What is the spork sex position? Plus, how to do the simple move right

The spork sex position takes spooning to a whole new level. Here's how to do it, the benefits, and more

Man and woman lying in bed together kissing, representing the spork sex position
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The spork sex position - if you're familiar with spooning, you may have heard (and even tried) this one before. Designed to be a simple move that makes the most of those intimate morning moments, it's ideal for couples who want to stay close. 

Spooning is traditionally a type of cuddle where both partners lie on their sides. One is the 'big spoon' and lies behind, pressing their chest into their partner's back and holding their legs together, stacked like the handles of spoons. The other takes the role of the 'little spoon', pressing their back into their partner's chest. 

The spork sex position helps couples take advantage of this closeness - and takes the classic spooning sex position to the next level. It's for this reason that the spork is one of the best sex positions out there. Here, we reveal all you need to know about the move and all the benefits. 

What is the spork sex position?

The spork sex position is basically a side-entry position stemming from the traditional cuddle, explains Jo Hemmings, a sex and relationship psychologist. "One partner lies on their back while the other positions their body at a 90-degree angle between between their legs. [The penetrating partner] still starts in the traditional big spoon position but then they can raise their body, holding onto the other partner's legs to keep themselves stable," she says. 

It's a great move for those who enjoy deeper, G-spot penetration but perhaps prefer to keep things relaxed with one of the best lazy sex positions. "While it involves deep penetration, it's also rather less energetic than some full penetration positions," says Hemmings, who works with water-based lubricant brand Knect.

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However, as the penetrating partner sits behind the other, there's plenty of opportunity for stimulation in other erogenous zones. For example, says the psychologist, either partner "also use their hands to stimulate the clitoris."

What are the benefits of the spork sex position? 

1. Low energy

Hemmings describes the move as "low energy but high impact". It's perfect for those times when you're feeling a little tired - but not too sleepy - and are looking to get even more intimate with your partner in the easiest way possible.  

2. The spork sex position is easily adjustable

It's very easy to move from the spork sex position into other moves, says Hemmings, and you can do so without much uncomfortable shuffling around. It's a great option for those needing sex positions for lower back pain or sex positions for after menopause, where you may need to switch things up a few times. 

Otherwise, you can move from the spork into more intense moves. She suggests: "You can also adjust your position if you fancy more doggy style, so you’re looking at the end of the bed or the pillow end." 

There is also an alternative move you can slip into from here called the foon. "This is where you place your legs over your partners hips while they lies sideways next to your bottom. The foon plus is very similar but also involves the ability to use additional sex toys or clitoral stimulators."

3. It's an intimate move

Without a doubt, this is one of the most romantic sex positions out there. As Hemmings says: "It gives full and intimate skin contact throughout, and depending on the variation, it can also allow for intense eye contact."

While adventurous moves like cowgirl sex positions, standing moves, and even the helicopter sex position have their time and place, perhaps more often than not, we may want something a little slower and more romantic. 

How to make the spork sex position even better 

You could kick things off by going old school. "[The original version of the spork] is when your partner gets an erection while spooning, often in the mornings, and they rub it against your cheeks [or they can use a vibrator, sex toy, or manual stimulation]. This can lead to anal or vaginal penetration or if you’re sleepy, just a nice sensation around your bottom."

Using assists during the spork can make things flow even easier, the sex and relationship psychologist says, whichever way you begin. "Putting a pillow under the bottom partner can increase comfort and arousal," she suggests. Much like in the closed missionary sex position, this added elevation can help to support the partner's lower back and spine during sex as well as offer the opportunity for even deeper penetration. 

With this in mind, always be sure to use plenty of lube. "Using a water-based, non-greasy lubricant can make it more pleasurable and comfortable for both partners too, as the spork involves deep penetration so being a little more slippery can help."

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