I got Uniqlo's viral £15 crossbody bag – this stunning off-white corduroy version is the perfect spring/summer companion

Hands down, best £15 I've ever spent

Woman wearing Uniqlo crossbody bag
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I've had my eye on Uniqlo's crossbody bag for a while now, but as my life revolves around being at work (and needing a laptop) or being with three young children (who need, well, everything), the size has stopped me from buying one, despite everyone telling me how it's the modern day version of Mary Poppins' magic holdall.

But when I saw Uniqlo's corduroy range had an update for spring – specifically this off-white corduroy Uniqlo crossbody bag – no amount of size concerns were going to put me off buying it. All I could think of was how gorgeous it would look with so many spring and summer outfits, like denim shorts, a classic tee and the best white trainers, or a cool waistcoat, linen trousers and sandals. 

From a practical point-of-view, I was a little skeptical about whether it would hold everything I need (including the 50 snacks for the kids), but I was very pleasantly surprised, especially as I have the mini version. When putting the bag to the packing test, I got a small bottle of water, nappy,  wipes, muslin, snacks, sun cream, phone, wallet, keys and had room to spare. I'd read how deceptively spacious these bags are, but would never have dreamed I get all of that in this mini model. Being able to carry all this and have my hands completely free while out with the kids – game-changer. 

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What I'm wearing with my Uniqlo bag

Crossbody bags have become a must-have accessory of late. Just a few weeks ago Jennifer Aniston chic crossbody bag caught our eye, and M&S' £25 faux leather bag was a sellout (thankfully it's now back in stock). 

So many of the designs we've come across look way more expensive than their price tags, so much so you'd be forgiven for mistaking a few for some of the best designer bags under £1000

How to wear a crossbody bag

As the name suggests, a crossbody bag is designed to be worn diagonally across your body, ideally resting on your hip. The strap should not be too tight or loose, and the bag should be switched from side to side regularly so as to avoid any discomfort on your shoulders, neck and back. The idea behind the design is to evenly distribute the bag's weight across the body, therefore avoid any strain. 

That said, people wear crossbody bags in all manner of ways, including simply over a shoulder. Ultimately it should be worn in whatever way is comfortable, and avoids any strain or pressure on the body. 

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