These are the crazy sex positions we've seen trending this year - but some of them are actually worth trying

Crazy sex positions might seem a little out of the box, but research suggests they could be key for spicing up your sex life

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Missionary and cowgirl might be world favorites but it's the crazy sex positions that we see trending week after week. From unique angles to challenging alignments, these moves are the ones that have had everyone talking over the past few months.

While these sex positions might be a little out of the box and even unachievable-looking at first glance, experimentation in the bedroom is key for a healthy sex life. "For instance, a study by Chapman and Indiana University found that women who experiment with new positions orgasm more frequently," says Suzannah Weiss, a certified sex educator and sex/love coach. "Trying out new positions can be a way to make things exciting again if you've gotten into a rut." 

If you've tried the best sex positions out there and are looking for something new, a way to spice things up, and perhaps even have a laugh at the same time, one of these crazy sex positions could be for you. Recommended by sexologists, sex coaches, and relationship experts alike, these positions have plenty of benefits for couples brave enough to try them. 

Crazy sex positions worth trying 

1. Butter churner

Illustration of the butter churner sex position

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The butter churner sex position is perhaps one of the most famous crazy sex positions around. Named (unsurprisingly) after the traditional way of churning butter, this move is all about hitting the G-spot. Instead of just focusing on the vaginal wall though, as you find with the cowgirl sex position for example, this one pushes stimulation in a downward motion toward the cervix. 

The butter churner is not one for the faint-hearted, that's for sure, but provided you can support your own body weight on your shoulders should your partner lose their footing, it's a winner for those who enjoy deep penetration and want something adventurous to try. 

2. Bent-over standing

Bent over woman with man behind, one of the crazy sex positions to try

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Standing sex positions may involve too many acrobatics for some people, but this simple variation makes them much more manageable, says Weiss. "You can also do this in different places, which creates an added thrill," she says. 

"One partner stands, bends over slightly, and rests their hands against a piece of furniture, counter, or wall, and the other penetrates them from behind. For some, this offers deeper penetration than more well-known from-behind positions like doggy style."

3. Hanging sex position

Hanging sex position illustration

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A sex position straight out of the Kama Sutra, an ancient Indian Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment. "Known as the avalambitaka, the penetrating partner stands with their back against the wall and holds up the receptive partner, who has their feet against the wall, one foot on each side of their partner's shoulders," says Weiss. 

"It's a balancing act for sure and takes strength on both people's part," she adds. "One has to hold the other up, and the other has to stay up. You can kill two birds with one stone with this one and get your workout in for the day." 

4. Reverse missionary sex position

Reverse missionary position illustration

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We couldn't have a list of crazy sex positions without at least one alternative to the classic missionary sex position, considering that it is one of the most popular positions out there. While the closed missionary sex position captured our attention for a while, sex educator and coach Weiss says reverse missionary is the one we should be paying attention to. 

"This is like missionary, except the person on top is facing the opposite direction," she explains. "In other words, two people are facing each other but each person's head is where the other's feet are." 

In this position, both people's legs will be slightly apart so their feet aren't actually in their partner's face, she adds. "It takes some gymnastics for the penis or dildo to actually go in because it needs to bend backward, but some people experience very intense pleasure via this angle."

5. The black bee sex position

Black bee sex position illustration

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Another position from the Kama Sutra, which is widely considered to be the book on tantric sex, is the black bee sex position. As Weiss explains: "One partner sits down with their legs in front of them and their arms behind them to hold them up, so their torso is at a 45-degree angle to the bed. The other partner squats over the first person, with their hands also holding them up and their feet slightly in front of them." 

From here, she says, "The partner on top rotates their hips in a circular motion. This partner gets to be dominant and experience control, as well as a unique motion, and the one on the bottom can arch their back to facilitate deeper penetration."

6. Shoulder holder

Shoulder holder sex position illustration, one of the top crazy sex position

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Another alternative to classic missionary is the shoulder holder sex position. This wild move may be perfect for those who want "super sex deep penetration to help hit the G-spot," says sex expert Anna Richards, but it's also one of the best lazy sex positions.

