What is the broken eagle sex position? Plus, benefits of this unique position

A sexologist explains the broken eagle sex position and how to do it right, with tips on how to improve it

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The broken eagle sex position is one of the more underrated versions of the eagle, a classic pose that's been made famous on reality TV over the years. If you haven't tried it yet, don't worry, we've got everything you need to know about the exciting variation. 

The original version of the eagle (also known as the spread eagle) has the bottom partner lying on their back, legs in the air, with the top partner between them. It's very similar to the missionary position but the angle makes it slightly better for targeting the G-spot. There's also the exposed eagle, standing eagle, and soaring eagle, along with the broken eagle, all of which have been adapted from this position. 

But what makes the broken eagle so great? If you're looking to expand your list of best sex positions with a new pose, this could be the one for you. Here, a sexologist gives woman&home the lowdown on the broken eagle, how to do it, and all its benefits for you and your partner. 

What is the broken eagle sex position?

The broken eagle sex position is a twist on the classic eagle, explains sexologist Ness Cooper. "It's where the receiving individual lies on their front with one leg straight, while the other is bent as if it was an eagle's broken wing. The individual penetrating their sexual partner slips in from behind," she says. For those who love the speed bump sex position, it's a sure winner. 

"Some may find this sex position more comfortable for penetration and the receiver has less chance of feeling fatigued during sex," Cooper, who is also the founder of The Sex Consultant, adds. "The broken eagle is the far less energetic and acrobatic version of the other eagle sex positions." 

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What are the benefits of the broken eagle sex position?

1. It offers support for those with joint issues

The broken eagle pose is ideal for anyone with mobility issues, joint pain, or any other conditions that make more adventurous positions like the butter churner out of the question, says Cooper. 

"The broken eagle sex position may be beneficial to those who have hip issues as some can find that one hip may need to be bent or straight depending on the condition," she explains. "Other individuals who suffer from tilted uteruses and pelvic pain conditions may also find this position comfortable as the pressure on their front and the angel of the pose can stabilize the area."

2. The broken eagle can make foreplay easier

The pose can turn sex into even more of a multi-sensory experience than it already is. When in the position, with the bottom partner lying on their front, the top partner has access to their back, neck, shoulders, and other erogenous zones, which they can touch and massage. 

This can then continue, says Cooper. "It can allow the penetrating partner to offer back scratches and intimate massage during play too, leading to an increase in sensual stimulation and release of bonding hormones." 

2. The broken eagle can offer more intense orgasms

This position is naturally going to offer more intense G-spot stimulation than clitoral since the bottom partner is lying on their stomach. However, this makes it a great one for those who find it easy to climax this way.

"The position places pressure on the stomach, which can tighten the connective tissue around the genitals and make the orgasm feel more intense," the sexologist says. 

4. It may be better suited to some partners

"The angle of entry may be beneficial for those who have a curved penis. It can also increase the stimulation to one side of the penis as during penetration it will rub against one of the receiver's thighs from time to time," says Cooper. 

This is also one of the best lesbian sex positions and could be done using either manual stimulation or a strap-on harness. If so, the top partner may find it easier to angle the dildo to curve slightly to the side as this will make penetration easier as well.

How to make the broken eagle even better

There are several ways to adapt the broken eagle sex position to make it even better. As nearly 4 in 10 women need some clitoral stimulation alongside penetration to orgasm, according to a study by Indiana University, it may be helpful to include your best vibrator during intercourse. 

"The sex position doesn’t allow much access to the clitoris or front erogenous zones of the receiver. Adding in a pebble-shaped vibrator where the receiver can rest over it can help add to the experience," Cooper agrees. The Dame Pom, for instance, would be perfect for this as it's designed to fit within the curve of the vulva and it has five different vibration patterns to choose from. 

If getting stable is the issue, don't be afraid to change it up. While the penetrating partner typically kneels on the bed during the broken eagle pose, some people may find this uncomfortable after a while. Don't be worried about moving around and opting for something more like the closed missionary sex position, where the top partner can lay directly on top of the bottom. 

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