The best oral sex positions to try with a partner, from 69 to standing

These are the best oral sex positions, according to sexologists, and how to do them

A collection of the best oral sex positions
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Trying out new oral sex positions can be a great way to change up your foreplay or bring something entirely new to the bedroom. From the classic moves you may not have considered before like the 69 to creative ways to target the clitoris, these are the oral sex positions recommended by sexologists and sex educators. 

When it comes to what we like in the bedroom, everyone is different and oral sex, cunnilingus, giving head, going down - whatever you want to call it - is the epitome of this. What works for you may not work for someone else. So, even if you know exactly what you like, it's always worth checking in and talking with your partner about what you want to try in advance. 

That being said, these oral sex positions are some of the best moves to target the clitoris and G-spot, as well as being some of the best sex positions and best lesbian sex positions to try generally. Switch between them and the sexologists assure that you'll experience a new spark in your sex life. 



Illustration of a woman on her back with arms above her head, holding onto a pillow, and man between her legs

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When you think about oral sex positions, this position is the one that probably comes to mind first. It's comfortable for most people and if you want to know how to make missionary sex better, starting with the receiver on their back could be the best way forward. 

"It's a classic position that's ideal for those who may have physical constraints and where comfort is a priority," says Madalaine Munro (opens in new tab), a certified sexologist specializing in somatic sexology and psycho-sexual therapy. 

"I also recommend this position for those who are newer to oral sex. It can feel vulnerable and possibly overwhelming. This position can create some ease and relaxation while exploring something new," she says. "Both the giver and the receiver are on the same level, so it may feel easier to communicate and give feedback while in this position."

How to do it: The person receiving should lie on their back, whether that's on a bed, couch, or another flat surface, with their their legs open and bent at the knees. This offers a little more space for the giver to position their torso between the legs. To make sure that the giver is hitting the receiver's clitoris, they can reach an arm around the receiver's legs to the top of their vulva and open it using their fingers. 

"You can play with sensation by the receiver changing the angle of their legs or perhaps wrapping them around the giver," says Munro, a great piece of advice for those looking to dial up the intensity. 

One potential issue, the sexologist points out, is that the giver may struggle with access if you're both lying down on the same surface so make sure the receiver is slightly higher. "Put a pillow under the hips of the person lying on their back as it offers an easier angle," she suggests.


Illustration of the face sitting oral sex position, with woman positioned on top of a man's face, holding onto the headrest of a bed

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This is another popular position, amazing for anyone looking for great foreplay techniques or one of the best lazy sex positions. Rather than being a horizontal pose, face sitting is exactly what the name suggests and offers a more vertical angle of stimulation for the receiver. 

"Face sitting is a great position for those wanting to create a more dynamic experience because it's one of the most interactive positions as the receiver can thrust their hips and choose how to navigate the speed and intensity," says Munro.

It can be a playful position too though, she explains. "It's also one that explores power dynamics as the receiver can tease the giver with their genitals." 

How to do it: Making sure that you're aligned with your partner will be key to making this position work. It's easiest for the giver to lie down on the bed first on their back, with a pillow behind their head if required. The receiver can then position themselves over their partner's face and kneel until their genitals are touching their partner's mouth. "The receiver can turn towards the giver and put their hands on their body for support or even administer dual stimulation," Munro says. 

3. 69

Illustration of the 69 sex position with woman on top of man

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The 69 sex position generally divides people into two categories: those who love it and those who feel totally overwhelmed by it. Not only is it butter churner sex position-levels of athletic - especially for the person on top - it can be a little awkward to get the angle just right. However, it's almost the only oral sex position where you can give and receive at the same time so it's truly one of the best. 

How to do it: One person lies down on their back with their legs outstretched, and the other then climbs on top facing away from them with their knees on either side of their shoulder/neck area. Each person's genitals should be lined up with the other person's mouth which, from above, should look a little bit like the number '69'. 

Propping a pillow behind the person on the bottom's head should help them to reach up without straining their neck too much. You could also try the 69 lying side-by-side next to each other if the person on top doesn't want a sex-position-turned-ab-workout this time around. 


Illustration of the standing oral sex position with one woman standing with a leg up on the shoulder of another women, who is between her legs

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This standing pose is very similar to the ballet dancer sex position for penetrative sex, so it makes for a perfect prelude or alternative to the move. As one partner is sitting or kneeling down in front of the other, the position is ideal for anyone looking to explore new power dynamics and kink.

The aptly-named sit and deliver oral sex position also makes it onto our list of the best ones as it's a winner for anyone looking to learn how to have sex in the shower. Unlike any of the others, you don't need a whole lot of space to make it work - just a spot the size of a shower tray or bath. 

How to do it: "The person who is receiving can stand alone or lean against a wall, which can add support for the receiver while they're climaxing," explains Munro. "While receiving, separate your legs into a wider stance and lean your hips forward at an angle." 

The giver then kneels in front of them and positions themselves slightly under their partner, perfectly in line with their clitoral region. "For extra comfort, the person can kneel on a pillow and tuck another pillow between their knees if needed," she says. If you are trying this out in the shower and you think it could be an issue, place a bath mat under you. 


