What is the clasp sex position? Plus, how to try this standing move

The clasp sex position is ideal for those who want to try standing sex, here a sexologist reveals how to do it

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The clasp sex position is the ideal move for anyone wanting to try a popular standing move. If you're a newcomer to the world of vertical stimulation then it's a great one to go for as the clasp is fully adjustable for your needs in the bedroom, whether you prefer more clitoral or G-spot stimulation. 

It's not one of the easiest sex positions but if you're feeling strong then the clasp sex position is one to try. Suitable for every room in the house and just the one to go for in a spontaneous moment, it could be a great way to fire up your sex life (and muscles), and try something totally new. 

If you do, we reckon it could easily become one of your best sex positions. To find out everything there is to know about the clasp sex position, we asked a sexologist to give us the lowdown on the move, its benefits, and how to do it right.

What is the clasp sex position?

The clasp sex position is traditionally a standing move, requiring both partners to hold onto each other for support. "The basics of the position are that one partner picks up the other and wraps their legs around their waist," explains Massimo Stocchi-Fontana, a certified sexologist, sex coach, and psychotherapist. "The person being penetrated can clasp their hands together around their partner's neck or back for support, while the penetrating partner controls the thrusting and holds their partner's buttocks for support."

An illustration of the clasp sex position

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It's traditionally a standing move for penetrative sex, ideal for having sex in the shower for instance, but there's no reason why you couldn't swap in a toy for better stimulation of other areas. As the partner holding the sex toy will need one of their hands available to manipulate it though, the receiving partner will have to perch on a ledge of some kind. 

What are the benefits of the clasp sex position?

1. The clasp sex position allows for more intimacy with your partner

The clasp sex position is the best move to try if you're someone who likes to kiss their partner during sex or watch their facial expressions. As one of the most popular standing sex positions, you're both level with each other throughout.  

"It also great for deep intimacy and eroticism, making it a wonderful and enticing first position to start with," agrees Stocchi-Fontana. So, if you're wanting to deepen your connection with tantric-like transcendental sex, this position could be one of the best ones to try.

2. You can decide the intensity

Unlike the butter churner sex position, where the penetrating partner has all the control with little ability to change the intensity, one of the great elements of this position is that you can really change the feel just by shifting the position of the hands and legs. It one of the reasons why the clasp is also one of the best sex positions after menopause to try.

"A lovely variation, which is dependant on the strength of the penetrating partner, is to hold the partner under their thighs and grab their buttocks for support. This opens them up completely for a more intense pose," says Stocchi-Fontana.

The thrusting may be a little less precise though, the sexologist warns, as the receiving partner's legs won't be wrapped around their partner's back but held close to their waist instead. 

3. The clasp sex position doubles up as a workout

If it's a workout you're after, and you've already tried the full nelson sex position, the clasp will deliver a sweat session for you both. "It will take a degree of strength from both lovers to endure the position," says Stocchi-Fontana. "The penetrating partner will need strong legs and a strong grasp and the other partner will need equally strong legs and arms to hold themselves onto their partner for support."

How to change the clasp sex position if you find standing difficult

Standing sex isn't for everyone so don't worry if you need to adjust slightly to make the clasp work for you, says Stocchi-Fontana. "There are many variations that can be adapted to make it enjoyable for anyone that isn't strong enough just yet," he explains. "The first suggestion is to use the end of a bed for support, either behind your partner's lower back or buttocks. You could also use a wall or a door. This is also very helpful if your partner needs a little bit of support behind their back." From here, it would be very easy to move into the broken eagle sex position as well. 

Secondly, the receiving partner could always unclasp one leg from behind their partner's back and use it on the floor for support. This turns the clasp sex position into the ballet dancer sex position but it's well worth a try. 

Thirdly, improve your balance, says Stocchi-Fontana. "Balance aids strength so if the penetrating partner squats a bit more and the other partner straddles them more, there is less pressure on the arms and more weight on the legs. Our legs are always stronger than our arms so this can be a fun way to find the right spot for you."

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