What is the sniper sex position? Plus, all the benefits of this comfortable move

The sniper sex position is a perfect position for comfortable oral sex as a certified sexologist reveals

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The sniper sex position is a great move, designed to make oral sex more comfortable for everyone involved. The chances are that you've heard of the position before - and maybe even tried it yourself - but there are some key ways to make the most of it that you may not know about.

Of course, there's no one way to have oral sex but many people find it most comfortable to lie back on a bed, sofa, chair, and so on, with their partner positioned kneeling between their legs. The sniper sex position lifts the giving partner from the floor and has them positioned differently, elevating any stress on their knees and lower back. 

It's because of this that the sniper makes it onto our list of best oral sex positions - and best sex positions generally too. Here, to reveal all you need to know about the move, we speak to a certified sexologist and coach. 

What is the sniper sex position?

The sniper oral sex position is one where the person performing lies in a prone position on their stomach, with their arms often positioned in a diamond formation, says clinical sexologist Ness Cooper. "This is so the hands can target the vulva area, allowing the 'sniper' to perform pin-point accuracy with their tongue," she explains. 

While this is traditionally a move aimed at giving mouth-to-vulva oral sex, making it one of the best lesbian sex positions as well, it can be performed on those with penises, she adds. 

The main difference between the sniper sex position and classic oral sex configurations, where the receiver lies on a bed and the giver knees down in front of them, is the environment where you might do this move. "The sex position can require a lot of room," says Cooper, who is also the in-house sex expert at Je Joue. "Many may find that certain beds are slightly too small to perform it on, so if that's the case, lying down a blanket on the floor can give you more room to manoeuvre." 

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Benefits of the sniper sex position

1. Potential stimulation for the giving partner too

While the sniper sex position primarily focuses on the physical pleasure of the receiver and the mental pleasure of the giver, given that they're pleasing their partner, the move also makes stimulation possible for the giver. 

"The stretched-out position can allow the person who is giving oral sex the opportunity to grind their genitals against the floor," says Cooper. "This can result in stimulation and pleasure and for some, this form of frottage can even lead to orgasm."


2. The sniper sex position is better suited to those with lower back and knee pain

If you're looking for the best sex positions for lower back pain, the sniper sex position could be your go-to foreplay move. As Cooper explains, "Many sex positions for oral sex require the giver to perform kneeling, which can cause issues for those with knee or hip problems. This lying oral sex position reduces stress on the knees."

However, it's likely that the giver may need to stretch their neck back a little more than traditional positions so this is something to bear in mind if you experience neck pain. To protect against the issue, have your partner elevate their buttocks on a cushion. From the speed bump to the corkscrew sex position, it's something the experts suggest makes a lot of difference. 

This can also be helpful for the person lying prone, giving. "Placing a pillow under their groin can help provide extra padding and support if needed," she says. 

3. Additional manual stimulation is possible

Where orgasms are concerned, we know that many people need clitoral stimulation. With the sniper sex position, that's easily achieved. Some people also want - or need - some vaginal penetration to really get the most out of the session. 

That's where the sniper comes in handy. "The position can allow for hands to explore the receiver's vulva and anus, allowing for additional stimulation to occur during oral sex." 

This could be with hands, fingers, or one of the best sex toys like a vibrator. "A sex toy can be positioned under the person's groin whilst they are performing the sniper, or they can wear a cock ring for additional stimulation."

Also from here, it would be easy to slip from foreplay into a penetrative sex position, such as the prone bone or the closed missionary sex position depending on your preferences. 

How to make the sniper sex position even better 

There are several ways couples can make the sniper sex position work even better for them. If you're not comfortable, it's best to change things up rather than sitting (or lying in this case) in discomfort. 

We noted using a pillow to prop either person up under their groin to lessen the strain of the move but a pillow can also be useful when it comes to enhancing the visual experience for the person receiving in the sniper sex position. Propping up a pillow under their neck can be all that's needed for you to see your partner performing oral sex on you - something that most people find incredibly arousing and an object of many sexual fantasies. If you have a mirror positioned behind them, you can see both them and yourself, offering another erotic perspective.

If you want to communicate non-verbally with your partner, the sniper sex position also makes this easy. "The receiver can use their hands or legs to direct the person performing oral sex on them and let them know when they want more or less pressure and stimulation from their partner's tongue."

And while many people don't see lube as an essential in oral sex, given the natural addition of saliva, if you are incorporating sex toys of any kind then it may be beneficial to add a little in. Flavoured gels are among the best lubes out there, designed to offer another sensory element to the experience.

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