The Thursday Murder Club movie: The cast and who's playing who, confirmed by Richard Osman

Richard Osman’s best-selling debut novel is being adapted into a film for Netflix

CHELTENHAM, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 7: Richard Osman, best selling author and television personality, attends the 2023 Cheltenham Literature Festival on October 7, 2023 in Cheltenham, England. (Photo by David Levenson/Getty Images)
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Fans of The Thursday Murder Club are in for a treat, as Richard Osman’s best-selling novel is being adapted into a film for Netflix. If that wasn’t enough, it also boasts an incredible cast. 

The former Pointless presenter’s debut book follows the lives of four pensioners in a peaceful retirement village, who have a weekly meeting to investigate unsolved murders. However, when a murder occurs right on their doorstep, these amateur sleuths decide to solve their first real case. 

Earlier in the week it was revealed the book was set to be adapted into a film for Netflix – and it already looks set to top our list of the best British crime dramas

Now, the cast has been announced for the lead roles of eighty-somethings, Elizabeth, Ibrahim and Ron in the Netflix film, which was originally bought by Steven Spielberg. It will be directed by the Home Alone and Harry Potter director Chris Columbus, and currently has no confirmed release date.

Earlier in the year, Osman teased "one of the cast is someone who people always say to me, 'Is so-and-so going to be in this film?’" before he revealed more concrete details on his podcast, The Rest is Entertainment. Here’s everything we know so far. 

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The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman, £8.41 (was £14.43) | Amazon

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Who has been cast in the Thursday Murder Club?

On his podcast this week, Richard Osman revealed three of the four lead cast members for The Thursday Murder Club, and confirmed one fan-favourite casting choice. British royalty Helen Mirren, Ben Kingsley and former James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, are all set to star in the Netflix film that starts shooting this summer. 

"I'm now allowed to officially announce three of the four members of the Thursday Murder Club," he revealed. "Elizabeth is going to be played by the person who people most often shout at me in the street as them wanting them to play Elizabeth... Helen Mirren, which is very exciting."

Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan and Ben Kingsley on the red carpet

Helen Mirren, Pierce Brosnan and Ben Kingsley have been  confirmed to star in the movie

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The House of Games host added, "Ibrahim is Sir Ben Kingsley,” as he joked, "Ron is going to be played by – I'm going to say the most handsome man in the world, so he's going to have to dull himself down a bit... Pierce Brosnan."

The only cast member who has not been announced yet is the actress who will take on the role of Joyce Meadowcroft.

Is there a trailer for The Thursday Murder Club?

There is no trailer for The Thursday Murder Club film yet. However, Richard shared that filming is set to begin "this summer from end of June to September", it seems likely that this final lead cast member will be announced soon and trailer will be out later this year. 

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