What is the snow angel sex position? How to try this mind-blowing move and its benefits

The snow angel sex position is excellent whatever the weather. Here, a sexpert explains how to do it right

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The snow angel sex position isn’t just one for winter. This unique angle may take some getting used to, but it creates plenty of friction to keep you warm (and satisfied) all year round. 

Whatever the weather, it can offer a new style of penetration along with a different perspective of your partner that’s bound to help you switch things up in the bedroom, while you stay in control the whole time. 

If you’re a big fan of classic missionary and love to 69, then the snow angel is going to be one of the best sex positions to help you orgasm as it's a great combination of the two. With the help of a certified master sexpert, we lay out everything there is to know about the snow angel sex position, plus all the benefits of giving it a go yourself. 

What is the snow angel sex position?  

The snow angel is a sex position where the penetrating partner lies on top with their head down by the bottom partner’s legs. The bottom partner then lifts their legs around their partner’s lower back to elevate their pelvis for easy entry. “It’s a playful position that offers new angles and a whole lot of stimulation for both partners,” explains Isabelle Uren, a certified master sexpert with degrees in psychology and cognitive semiotics.

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The person on the bottom is very much in the driving seat in the snow angel, as they control the whole movement by grabbing onto the top person's bum and pushing them as rapidly or slowly as they like. 

If you’re a fan of lazy sex positions then this one could also be for you, as it’s a fun combination of missionary and 69 with limited movement required but plenty of friction.  

What are the benefits of the snow angel sex position?

1. New angle for visual and physical stimulation

If you’re new to the snow angel sex position then you're in for a treat. “The receiver gets a really hot view of their partner’s butt, which is something we don’t get to see very often in other positions,” says Uren, who is also the resident sexpert at Bedbible. “Plus, the reverse orientation gives a different angle of penetration that provides new sensations.” 

2. More clitoral stimulation

This is definitely a good position for those who need clitoral and G-spot stimulation to orgasm, says Uren. Much like the pretzel sex position, the snow angel can create a lot of friction if you get the angle right, allowing for both external and internal stimulation. 

But the angel isn’t one of the easiest sex positions and it can be awkward to find the right motion for this, she warns. “So try to keep it playful and don’t worry if it takes a bit of practice to make it work. Just try to focus on enjoying something new with your partner.”

3. Prostate stimulation

The snow angel sex position offers the ideal opportunity to explore prostate stimulation for those who are interested. “This is also known as the male G-spot for its sensitivity,” explains Uren. “Depending on their preferences, you can gently massage their perineum for some light, external stimulation, use a finger, or one of the best sex toys to stimulate their prostate internally.” 

But this isn’t for everyone so it’s best to chat to your partner about it before attempting the snow angel and, as always, get consent first. 

How to make the snow angel sex position even better

If you struggle with getting the angle right for penetration in the snow angel sex position, Uren recommends adding in a pillow. “Prop the pillow under the bottom partner’s hips for support and deeper penetration.” And if you like this level of intensity, you could also try the speed bump sex position as it uses support in the same way. 

“You can also use extra pillows to prop up your upper body and make it easier to reach down to your partner’s butt,” she adds.

There’s nothing worse than stopping just before you climax because you or your partner can’t maintain the speed you want, so don’t be afraid to switch up the position of you get tired. “The snow angel requires a fair amount of upper body strength on the part of the penetrator,” warns Uren. “It might be that you can’t sustain this angle for the full session. If you need a break, you can very easily maneuver into a 69 from this position and enjoy some oral sex with you both lying on your sides.”

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