What is the prone bone sex position? Plus, all the benefits of this relaxed move

The prone bone sex position is a great move for lazy, intimate sex, as the experts reveal

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The prone bone sex position may not sound like the most erotic move in the world but lovers of this position say it's a great way to explore slow, easy, and intimate sex with minimal effort required.

Whether you're feeling tired from a long day but still in the mood, have just woken up and want to put a spring in your step for the day, or you're looking for a new way to unwind, simple sex positions like these can be winning formulas to help you relax with a partner. 

Sure, more adventurous moves like the butter churner certainly have their place in the bedroom for stress relief but if you're looking for an easy move to add to your list of best sex positions, we've got two sex experts who recommend this one for all its benefits. Here, we reveal all there is to know about the prone bone and how to make the most of it. 

What is the prone bone sex position? 

In the prone bone sex position, the bottom partner lies face down on the bed or another flat surface, explains Madalaine Munro, a somatic sexologist. "Meanwhile, the other partner kneels or lies over them from behind, with their legs together or spread apart depending on what feels good." For support, the partner on top can rest on their elbows or press themselves completely flat and hold their partner's hands for some added intimacy. 

It's very similar to doggy style for this reason, says sex and ethical porn expert  Anna Richards. "But rather than the bottom partner being on all fours, they lie flat on their front with their hips tilted slightly upward, which offers a great angle for penetration."

This move is traditionally done with the partner on the bottom lying flat on their stomach but many people find it more comfortable to incorporate elements of the speed bump sex position and add a pillow underneath their hips for additional support. 

Illustration of the prone bone sex position

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What are the benefits of the move?

1. Minimal pressure on the back and spine

Look no further than the prone bone if you're after some of the best sex positions for lower back pain, says Munro. "Not only is this position pleasurable for couples, but it also provides a number of unique benefits. For individuals with back pain, arthritis, disc injuries, or other related conditions, the position places minimal pressure on the back and spine, making it a great option for comfortable sex." 

It also doesn't require the bottom partner to flex or bend their spine in any direction, adding to its suitability, although if this is more comfortable then the position can be altered to make room for this. 

2. A chance to explore new power dynamics

As noted, the prone bone sex position is a great one for anyone looking to learn how to spice things up in the bedroom with a little dominant-submissive power dynamic. It's an easy way to settle into it, says Munro, "with the top partner in the more dominant position," laying flat against their partner. 

The weight of the top partner's body on the bottom partner will only enhance this, explains Richards, who is also the founder of FrolicMe, a platform for erotic films and stories that features on our list of audio erotica to explore. "It can add to the erotic animalistic passion of sex and feeling dominated in a pleasurable way," she says. 

3. Great G-Spot stimulation

"The prone sex position is all about the downward angle and as such, it can offer fabulous opportunities for G-spot stimulation, helping toward that glorious orgasmic climax," says Richards. It works so well, she adds, as "the bottom partner's legs are closed together [much like the closed missionary sex position] so the vagina muscles are more constricted, meaning there is a sense of it all being a bit tighter."

However, anyone who requires some clitoral stimulation to have an orgasm may struggle in the prone bone sex position as it really is all about the G-spot. If you're one of the seven in 10 women, per research from Concordia University, who need external stimulation to orgasm, try warming up with one of the best oral sex positions or incorporating a bullet vibrator into the mix during foreplay.

4. Less physically demanding

While the prone bone sex position is very similar to doggy style in many ways, it's significantly less demanding on both partners. "For those who struggle with upper body strength, this position can serve as a wonderful alternative," offers Munro. "Overall though, this position offers a variety of benefits that couples can enjoy both physically and emotionally." 

How to make the prone bone sex position even better 

Naturally, not every sex position will be everyone's favorite. But if you're struggling with the prone, there are a few adjustments you can make to improve things. "You don’t need to be perfectly flat but may find it more comfortable to be slightly raised using a pillow just under your pelvis," says Richards. "It still offers all the pleasure of the position but just with a slightly more cushioned tilt as well as that naughty feeling of being even more exposed to your lover." 

And while the prone is certainly one of the best lazy sex positions out there, it can also be a vulnerable one for the person on the bottom. "So, it can be nourishing to start with a body massage, particularly focusing on the back and shoulders," says Munro. "This can help to relax the partner receiving and set the stage for a more sensual experience."

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