What is the collapsed doggy sex position? Plus, how to do the alternative move right

Collapsed doggy takes the traditional move to a whole new level of pleasure. This is how to do it, the benefits, and more

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Collapsed doggy seems to be the internet's new favorite move. If you love the classic 'from behind' position but want to change things up a little and make it even simpler, it could be for you too. 

Doggy style is easily one of the most popular sex positions out there. One partner typically lies in a downward dog position with their buttocks in the air, resting on their elbows or wrists. The penetrating partner enters from behind, holding onto their partner's hips for support. 

Collapsed doggy helps couples take advantage of this G-spot-friendly angle - but with a little less effort involved from everyone. It's for this reason that the move is considered, alongside the original, as one of the best sex positions. Here, we reveal all you need to know about the move, its benefits, and how to get it right.   

What is the collapsed doggy sex position?

The collapsed doggy style sex position offers a different take on the classic, explains sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight. "Laying on your stomach, slightly elevate your bottom with a cushion or a pillow," she says. "Your partner will then enter from behind and can go as fast, slow, and as deep as you both like."

This move focuses on G-spot stimulation so it's ideal for those who love deep penetration, says Knight, who specializes in couples counseling and psychosexual therapy and works with Lovehoney. However, it "promises clitoral stimulation" too, with the addition of your best vibrator in the right spot. 

"Using the vibrator on your clit while in this position can intensify the pleasure, making sex more memorable for you and your partner," she says, suggesting a clitoral suction vibrator or a bullet vibrator to enhance the experience.

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For those looking for a quiet night in the bedroom, collapsed doggy is a winner. "It's perfect for when you're feeling frisky but low energy," she says, pointing out how this is one of the most-loved lazy sex positions as well since the bottom partner doesn't really have to move all that much - unless they want to. 

Instead of the bottom partner's weight being pressed into the bed through the elbows or wrists, they can lie comfortably with a pillow under them for support, which also makes it a great one for those who find the traditional doggy style painful on their joints. 

What are the benefits of the collapsed doggy? 

1. Collapsed doggy style offers deep penetration

"This position combines deep, front wall penetration with easy access to the clitoris for direct and constant stimulation," says Knight, thanks to the angle that the penetrative partner sits in during the move.

However, along with penetration, the addition of manual or battery-operated stimulation around the clitoris means this is a perfect move for those who want to try and have a blended orgasm. It's very similar to the cowgirl sex position in this way, despite working very differently.

2. It's more intimate than other doggy style positions

While it might be great for having an orgasm, classic doggy style is hardly one of the most romantic sex positions for most people - but that's where collapsed doggy is a little different. 

"It can feel more intimate than the classic doggy style position," says Knight. "You’re essentially both laying down (almost spooning), one on top of the other, meaning you feel incredibly close and connected. You can turn your partner on even more by talking dirty in their ear and telling them exactly what you’re doing."  

3. Collapsed doggy is great for those with lower back pain

As well as being a top move for those looking for a relaxed session without any potential pain in the joints, collapsed doggy is one of the best sex positions for lower back pain. There's no arching, bending, or rotation in the spine needed during this move.

"It might not sound super sexy, but this position is actually much more forgiving on the back and you don’t need to rely on keeping that upper arm strength to hold you in position," agrees Knight. "Of course, we want sex to be sexy, but we want to be comfortable whilst enjoying ourselves." 

How to make the collapsed doggy even better

So, how does the sex and relationship expert recommend you find that balance? Change your surroundings. "For the voyeurs, watching yourselves in the mirror can be exhilarating," she says. "It can turn up the heat and intensify connection, leaving you both wanting for more. It also allows you and your partner to connect by observing each other’s enjoyment." 

You could also add another dimension of pleasure. "This is the perfect opportunity to introduce or try sex toys like a paddle or the softer touch of a feather tickler."

As always though, don't forget the basics. The collapsed doggy is a popular one for those who like to have sex in the morning or last thing before they go to sleep - much like the spork sex position or the leapfrog sex position - for all the benefits explained above, but it's still important to warm up first, go slow, and use plenty of lube. 

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