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Thread: Not Happy just broke my coffee mug !

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    Junior Member
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    Jun 2013

    Not Happy just broke my coffee mug !

    Just went downstairs to make myself a hot drink before I go to bed, as I got a coffee mug out the cupboard mug fell out my hand and smashed on the floor , upset as that was one of my favourite mugs had for more than 10 years. Really bad end to the day, when stressed I always sleep badly!

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    Senior Member chilla's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Hi laura

    i hope you got some sleep after all. We all have a favourite somewhere, but now is the time to do a spot of shopping - any excuse!
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    Jan 2012
    south derbyshire
    hi laura- its always upsetting when you break or lose a favourite item. but I agree with chilla- go shopping as retail therapy and start a new favourite item. hope you managed to get some sleep

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    Senior Member aggie's Avatar
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    May 2011
    Oh no ! that would be a bad start for me too... It's always the special one that breaks , isn't it!!! I am very fussy about my coffee cup, it can't be any old cup!! So just go out and buy a new one asap
    Aggie xxx
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    Senior Member AnnAMac's Avatar
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    May 2011
    I just thought it was me that had a thing about coffee mugs and tea cups. I would also be really upset. Treat yourself to really expensive nice one and your coffee will taste lovely. Xx
    AnnAMac xx

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    Senior Member Nachomama's Avatar
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    Jul 2012
    Oh another mug here!!!!
    I have one large mug for coffee and a different one for my tea. I never swop them or use them for somebody else. Mine, mine,mine!!!!

    Laura, Debenhams have a huge range of mugs and Waitrose do some nice ones also.

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    Senior Member meganb's Avatar
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    May 2011
    I'm fussy too -- always the same few mugs -- never any ofv the others. Wonder why we are like that ? I can get quite cross if my favourite (LARGE) breakfast mug is in the dishwasher for some reason. I also like them to be thick 'navvy'type mugs -- can't drink out of thin or china ones I hav e VERY sensitive lips !

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