What is the speed bump sex position? Plus, all the benefits of this alternative angle

The speed bump sex position is a new one to try for those who enjoy g-spot stimulation with a partner or on their own

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The speed bump sex position should be on the top of your list if you’re looking to try something new in the bedroom. It’s ideal for partnered or solo sex, and a real winner for anyone who enjoys g-spot stimulation. 

We’ve all heard of doggy style, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, etc, but the speed bump is an underrated position in this classic lineup. While it requires less gymnastic ability than some others, it can almost guarantee an orgasm every time if you do it right. 

As one of the best sex positions, the speed bump is designed to hit the g-spot exclusively and is suitable for everyone - including those who just want to try something a bit different with one of the best rabbit vibrators. Here’s what you need to know about the position, plus all the benefits, according to two sex and relationship experts.  

What is the speed bump sex position?

The speed bump sex position is a simple version of doggy-style, explains Pippa Murphy, sex and relationship expert at condoms.uk. “However, the person lies on their stomach and places a pillow underneath their hips, which acts as a ‘speed bump’. The partner then enters from behind while kneeling and holding onto the person’s hips or the surface underneath for support,” she explains.

The person on top can kneel either in between the person on the bottom’s legs, which will push them further apart and allow deeper penetration, or straddle them for a less intense angle. 

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The speed bump sex position can be enjoyed by anyone. 

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While anyone can do the speed bump, it’s a position designed to target the g-spot so it will work best if the person on the bottom has a vagina. This is what also makes it one of the best lesbian sex positions, Pippa says. “It can be adapted for two women, should they use a strap-on. However, it’s good for any woman who wants the pleasure of sex, but is perhaps too tired and wants to do lazy sex positions instead.”

What are the benefits of the speed bump sex position? 

1. G-spot stimulation

“It’s a great position for achieving G-spot stimulation, which is a more sensitive area or zone on the anterior wall of the vagina, and is better reached using certain angles,” says Kate Moyle, UKCP registered psychosexual and relationship therapist, and LELO’s sex and relationship expert. “With the hips slightly raised from the cushion, this can increase sexual pleasure and sensation.”

“Just keep communicating with each other,” Moyle advises, “Particularly as very deep penetration for some women can feel a bit too intense, whereas others love it. So it’s completely about preference.” 

To get the most out of the position, make sure you're already turned on. “The g-spot is best stimulated when you’re already aroused, so incorporate some non-penetrative sex, teasing, and sensual play as a pre-cursor to trying the position,” she adds. And if you like this one but want more face-to-face intimacy, try out the pretzel sex position or reverse scoop sex position, both of which offer more deep internal stimulation. 

2. You can target other erogenous zones

While it might be difficult to include clitoral stimulation in this position, thanks to the pillow in the way, the speed bump doesn’t have to be all about penetration. The angle gives the partner on top great access to loads of other areas of their partner’s body, including the famous erogenous zones.  

“The penetrating partner should touch and kiss the receiving partner’s erogenous zones during sex, as these are highly sensitive areas that can create instant sexual stimulation,” Murphy explains. “The most common ones include the neck, back, and nipples.” The partner on top can do this with kissing, their fingers, or with one of the best bullet vibrators

However, she adds, the penetrating partner should kiss all over their partner’s body and make sure to pay attention to their reaction as everyone is different and will have slightly different areas that turn them on.

3. Reduce stress

We all want to learn how to deal with stress better and there’s plenty of evidence suggesting that sex is the ultimate stress-buster. But only certain types, according to a study by Michigan State University. Their research shows the potential for sexual activity to release stress depends entirely on the quality of the experience, with only satisfying sex proven to reduce stress. 

“When stressful days occur, a person’s cortisol [stress hormone] levels rise, making it harder for them to drift off to sleep at night. However, having sex in this intimate position, which is similar to spooning, counteracts this as when you cuddle, nerve impulses pass through the skin and the peripheral nerves, up the spin and to the brain,” Murphy says. “This then stimulates the release of oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. It not only gives you a mood boost but helps bond your partner to you, research from the University of North Carolina found.

How to make the speed bump sex position even better

To make the speed bump even better, make sure to use one of the best lubes you can find. “It should be water-based if you’re using condoms but you can use oil-based lube if you aren’t using condoms, and this would help to create a slide sensation for this position. It could also be used for clitoral stimulation in the lead up too,” says Moyle.

If you're looking for the best sex position with lower back pain, the speed bump or the slightly-more-intense alternative, the prone bone sex position, could be the one for you as the pillow acts as an additional support for the spine. Move the pillow from your waist level to under your chest for the most benefit. 

While lube might be the only investment you’re willing to make in the speed bump sex position, there is another option for anyone looking to take it up a level. “If this is a position that really works for you but you want a sturdier cushion, then there are options like the Bang on,” she says. “This is designed specifically for these types of positions and it can come in handy for other angles too, like the snow angel sex position."

Mixing up the tempo should change things a bit too, she adds. You could also switch things up to the broken eagle sex position. “Make it more slow and sensual with your bodies closer and kissing down to the receiving partner’s neck and shoulders. The penetrating partner can also kneel more upright, rather than lying down, so it’s a position that offers variety.”

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