"The receiving partner lies on their back and the giver kneels between their legs and then raises them both resting the calves against their chest and shoulders. This can be either side of the head or indeed can be more intense when ankles are crossed to one side shoulder only," she explains. "The giver can then take control and move the legs up and down or side to side while sliding the head and shaft of the penis or dildo along the front wall of the vagina and enjoying some deep penetration adding to your pleasure." 

7. Amazon sex position

An illustration of the amazon sex position

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Known as the Amazon sex position thanks to the traditional woman-on-top angle, this position may look a little odd and be tricky to get into, but the experts say it's one of the must-dos for those who love a little visual stimulation and the potential for both clitoral and G-spot stimulation. 

To get into it, the partner penetrating lies on their back with their knees pulled into their chest. The partner on top then kneels facing toward them, making sure they're sat with their partner between their legs. 

Feet should be placed on either side of the penetrating partner's hips, so the top partner is essentially squatted down, and this is what makes this crazy sex position actually pretty accessible for many people. The squat position, if you can hold it, allows the partner on top to use the bottom partner's thighs for support while bouncing through the movement. 

8. Mutual masturbation

Mutual masturbation couple illustration

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This is one to remind us that sex doesn’t always have to be penetrative to be mind-blowingly orgasmic and fun to do with your partner, says Richards, who is also the founder of Frolicme

To improve the experience, bring along your pick of the best sex toys. "See how and what turns your partner on," she suggests. "It's a great way to learn how they stimulate and arouse their own bodies, and find new ways to explore your own learning and watching all the time. On a scale of hotness, it’s right up there and will give you new ideas to help spice things up in the bedroom together."

You could also change it up by donning some noise-canceling headphones and tuning into some erotic audio porn or sexy audio erotica to get into the mood, she suggests, before positioning yourself close to your lover for some face-to-face joint masturbation.

9. Bend and deliver

Bend and deliver crazy sex position illustration

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When it comes to crazy sex positions, even some of the best oral sex positions make the list. This one, known as the bend and deliver, is very similar to the 69 sex position for those familiar - but it requires a little more athleticism. 

Here, one partner lays with their back against the seat of a chair or sofa, with their head positioned downward. The other partner leans over the other and places their genitals close to their partner's face, who in turn is nestling in between the partner's legs. 

It won't be one for everyone, that's for sure, but if you're looking to learn how to spice things up in the bedroom by taking coitus elsewhere, this could be the move for you. 

10. Pretzel sex position

An illustration of the pretzel sex position

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The pretzel sex position is much easier than the doughy-snack-inspired name suggests. While you'll need a little bit of flexibility and probably a few rounds of adjustment to make it work, the experts reckon it's very achievable - especially for those interested in the best sex positions for lower back pain

Here, the partner being penetrated lies on their side and the other straddles their bottom thigh while sliding in. As the penetrating partner is positioned facing forward and is kneeling between the bottom partner's legs with their hands-free, they can use a bullet vibrator or a similar, smaller device to stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones. 

As well as offering dual stimulation, the pretzel provides support for both partners as one's thigh threads between the other. 

11. Grounded helicopter sex position

Helicopter sex position illustration

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Very similar to reverse missionary, the grounded helicopter is a more realistic way of doing the classic helicopter sex position - a move that's often the butt of jokes, thanks to its contorted angles and near-impossible reach. 

The grounded helicopter still offers that unique angle and requires an adventurous mindset but actually might deliver some serious orgasms. "If you get it right, a deep penetrative position like this can help hit the right orgasm spot," says Richards. 

Tips for making crazy sex positions work

  • Remember to focus on the clitoris: "Vulva owners, ensure we give our clitoris that special attention it deserves," says Richards. "It can be difficult to orgasm unless there is some focus on clitoral stimulation either with a toy or manually."
  • Don't take it seriously: There's a reason these have been labeled crazy sex positions. "Try to have a sense of humor and attempting to finagle your way through these positions may give you some laughs, whether or not you're ultimately successful," says Weiss.  
  • Speak to your partner about what you want to try: While some of these crazy sex positions may out of the question for you, use them as a springboard to talk about other things you might like to try with your partner. Whether that's mindful sex or one of the best sex games, it's a good idea. "Talking about what works and what feels more intense and enjoyable ultimately only heightens your mutual pleasure together," says Richards. "Knowing your partner is having more pleasure during sex is what it’s all about."
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