What is the Amazon sex position? How to try this dominant move in the bedroom

A certified sex therapist explains how to do the Amazon sex position, plus benefits for your sex life

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The Amazon sex position is one of those poses that makes your head turn when you learn about it but it's actually easy to get into and offers amazing benefits for everyone involved.

Named after the group of female warriors and hunters from Greek mythology, this position is ideal for those who love to be dominant in the bedroom - and have the strength and flexibility to pull it off. While you don't have to be superwoman, you'll need to harness the Amazons' agility to make it work, that's for sure. 

But if you can make it work for you then the Amazon sex position will ultimately become one of the best sex positions to try with your partner. As well as offering more clitoral stimulation than many penetrative sex positions, it's the perfect way to increase your arousal with intense eye contact. Here, a UKCP-certified psychosexual and relationship therapist explains everything you need to know about the Amazon and how to do it right. 

What is the Amazon sex position?

The Amazon is a sex position where the penetrating partner lies on their back with their knees up to their chest, says psycho-sexologist Kate Moyle. "The top partner then kneels facing them, positioning themself with their partner between their legs, with their feet placed firmly on each side of their hips so that they are in a squatting position. This allows you to use the bottom partner's thighs for support for the bouncing movement of this position." 

It's not one of the best lazy sex positions, warns Moyle, who is also the resident sex and relationship expert for sexual wellness brand LELO. "The Amazon sex position isn't going to be for everyone as it's a bit more physically challenging and requires some strength, coordination, and flexibility, so if you prefer to keep things simple then it's probably not the right one for you," she says. 

But for those feeling athletic enough to give it a go, there are so many benefits associated with this unique position.

An illustration of the amazon sex position

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What are the benefits of the Amazon sex position?

1. The Amazon sex position offers amazing visual stimulation

If you love watching your partner during sex then the Amazon sex position is definitely one you should try out. "It's a very visual position as the top partner is looking down on the penetrating partner giving you both a great, but very different view of each other," the sex therapist says, pointing out the similarities between the Amazon and helicopter sex position. "The visual nature of this can be a real turn-on for you both and witnessing each other's pleasure can be pretty erotic. It also allows for a lot of eye contact which can be very connecting." 

2. You can add clitoral stimulation easily

Most women need some kind of additional clitoral stimulation to orgasm, according to research by McGill University, Montréal. Luckily, if you've got your hands on one of the best sex toys for beginners, you can add this to the Amazon sex position so easily. 

"It can be a really pleasurable position for both partners and is a good one for incorporating clitoral stimulation which, dependent on your preferences, you can then introduce a sex toy to for extra pleasure," says Moyle. "The angles make it easy for both partners to reach the clitoris of the receiving partner."

3. It can be a transitional sex position

The Amazon may look like it's difficult to get into, and so equally difficult to get out of if you want to do something else, that's not the case at all. As it's a bit more physical and active, you can adapt it and move into one of the many other top sex positions easily, Moyle says. 

Easy sex positions to move to from the Amazon include the butterfly sex position, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and the butter churner sex position. "Just make sure you communicate with your partner if you want to change something as they can't read your mind," she warns.

4. The Amazon sex position is totally unique

The broken eagle sex position is just another version of the eagle and the closed missionary sex position is a simple twist on the classic pose, whereas the Amazon is a totally unique position in itself, says Moyle. 

"Novelty is great for our sex lives as we break away from routines and expand our comfort zones," she explains. "We should remember that most of us are having sex for fun and pleasure so if it doesn't work out then don't take it too seriously, laugh about it, and try something else. Mixing up sexual positions is the perfect way to introduce something outside of your routine into your sex life and relationship, which can be a real boost for desire." 

How to make the Amazon sex position better 

The Amazon sex position is amazing in itself and if it's working for you, there's no need to change. But Moyle does have some advice for anyone struggling to make this position work for them: "Adapt the Amazon to a kneeling position where the top partner puts their knees on the floor instead of their feet, similar to the reverse cowgirl sex position, as this can take some pressure off but also change the angle of penetration for a different sensation," she says. 

And as always, make sure you use plenty of the best lube. "A good water-based lubricant is also the perfect addition to all sex positions but can make penetration more pleasurable for both of you in the Amazon sex position. It lends itself very well to clitoral stimulation too as the clitoris itself doesn't self-lubricate," she says. 

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