What is the corkscrew sex position? Plus, how to do this easy move right

The corkscrew sex position is a variation on missionary you'd never expect. Here's how to do it right, the benefits, and more

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The corkscrew sex position might be one of the easiest sex positions out there, but with so many variations floating around the internet, it can be difficult to get it right. 

For those who love to keep things simple in the bedroom though, it's worth taking the time to find out how to do the corkscrew sex position. Much like the missionary position - where one partner lies on their back with their legs open, and the other positions themselves on top - this one offers an intensely intimate way to be close to your partner in the bedroom while delivering many an orgasm. 

The corkscrew sex position is definitely one of the best sex positions in our eyes, ideal for fans of lazy sex positions and morning love making. Here, woman&home speaks to a certified sex expert to reveal how to do the move right, the benefits, and top tips for making it work well for you.

What is the corkscrew sex position?

The corkscrew is another popular variation of the missionary sex position, says Charlotte Johnson, an accredited sex and relationship expert specializing in psychosexual therapy. "One partner's legs are crossed while maintaining penetration," she says. "The other partner can wrap their legs around their partner's waist or keep them extended." 

While this is an easy position to get into, you can make it even easier by having the penetrating partner start on their knees and straddling the bottom partner's leg. The bottom partner then cocks one leg to the side to give the top partner a little more room and wraps the other around their waist as noted, or keeps it outstretched. 

For those who enjoy penetrative sex with the possibility of something more as well, it's a winner. "This position allows for deeper penetration and increases clitoral stimulation," says Johnson, who works with Mega Pleasure.

Illustration of the corkscrew sex position

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The corkscrew sex position can be a misleading one though, with several moves given the same name. If you've heard of the corkscrew before, you may know it to be done a little differently. While the corkscrew as described above is done similarly to the spork sex position, there is an alternative way. 

Also resembling the shape of a bottle opener, this variation has the receiving partner sitting or lying down on the edge of a couch or bed, resting on one hip with their arm for support. The penetrating partner stands behind and straddles them, going in from behind.

Whether you opt for the missionary or collapsed doggy style variation, the benefits are mostly the same. 

Benefits of the corkscrew sex position

1. Enhanced stimulation

"The crossed legs in the corkscrew sex position can provide extra friction and pressure on your partner, leading to heightened sensations for you both," says Johnson. "This can potentially increase pleasure and satisfaction during sexual activity." 

Also, unlike the closed missionary sex position for instance, this move allows for access to other areas like the clitoris and vulva, nipples, and inner thighs as well, which is great for those who need a little something extra to orgasm. 

"Manual stimulation, the use of sex toys, or engaging in oral sex can intensify pleasure and increase satisfaction for the receiving partner," the expert says. 

2. It can help you revive your sex life

Looking to have better missionary sex? Trying different, and even so-called 'crazy' sex positions, can help you do this. "It can add novelty and excitement to a couple's relationship," Johnson explains. "Exploring new positions together can help keep things fresh, preventing sexual routines from becoming monotonous." 

3. Increased intimacy

If you opt for the first version of the corkscrew sex position that has both partners facing each other, it's a great way to keep up the intimacy. 

"This includes close body contact, eye contact, and the ability to hold each other during the act," says Johnson. "It can help to create a deeper emotional connection."

Plus, as the move will probably require some shuffling around, it's a good way to open up the lines of communication if you feel that's lacking either in or outside the bedroom. "By discussing your desires, boundaries, and comfort levels with your partner, you can open a conversation to help make your partner aware of your kinks and turn-ons. Talking about what feels good and what you enjoy is the best way to increase arousal," she says. 

How to make the corkscrew sex position even better 

As noted, there's more than one way to do the corkscrew sex position - and probably loads more than we've outlined here. So, don't be afraid to experiment, Johnson says. "Explore different angles and depths of the corkscrew sex position to find what feels best for both partners," she suggests. "For example, adjusting the angle of your hips or the position of the legs can help boost stimulation and pleasure." 

You should also use support where needed, whether that's a pick of the best lube, sex toys, or physical adjustments. Much like the sniper sex position, "using pillows or other props can provide support and increase comfort during the corkscrew position. Placing a pillow under the hips or lower back can help maintain alignment and reduce strain, resulting in a better experience."

And remember, stop anytime you feel uncomfortable. "It's important to listen to your body and take breaks when needed," she says. "Pausing for a moment of rest or engaging in other forms of sexual activity can add variety and prevent discomfort or burnout.

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