What is the edge of heaven sex position? How to try this unconventional angle and all the benefits

Here, a sexologist and coach explains the edge of heaven sex position and how to do it right first time

Man sitting off the edge of a bed and woman lying down on bed behind him to represent the edge of heaven sex position
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When we think of the edge of heaven sex position, the phrase 'bedroom gymnastics' comes to mind, but it doesn't have to be this complex. It's a great position for improving intimacy with your partner and generally spicing things up in the bedroom, with orgasms almost guaranteed. 

If you're tired of standard sex positions like missionary and doggy style, then it's worth trying the edge of heaven sex position - for a challenge if nothing else. We recommend starting at the basic level with your legs at waist height and then if you're feeling flexible, working your way up to the more complex version. 

The edge of heaven sex position is an intense one for sure, designed to put couples' balance to the test, but if you nail it (excuse the pun) then it's bound to end up on your roster of the best sex positions to try again.

What is the edge of heaven sex position?

The edge of heaven is a sex position where the penetrating individual sits on the edge of the bed or a chair, while their partner sits on top of them, explains sexologist, sex and relationship coach, Ness Cooper. "The partner on top places their legs on the bed behind their partner, or some people prefer putting their legs over their partner's shoulders for a deeper angle," she says. Partners hold hands to stabilize each other and stop themselves from tipping backward.  

It's one of the best sex positions to take you out of the bedroom as the edge of heaven, much like the butterfly sex position, works very well on a table and chair set-up as well as in the bedroom. 

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The edge of heaven was given its name thanks to the intense orgasmic potential of the position, says Cooper, who is also the founder of The Sex Consultant and a partner of Lovehoney. "It's one for couples who enjoy intense penetration, and it's also one that can incorporate anal penetration if the person on top is confident in their ability to stay stable when sitting on their partner."

What are the benefits of the edge of heaven sex position?

1. Improve couple intimacy

If you want to learn how to have better sex, upping the intimacy is a good start. The edge of heaven can help with this, says Cooper. "It's great for eye contact," she says, much like the flatiron sex position

"The edge of heaven sex position can also require a lot of balance, which means that both partners have to embrace and support each other so there are no accidents. The firm grip of hands is reassuring and it can remind you both that you're there and present as you both stare intensely into each other's eyes."

2. Intense stimulation

This is a great G-spot sex position, says Cooper. "If the person on top is being penetrated vaginally, the angle of the edge of heaven sex position helps direct the penis or dildo over the G-spot area," she explains. 

But this means that the edge of heaven isn't a great one for a long session as the intensity means both partners are likely to orgasm rapidly. "So while this sex position may use a lot of core strength to work, it's likely you won't be in it for long before changing into another position or relaxing into aftercare." For a more-relaxed alternative, try a variation of the reverse cowgirl sex position from this angle.

3. Suitable for solo play

The edge of heaven sex position is designed for partnered sex, but the angle is also entirely achievable by yourself during solo play. Position yourself with one of the best rabbit vibrators either on the edge of the bed as you would with a partner, hips slightly elevated off the edge. Or if you're feeling adventurous, with your pelvis elevated and your legs stretched up against a wall. 

4. Three-way stimulation

Another reason why the edge of heaven can be so intense is the dual stimulation of the G-spot and the A-spot, which is a patch of sensitive tissue deep in the vagina, beside the cervix, and the pressure on the clitoris. 

"When it's stimulated, it can help encourage the body to release more of its natural lubrication. Because this position reaches both areas, it can lead to a greater possibility for orgasm through penetration. It also puts more pressure on the clitoris and clitoral glands," Cooper says. 

How to make the edge of heaven better

Looking to intensify this move? Stand up and try it. It'll look very similar to the clasp sex position with the penetrating partner lifting the receiving partner up around the buttocks or thighs and thrusting from there, with their legs wrapped around their waist. The person penetrating can lean against a ledge of some kind for extra stability if it helps as well. 

Incorporating some of the best sex toys will also help improve the edge of heaven sex position, especially if you struggle to find the right spot or find the level of penetration too intense. "For those who don’t gain pleasure from deep penetration, the use of a bumper-style cock ring may help reduce discomfort," says Cooper. 

"Using a thigh harness with a dildo may be an option for those who want to still feel the sensations of penetration while in the V-formation on top of their partner," she says, as it will also help with balancing. A harness like this straps around the bottom partner's thigh and offers a more stable surface area to balance while in the position. While anyone can use this, it's one of the reasons that the edge of heaven also makes the list of best lesbian sex positions.

For the same reason, a sex position strap can help. "Some individuals may struggle with coordination and balance whilst in the V-up style on top, using a sex position strap around their body can add a little bit of support and help with thrusting and rocking motions." 

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