Illustration of the doggy style oral sex position with woman bent over on all fours on the bed and man behind her

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Doggy style is one of the most common go-to sex positions for a reason: it's perfectly designed for the giver to hit the receiver's G-spot, one of the more sensitive regions of the vagina, and it offers great access to the clitoris for external stimulation too. Luckily, the same benefits apply to the oral sex version of the position. 

"Just like the name suggests, doggy style oral sex is when one partner is on all fours and the other partner is kneeling down behind them, leaning into them to provide oral sex," says Lyndsey Murray (opens in new tab), a couple's counselor and AASECT-certified sex therapist.

How to do it: The receiver should climb onto a bed, sofa, or another flat surface where there's some space behind them, going down onto all fours and opening their legs fairly wide. To make access for the giver a little easier, the receiver may want to lean down on their forearms rather than rest on their hands and arch their back, tilting their pelvis up towards the ceiling. This switch-up will lift the receiver's bottom higher into the air and naturally closer to the giver's mouth.

From here, the giver can either get onto the bed as well and lean down, bringing their mouth to their partner's genitals, or they can sit off the edge and bring their partner towards them. 

This position is another great one if you're looking for a new way to incorporate oral sex into foreplay, as you can switch into the broken eagle sex position very easily from here or go for classic doggy style.


Illustration of the throne oral sex position, with one woman positioned on a sofa with one leg next to her and another woman between her legs

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An oral sex position fit for a queen, the throne is all about being confident and totally open with your partner about the different angles that work for you. As the person on the chair is elevated above and being stimulated from below, the angle of pleasure is totally up to the receiver - making it one of the more versatile oral sex positions. 

How to do it: "This is where one partner sits, either in a chair or the edge of a bed, or couch, and the other partner kneels to give oral sex to the sitting partner," says Murray. 

Play around with the angle of stimulation here to find the best one for you. This could mean the receiver resting their feet or one foot up on the bottom of the chair beside themselves, opening up totally for the giver. The receiver could also place their feet over their partner's shoulders, bringing them in closer. Alternatively, the receiver could shuffle down to the end of the chair towards their partner, leaning back slightly and giving them easier access for a higher intensity. 

As a giver, if you or your partner is resting on a hard floor then place a softer surface underneath for comfort. "The kneeling partner can place a pillow under their knees for support," offers Murray.


Illustration of the bundle sex position

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The bundle, affectionately named here by woman&home, is one of the slightly more unique oral sex positions as it allows the giver to focus their attention on the receiver's entire vulva rather than just the clitoris.

Instead of being restricted by the receiver's legs, the giver has access to the entire area to lick, blow, and suck as they want. Plus, as the receiver's pelvis tilted upwards, it's even easier to reach the G-spot with some additional manual stimulation. 

It's made it onto our list as it's one of the easiest oral sex positions to try if you're looking to bring one of the best sex toys into the mix. The giver can use their fingers and hands for manual stimulation while using a bullet vibrator on the clitoris, or vice versa, stimulating the clitoris using their mouth and an internal vibe on the G-spot. 

How to do it: The receiver lies on their back and brings their legs up to their chest, rolling slightly more onto their back and gripping their shins for support, spreading their knees apart. If this is uncomfortable, slip a pillow underneath the base of the receiver's back to support the move. The giver can then slide over and position themselves between the receiver's feet, resting themselves on their partner if required. 

Tips for oral sex 

  • Do your research: Regardless of the gender of your partner, doing your research is important if you're new to oral sex. "The first step in combating the orgasm gap is making sure everyone has a comprehensive education about the human body in all its different forms, and how best to stimulate different parts," says Javay Frye-Nekrasova MEd (opens in new tab), a certified sex educator and pleasure expert. 
  • Become comfortable with talking about sex: Having the best oral sex is all about being confident and asking for what you want. This should be done kindly and with consideration for the other person but “if you can comfortably talk about sex then you can better talk about what you like with partners, express to them what you would want to be done differently, and how experiences can be improved," explains Frye-Nekrasova, who has partnered up with Lovehoney (opens in new tab)
  • Communicate during sex: The communication doesn't stop when your clothes come off though. Oral sex shouldn't be a performance. Keep the dialogue open between you and your partner throughout, being verbal about what feels good and what doesn't so much. 
  • Explore other areas: When it comes down to the practicalities of improving your oral sex experience, focusing on the genitals is pretty essential - but you should always think about the other erogenous zones for arousal as well, such as the inner thighs, back, neck, shoulders, and nipples. 
  • Focus on the whole experience: Despite what it may look like, just focusing on getting through all the stages of how to have an orgasm during oral sex is missing the point a bit. This is one of the most intimate experiences you can have with another person, so think about the whole experience. If you're the receiver, you could hold your partner's hand while they go down on you or run your hands through their hair, any little acts that bring you closer together.  
  • Use lube (if you want to): Saliva is a perfectly good lubricant when it comes to oral sex as your mouth will naturally transfer it onto your partner's genitals and there's not too much friction involved without it. But dual stimulation may require a little extra help, so don't be afraid to bring a flavored lube into the bedroom for this - just check in with your partner as some people are sensitive to certain types. 

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