What is the belly press trick? TikTok's new sex trend promises better orgasms

The belly press trick is the latest sex trend on TikTok, here a sexologist reveals how it can lead to more intense orgasms

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The belly press trick may not have appeared on your TikTok or Instagram feed just yet but it's all over social media, with users raving about the technique's many benefits in the bedroom. So, what's it really about? 

This technique has been aptly named 'the belly press thing' or 'trick' after a couple of TikTok users took to the platform recently to share their positive experiences and the idea took off. It's far from a new concept though - sexologists started talking about the belly press about 12 years ago. However, as the trick has been picked up on the platform, millions more people are learning all about just how good it can be.

We're used to TikTok and other social media platforms churning out recommendations for the best sex positions to try, reviewing the best sex toys, and offering masturbation tips. Tips for having better orgasms with a partner are fewer and further between, so to help you discover the belly press trick for yourself and all the benefits it can bring, we've spoken to two certified sexologists.

What is the belly press trick?

The belly press trick involves applying pressure to the lower abdomen, just above the pubic mons during penetrative sex, explains clinical sexologist Dr Lori Davis. The G-spot is part of the internal workings of the clitoris, which is so much more than the nub we see from the outside, she explains. "All the connective tissues and muscles connected to the clitoris are located in this area. Putting pressure here during clitoral stimulation and outerplay [around the vulva] can really enhance pleasure. But adding pressure here while also having internal stimulation during sex can be an orgasmic game changer for some people."

It's such a game changer that there are now over 18 million views on the subject of 'how to do belly press thing' on TikTok, with hundreds of creators offering up their personal experiences, as well as tips and tricks for getting it right.

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Does the belly press trick work? 

Yes, the belly press trick is a real thing, it works, and it can be a powerful tool for women to explore and connect with their bodies, explains Megwyn White, a certified sexologist.

"When soft pressure is applied to the lower belly either with a hand or sex toy, it may indirectly stimulate the connective tissue fibrous matrix of tissue, which spans across the abdominal and pelvic regions," says White, who is also the director of education at Satisfyer. "The connective tissue is not a passive structure, rather it is like a live wire with its nerve fibers and blood vessels that help to transmit messages between different parts of the body." 

When touching or massaging this tissue, it's a bit like using a divining rod. "G-spot is a hidden gem buried deep within the body. Using gentle pressure here helps you tap into the hidden energy and direct it to the right place," she adds.

The belly press works whatever the style of penetration too, whether that's manual, with a penis, with your best vibrator, or in one of the best oral sex positions. Putting pressure on the internal front wall of the vagina via internal penetration while also pressing down externally on the lower abdomen will increase overall sensitivity in this area, and help you reach a faster, more intense orgasm. 

How to do the belly press trick

  • Apply pressure just above the mons and notice what you feel: The pubic mons is the area just above the natural pubic hairline.
  • Move around: If you're trying this for yourself, move the pressure around and change the intensity. "Try adding a rhythmic motion back and forth or side to side," suggests Dr Davis. 
  • Tune into yourself: Do you notice any pressure level or spot you enjoy particularly?
  • Ask a partner to do it: Once you've tried it for yourself, "ask your partner to place their hand on your lower abdomen during sex," the sexologist advises. 
  • Guide them in the right direction: When your partner's hand is in place, offer real-time guidance in response to how it feels, and change up the pressure and positioning in response to this. This could be just on the outside or during penetrative sex. 

Benefits of the belly press trick

1. G-spot stimulation

Undoubtedly the top benefit of the belly press trick is the pressure it puts on the front wall of the vagina, close to where the G-spot is located. "During penetrative sexual play, the belly press can allow greater stimulation of the G-spot by moving it into position to allow for greater contact internally," says Dr Davis.

2. Cervical stimulation

While the belly press trick is mostly thought of as a way to simulate the G-spot and its surrounding tissues, linking to the clitoris, Dr Davis says that it's also entirely possible to stimulate the cervix through this technique - opening up new levels of pleasure for the receiver. 

"By moving the pressure up a couple of inches you will also be able to offer some pressure to the cervix," she says. "This can move the cervix into position to allow for cervical stimulation and explosive full-body orgasms." 

3. Blended orgasms

The combination of the two, alongside some clitoral stimulation, is a recipe for something known as a blended orgasm.

"People who have experienced different types of orgasms typically report that a blended orgasm, one that involves stimulation of the cervix, g-spot, and clitoris (as well as other erogenous zones like nipples, toes, and ears, and of course, the mind) is the pinnacle of full body release and pleasure," says Dr Davis. "Physiologically, this makes sense. Stimulation of different areas is one way to explore bringing in pleasure during penetrative sex by providing more stimulation to key orgasmic areas." 

Tips for doing the belly press trick

  • Lift up: "When pressing into the lower belly using your hand with the fingertips pointing downward toward the pubic bone, try adding an additional tug upwards toward the naval to help to lift the skin that covers the clitoral glans," suggests White. "This can help to amplify sensations by exposing more of the nerve fibers to touch."
  • Use a vibrator on the stomach instead: "Using a wand vibrator or broad vibe instead of your hand can offer additional benefits," she says. "Vibration can provide more consistent and focused stimulation to the nerve fibers. The broad range of vibration settings also enables varied intensities and rhythms to explore, which can be especially enjoyable while engaging in vaginal sex." 
  • Rock your pelvis: If you're the person receiving the belly press, rocking your pelvis under the pressure can help to create additional movement and stimulate the G-spot and clitoral area. "The rocking motion can help to activate the pelvic muscles and increase blood flow to the genital area, which can enhance sensitivity and sensation," says White. "This can lead to more intense and pleasurable sensations during stimulation." 
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