

Dual-rotating hair drying brush: includes two directional buttons, enabling the brush to spin either forward or backward. Whether you’re left or right-handed, or simply want to alternate the direction of your curls for a more natural, tousled look, this nimble feature is super convenient.

Interchangeable brush head: typically includes one dryer unit and additional brush attachments. These attachments are versatile, can accommodate different hair lengths, and create different styles. 

“Tangle-free” brush head: features a button that enables the barrel to swivel and release jumbled hair sections or strands.

How to style your hair with a hair dryer brush

We've highlighted tailored tutorials on how to use a hair dryer brush for your specific hair type and length.

Note: Most of these clips feature the Revlon Volumizer. They do, however, incorporate techniques that can be used with any hair drying brush.

For short hair

For medium- or shoulder-length hair

For long hair

For thick, coarse, or curly hair

For fine hair

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