What is the blooming orchid sex position? Plus, all the benefits of this kneeling move

The blooming orchid sex position is one of the best if you're looking to get even more intimate with your partner. Here, a sex expert explains how to make it work for you

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The blooming orchid sex position is certainly a move to add to your bucket list if you're looking to liven things up in the bedroom. While most people like to stay visually intimate with a partner during sex (i.e. lots of eye contact), this position shows you don't need to stick to missionary to have this.

When a sex position is named after a particularly sensual-appearing flower, you know it's going to be a good one. Among sex positions, orchid-style moves are some of the best. Just as the broken eagle and all its variations will have you flying over the bedroom as the name suggests, the blooming orchid and other variations of the classic orchid encourage heightened sensuality and gentleness between partners. 

So, what do you need to know about the blooming orchid sex position? Whether you're looking to add to your repertoire of best sex positions or just try a new angle this weekend, we've got you covered. Here, woman&home speaks to the expert to reveal how to do the move right, its benefits, and how to make it work best for you.

What is the blooming orchid sex position?

The blooming orchid sex position is a standing move - but not as you know it. "It's an intimate and experimental way to bring new sensations to penetrative sex," explains Tera Masters, an expert in women's sexual pleasure and MD at sextoys.co.uk. "It's an unusual one in that you're both kneeling and facing each other. That fact makes it virtually unique in the huge array of sex positions, so it's well worth a try."

To do the move, pick a firm surface, she suggests. "Carpet or a mattress is good but hardwood is not as it'll make your knees hurt. You're going to want to have warmed up first, so to speak, with lots of foreplay beforehand." Need some inspiration? Take a look at our roundup of the best oral sex positions, with many of them working seamlessly with the blooming orchid. 

"Kneel down in front of each other within hugging distance," says Masters. "Both partners raise their right knees so they're both in a 'proposal' position, mirroring each other. With some angling, the penetrative partner should be able to do so comfortably."

Illustration of the blooming orchid sex position with both partners facing each other

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While the blooming orchid sex position can work well for anyone, it's best suited for couples looking for newness and more intimate sex positions - but are perhaps a little bored of missionary

"It helps if both partners are roughly the same height too," notes Masters. "A big height difference might mean one of you will have to prop yourself up with cushions."

This is a move that works equally well both inside and outside the bedroom, the expert notes, so be sure to file it away for the next time you need some quiet time with a partner. "It's particularly good in enclosed locations, like small tents if you're going on a hiking trip, as it's a practical position," she says. 

Benefits of the blooming orchid sex position

1. Added intimacy

Apart from the missionary sex position, it doesn't get more face-to-face intimate than the blooming orchid. "This move encourages lots of eye contact, kissing, and dirty talk," says Masters. "Your hands are largely fee too, so you can let them roam over your partner's body."

2. Control

While some of the more crazy sex positions out there may allow for exciting new angles and flourish finishes, the blooming orchid sex position is a great one for those who prefer to have a (very) stable footing during sex.

"This position offers a stable platform, allowing the partners to take their time, control the thrusting, and prolong the experience," says Masters. "It's all about self-control."

3. Novelty

That's not to say the blooming orchid isn't an exciting sex position. While most positions are based around missionary, doggy style, or the cowgirl sex position, this one offers something almost entirely new. 

"Nothing else feels quite the blooming orchid," says Masters. "Penetration is deep and satisfying and it stimulates different parts of the vagina when compared to more popular positions."

If you enjoy this one and find yourself feeling confident, you might like to try the edge of heaven, the clasp sex position, and other sex positions similar to this one. 

How to make the blooming orchid even better 

Another benefit of the blooming orchid is that it's a very relaxed position and a versatile one, so don't be afraid to make it your own. When it comes to sex, we all enjoy different things - some people might like to add in a bit of manual stimulation with a bullet vibrator, for instance, to add some clitoral stimulation in. 

Masters suggests introducing an added playful element to spice things up in the bedroom. "Try introducing some messy foods, feed each other, and kiss with different tastes and textures on your lips," she suggests.

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