A decluttering expert shares 5 tips for a spring wardrobe refresh

These expert-approved spring wardrobe decluttering tips will make your seasonal clear-out simple

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There's no time like the present for spring wardrobe decluttering tips. Whether you're swapping out your chunky knits for strappy dresses or you want to get rid of some old and unworn items, there are several easy ways to organise your closet.

A capsule wardrobe may seem difficult to achieve, but it is actually a fairly simple task once you know how to efficiently declutter. The start of a new season is the ideal time to breathe some new life into your clothes and bedroom by beginning to get rid of items you no longer need and make way for spring/summer dressing. 

"A good clear out before cleaning can really lower stress levels, and create a visually pleasing space that you’re keen to scrub," says Sharps home stylist and decluttering expert Georgina Burnett. These are her top tips for transitioning from winter to spring and getting your wardrobe streamlined and your minimalist capsule wardrobe in check for the season ahead.

Spring wardrobe decluttering tips, from an interiors expert

1. Divide your decluttering into three areas

The first step to success is dividing your clothes into three areas. Burnett recommends these should be: "what to keep, what to consider, and what to donate. Stay firm and try to donate as much as you can."

Consider what your true style essentials are - those pieces that you turn to day after day and could never part with. Then, assess the items that you never gravitate towards or haven't picked up in years, and throw those into the donate pile. Things like your old best jeans or best leather jacket may need to be tried on again before you make a decision, so keep those in the 'consider' pile.

2. Find a brutally honest friend

"The change in season is the perfect time to look at your clothes more objectively," says Burnett. "If there’s anything you didn’t wear last year, it’s time to pass it on. If you don’t trust yourself, find a brutally honest friend to give you their opinion!

Capsule wardrobe mistakes are all too easy to make when you don't have an objective point of view, which is why having someone else's opinion can be truly valuable. Your friends can also help to point out which pieces you never wear, but may not be emotionally ready to part with, making the process slightly easier.

3. Pack away your chunky knits

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"When it comes to storing jumpers and winter coats away, consider folding them to prevent stretching, and opt for vacuum-sealed bags to save space and keep them protected from dust and pests during the warmer months," says Burnett. Your winter capsule wardrobe and summer capsule wardrobe will consist of very different items, so clearing away your cold-weather pieces will free up lots of space and keep your wardrobe clear.

Whether it's your best cashmere jumpers or best oversized jumpers, they deserve proper TLC when being stored away. Hangers can cause them to lose their shape, so vacuum packing is by far the safest and easiest solution.

4. Section your wardrobe

"If you tend to always grab the same outfit, it suggests to me that your wardrobe isn’t organised in an accessible way," says Burnett. "I believe in sectioning your wardrobe according to the type of outfit. Long dresses, short dresses, jumpsuits, trousers, tops, cardigans – if all of these have their own place using dividers, choosing what you are going to wear takes seconds."

Built-in storage like Sharps fitted wardrobes are a great way to section off your clothes, but if you have space or budget restrictions, you can use something different coloured hangers or small hanger dividers like these from Amazon to mark each section and make the distinction clear when you're getting dressed in the morning. If you're wanting to build a capsule wardrobe for work, you can also sort your clothes into casual vs work items to make busy office mornings less stressful.

5. Label cupboards and drawers on the inside

For the finishing touches to your wardrobe spring clean, "streamline areas that allow natural light to flow freely, making your rooms feel more spacious and your cleaning efforts feel more impactful," suggests Burnett. 

Then, "label cupboards and drawers on the inside to help others keep the place tidy long after the spring clean has finished." Not only will this look much nicer than having unaesthetic labels stuck around your room, but it will help you stay on top of keeping everything neat all season.

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Georgina Burnett

Georgina Burnett is a BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 presenter, celebrity home stylist, decluttering expert, DIY interiors vlogger, writer and property developer.

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