These 'super comfortable' Veja running shoes are the perfect combination of supportive and stylish

Health Editor Grace Walsh took the Veja Condor 3 running trainers out for a spin for two weeks - here's how they held up and whether they are worth the price tag

Veja Condor 3 running trainers
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Woman & Home Verdict

The Veja Condor 3 running trainers are comfortable and supportive shoes, perfect for everyday runs and gym workouts. For anything more than 10km though, I'd opt for something lighter and more responsive.

Reasons to buy
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    Very comfortable

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    An eco-friendly option

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    Three colourways to choose from

Reasons to avoid
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    Not suitable for longer-distance runs

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As a keen runner and the digital health editor of woman&home, it's perhaps no surprise that I have quite a few pairs of running trainers in my wardrobe. Garishly bright or sleek in black or white, designed for comfort and speed, I've got hundreds of miles between them all. So, when I heard about the Veja Condor 3 running trainers, I was hopeful - if not a little bit sceptical - about their potential as an everyday alternative. 

On opening the box, what immediately appealed to me was the design - these aren't a million miles away from the French brand's regular fashion trainers, as worn by the likes of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle. If it wasn't for the box packaging and thick foam cushioning on the heel, I might have thought I'd ordered the wrong pair. While substance over style is always important when choosing a pair of the best running shoes, it certainly helps to feel like you look good. 

But having tried previous versions of the Veja Condor with little success, I must admit I was sceptical. Was this another fashion trainer tagged with the 'for runners' label? Far from it - as I discovered when I took these shoes out for testing over two weeks across all types of training, from walking and running to my regular gym workout. 

Veja Condor 3: £160 at Farfetch 

Veja Condor 3: £160 at Farfetch 

Available in three colours, the Veja Condor 3 running trainers are ideal for everyday workouts and adding a pop of colour to your spring/summer workout wardrobe.

Veja Condor 3 review 

Veja Condor 3 running shoes: An overview

The Veja Condor 3 shoes are an everyday running shoe. They are cushioned and supportive enough for daily movement, offering enough spring in every step for anything up to a comfortable 10km - after that, I'd want something a little lighter with more propulsion. They are equally suitable for daily wear, walks, gym sessions, and workout classes though, so I have no doubt I'll get plenty of wear from these in other ways. 

There are three colourways of the Veja Condor 3 to choose from - this orange, pink, and purple combination is the most vibrant and makes for a perfect pop of colour in my spring/summer workout wardrobe. White/black and black/grey are the other two options, for those who prefer to keep it minimal. 

Veja, ever the sustainable brand, continues this ethos with the Condor 3. The upper of these shoes is made from 100% recycled polyester, the midsole is made of sugar-cane-based EVA, and the insert is 65% natural latex. The brand also partnered with local Brazilian producers to ensure farmers producing these materials were compensated fairly.

Health Editor Grace Walsh's Veja Condor 3 running trainers pre-wear sitting on top of cardboard box next to plant

The Veja Condor 3 running trainers are an excellent everyday running shoe. 

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  • RRP: £160
  • Sizes available: 36 (4) to 50 (14.5)
  • Weight per shoe: 287g
  • Drop: 8mm
  • Materials: Mostly recycled, including an engineered mesh upper and rubber outsole 
  • Waterproof: No
Veja Condor 3: £160 at Farfetch 

Veja Condor 3: £160 at Farfetch 

Whatever your style, there's a pair of Veja Condor 3 running trainers for you. 

What's it like to wear the Veja Condor 3 running shoes?

From my first outing in the Veja Condor 3 running trainers, I knew these would be making their way into my regular shoe rotation. They are comfortable and supportive, with a spongey midsole that helps reduce impact on the foot and heel padding that offers a good 'locked in' feeling while running, making easy runs feel exactly that. They'd be the perfect pair for anyone looking to start running as a beginner or those who run 30 minutes a day maximum, or equivalent throughout the week. 

I tested these shoes out for a fortnight in all, mainly while running my usual 5km and 10km routes. I also wore them to three workout classes and the gym twice, with 5-star reviews on both occasions - and several compliments from people. While many running shoes have an unsuitable drop (the distance from the heel to the toe) for strength training workouts, where foot stability is key, the Condor 3 trainers don't have this. This makes them very versatile and suitable for more exercise types than just running - a big win in my books, especially considering the price. 

These are a great fit for gym workouts and shorter runs. For longer distances, these running shoes would need to be a little more responsive and lighter, to support the body through the more gruelling miles. However, that's not what these shoes were designed for, so no complaints here. 

I also walked 30 minutes a day in these trainers, wearing them to work on several occasions during the April showers we've had recently. There are lugs and visible grooves on the bottom of these trainers, so I knew they'd be able to handle pavement and some of the canal paths I walk down. However, I wouldn't want to take them anywhere near a wet or muddy trail - I'd always have my pick of the best walking shoes for this. Not only does the beige colour prevent this, but the Condor 3 trainers aren't waterproof, except for a water-resistant edge on the very front. This can protect against small puddles but nothing more.  

Size-wise, I was advised to go up one size in these trainers - and I'd suggest doing the same as they fit a little smaller. 

How do the Veja Condor 3 running shoes compare?

The Veja Condor 3 is a good option as an everyday running shoe. They are designed with style in mind, meaning they pair better than many other running shoes with clothes outside of activewear. However, they are on the pricier side for daily runners and you can find similar shoes for less. For example, the Hoka Clifton 9 is a cushioned shoe that would work just as well for most people, available from JD Sports for £130. The ASICS Gel Nimbus 25 is also a good option as a new release, currently on Amazon (with Prime Delivery) for £135, depending on shoe size.

The sustainable credentials that Veja are famous for come at a price, which can increase the average cost of the shoe. If this is important to you, it's well worth paying extra for, in my opinion. 

Veja Condor 3 running trainers in alternative black and grey and white and black colourways

The Veja Condor 3 running trainers are available in three colourways. 

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Should I buy the Veja Condor 3 running shoes?

Yes, if you are willing to spend over £150 on an everyday pair of running shoes then the Veja Condor 3 shoes are a great option. They are a comfortable, supportive and solid choice for those new to running or anyone wanting an alternative pair of trainers for their daily workout. 

You can find cheaper options that also work for this purpose elsewhere. However, I would argue that these could also double up as an everyday shoe - especially if you opt for the quiet luxury-esk black and white colourway - as they pair well with activewear and regular clothing. So, if you were thinking of investing in a pair of the best white trainers and everyday running shoes, these are almost two for the price of one. That's how I'm choosing to look at it anyway. 

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