What is the magic mountain sex position? Plus, all the benefits of this doggy-style move

The magic mountain sex position is a great one for those who love doggy style, as the experts reveal here

Man and woman in bed holding hands, looking into each other's eye, representing the magic mountain sex position
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Love doggy style? The magic mountain sex position should be next on your list if you enjoy this classic move but want something a little less intense.

Doggy style is one of the most popular sex positions out there, offering perfect G-spot stimulation for the bottom partner and full control (with a great view) to the one behind. However, there is also such a thing as "too much" when it comes to this position, thanks to the often downward-facing angle. From being too intense to leaving the bottom partner with sore wrists and elbows, as popular as it is, some people find it just uncomfortable.

If you're a fan of doggy style and want to try something new, or are looking for the best low-key variation of the position, the magic mountain could be the one for you. As one of the best sex positions generally, it should be top of the list if you're looking to change things up. Here, woman&home speaks to a top sex and relationship expert to reveal all you need to know about the magic mountain sex position. 

What is the magic mountain sex position?

The magic mountain sex position is an alternative to doggy style, agrees sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight. "However, some may say this is a little more intimate. To enjoy the position, lay on your front, arching your back, and prop yourself up on your elbows or forearms."

From here, she says, your partner kneels tall behind - which is where the name comes from - and slowly lowers themselves down until they are semi-laying on top of you. "With you both facing the same direction and their chest on top of your back, they enter from behind. The partner on top can use their hands to hold onto your waist or they can let them wander," says Knight, who works with Lovehoney.

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The magic mountain is one of the easiest lazy sex positions, without a doubt. As the weather heats up, it's also a great move to try if you're in the mood and already feeling a little hot under the collar. It requires minimum effort from everyone involved and while it does offer some body-to-body, intimate contact, it's not as close as similar doggy alternatives, like the prone bone sex position. You don't have to be pressed up against each other the whole time, leaving you both some room to breathe. 

This sex position is also completely versatile, making it suitable for all kinds of couples. Sure, it's traditionally a heterosexual sex position but by using manual stimulation instead or with a little extra help (i.e. one of the best lesbian sex toys), it can be done by anyone. 

Benefits of the magic mountain sex position 

1. The magic mountain is a hands-free sex position

One of the main benefits of the magic mountain sex position is that it's a totally hands-free move if you want it to be. While the partner on the bottom will need to rest against the bed, the partner penetrating has total freedom. 

"The partner penetrating can use their hands to fully explore your body whilst inside you," says Knight. "This can definitely help to spice things up even further, as you can also tell them where to touch you and when."   

For those who need a little something extra to have an orgasm during sex, whether that's nipple play or clitoral stimulation, this is a big win. From this angle, the partner behind can reach around and use a wand vibrator, for example, to stimulate the clitoris and surrounding vulva, adding an extra dimension of pleasure. 

2. More intimate than classic doggy style

Another issue some people have with classic doggy style is that it's a little...impersonal. The magic mountain sex position, on the other hand, offers both partners a chance to touch each other, kiss, and caress, while maintaining that super orgasm-friendly angle. 

"With your partner directly on top of you (their chest on your back), you’re able to feel incredibly connected, even if you’re not eye-to-eye," the sex and relationship expert says. 

3. Deep penetration

Speaking of orgasms, the positioning of the magic mountain makes it great for anyone looking for deep penetration. 

"By having your back arched, your partner is able to penetrate deeper, giving you both a stronger sensation and feeling," says Knight. "You can also thrust your hips back into receiving the penetration which can result in a stronger orgasm." 

How to make the magic mountain sex position even better

The magic mountain can be one of the best sex positions with lower back pain if you make suitable adjustments. "For the partner at the 'bottom' of the mountain, try laying on top of a pile of cushions, resting yourself across a footstool, or using another similar, comfortable object," suggests Knight. 

Using this technique, which is also useful in other moves - like the speed bump sex position - will take some of the pressure off your spine as you won't need to arch your back so much. Plus, she adds, "It will help elevate your hips and arch your back further, meaning as your partner enters you from behind, they can achieve deeper penetration." 

You could also introduce one of the best sex toys and other accessories into the mix. "To spice things up in the bedroom even further, try bondage items such as blindfolds, ticklers, handcuffs, whips, or paddles," she says. "Just make sure both of you consent to the use of toys, or any other products you wish to use, and if at any point it's no longer working for you then make sure your partner knows so that you can try something else instead." 

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