What is the helicopter sex position? Plus, how to realistically do the move

The helicopter sex position promises amazing benefits but it's a tricky one. We've asked an expert how to make it easier for everyone

Man kissing girlfriend in bed, holding book on stomach, representing the helicopter sex position
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The helicopter sex position is often the butt of dirty jokes, given its reputation as a difficult move with the propensity for flying limbs and awkward angles. But with a few modifications, it can be a winner for some couples. 

A traditional helicopter sex position involves the bottom partner positioned in a move similar to doggy style. The top partner then lies over the top of them, top to tail, balancing on their arms with legs held in the air. However, this is more than a little difficult - it's near impossible. 

There are plenty of benefits to explore with the helicopter sex position though. Despite its difficulty, it's one of the best sex positions out there. So, we asked a real sex expert how to make the helicopter position a little more doable and the different variations to try. 

What is the helicopter sex position? 

The helicopter sex position is one of the hardest moves out there, explains Anna Richards, sex expert. "In essence, the receiver needs to position themselves in classic downward dog with their feet and hands on the floor with their bottom tilted upwards," she says. "The hard part is with the giver, who is in a similar position but facing the other direction with their hips aligned." 

The giver needs to maneuver their legs to be straddling their lover, allowing them to penetrate. "Ultimately, they then lift their legs up into the air over their partner's body, resting their pelvis on their back, their arms holding the rest of their body weight," says Richards, who is also the founder of FrolicMe, one of the best audio erotica sites. 

We've all heard of the butter churner sex position but this just takes things to the next level. If you want to explore the benefits offered by the helicopter sex position for real, this is what Richards recommends. 

Illustration of the helicopter sex position

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The so-called 'grounded helicopter' is the top variation, offering all the positives of the helicopter without extreme athletics. "The receiving partner can be either on their elbows or lying flat with their bottom raised up," says Richards. "The giving partner then lowers their legs and just straddles either side of their lover's body on all fours." 

It's entirely possible to achieve this, she notes, provided you have the "dynamic of a reverse-style position with the giving partner above for the angle of penetration." This unique angle of penetration can be achieved manually, with a penis, or a pick of the best sex toys, whatever you prefer.

What are the benefits of the helicopter sex position?

1. Stimulates head of the penis

The helicopter sex position is hugely beneficial for the giving partner, explains Richards. "With the downward angle of penetration, it helps to stimulate the head of the penis, adding to the sexual pleasure and connection," she says. 

There are approximately 4,000 nerve endings here, so it can be a highly sensitive spot and given how easy the variation of the helicopter can be, something to take advantage of. As always, use plenty of the best lube. This angle can create a little more friction between partners than some others. 

2. Exciting viewpoint

"If you can sustain this position, there is a very naughty viewpoint which adds to arousal as well," says Richards. "This brings some fun into your sexual play together and shows off some sexy flexing of your lover’s arm muscles too."

However, the reverse cowgirl sex position and doggy style offer a somewhat similar view. So if you or your partner are wanting to experiment with positions that offer this buttock-first viewpoint, be sure to try out these too. 

3. The helicopter sex position feels adventurous

Sometimes it's important to spice things up in the bedroom, whether that's one of the best sex games, a little more foreplay, or an adventurous position. Whether you stick to the same moves every time or your love life has become a little dry recently, discovering new sex positions can help bring the spark back. 

And the helicopter is the perfect one for this, says the sex expert. "It will feel different from many other positions you may do on a more regular basis, which will feel excitingly experimental and adventurous." 

4. Deep G-spot penetration

Speaking of nerve endings, the clitoris (including the internal part which reaches the G-spot) has 10,000 of them, according to Oregon Health and Science University. Perhaps it's no surprise that the deep penetration offered by the helicopter can help stimulate these, helping to bring the receiver to orgasm. 

How to make the helicopter sex position better

As noted (and pictured above), the grounded helicopter is the best variation into make the helicopter sex position work for most people. To improve the penetrative angle of this position and to make it easier for the giver, place a pillow underneath the receiver's pelvis. Much like in the speed bump sex position, this will raise them off the bed slightly. 

This position is mostly spoken about in terms of heterosexual sex, but it's also entirely achievable with a pick of the best lesbian sex toys - such as a strap-on and dildo. 

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