John Lewis sale: The best discounts and deals on all the big brands in July

Our dedicated team of experts have sorted the missable from the unmissable reductions in the John Lewis sale this Summer. Pull up a chair, you’re in safe hands.

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One of the nation's most trusted brands is in the midst of their July sale and if you know where to look, there are some bargains to be had. We asked our experts to scour the John Lewis sale and they've sniffed out 50% off big-name brands in home, beauty, fashion, and fitness. 

Are you wishfully preparing for that UK heatwave? John Lewis has deals on barbecues, pizza ovens and parasols. Trying to get a last-minute Summer body? Same. John Lewis has deals on gym clothing, fitness watches and trainers. Heading to Summer parties? Lucky you. There are deals on perfumes, makeup and skincare too. 

Now, that's a lot to shop in not much time. So where do you start? With us, of course. You might not know this yet, but at woman&home we don’t just hire journalists, we hire ex-industry professionals. Amongst our ranks, we count master perfumers, baristas, professional athletes, professional chefs, artists, interior designers, hair stylists and much more. This way you can be sure that if we recommend a barbecue, it has been put through its paces. If we tell you a candle scent is too strong, it’s because we’ve smelt a thousand. If we say a coffee machine makes a good coffee, it’s because we’ve tasted 10,000.

We've pulled out all the stops, asking our experts to recommend their favourite products in the John Lewis sale. We've curated them all, right here. So, whether you're looking for the best John Lewis swimwear, a last-minute wedding gift, or the best Le Creuset deal of the day, you're in the perfect place. Here's a curation of the best deals from some of the biggest and best brands in the world, hand-picked by us, for you.

John Lewis deals by department

While we have collated the best John Lewis discounts below, the quickest way to shop is to go straight to store via these links, below. You can use our John Lewis discount codes to shop further discounts.

Best John Lewis sale home deals to shop now

Back in 1864 when John Lewis began, their business was built around your home. Specifically in those days, fabrics. Over the years they have broadened their offering, but fundamentally, home is what made them who they are. So next time you pick out a pair of curtains from John Lewis, remember that you’re buying over 150 of industry expertise in that product, priceless really. 

For a summer sale I think we can find something a bit more exciting than curtains for you, but it’s a “nice to know” bit of insight. There are some big discounts on furniture, as well as air fryer deals and dehumidifier deals. We asked our Digital Home Editor, Tamara Kelly for her advice on what to shop right now.

Tefal 22 Piece Set: was £350 now £150 at John Lewis (save £200)

Tefal 22 Piece Set: was £350, now £150 at John Lewis (save £200)

This saving is just mind-blowing. As I write 36 people have bought the product today, and I'm not surprised. I actually have a very similar set with the Ingenio removable handles and I love them. I do feel a bit sore that I paid full price after seeing this deal. 

Even better, the stainless steel is 100% toxin-free, dishwasher safe and guaranteed for 5 years. When I spoke about unmissable savings in the introduction, this is one of them. 

Cotton Bath Towels Pack of 2: was £35 now £17.50 at John Lewis (save £17.50)

Cotton Bath Towels Pack of 2: was £35, now £17.50 at John Lewis (save £17.50)

This works out at £8.70 for a full-size, cotton/viscose bath towel. For those who don’t know, viscose is incredibly soft, almost silk-like, so it's perfect for something to dry yourself with after a nice soak in the tub.

 With 50% off the original price, you’d be hard-pressed to find a towel of comparable quality at a comparable price. 

Le Creuset Oven Dish Set of 2: was £62 now £37.20 at John Lewis (save £24.80)

Le Creuset Oven Dish Set of 2: was £62, now £37.20 at John Lewis (save £24.80)

The name Le Creuset needs no introduction as the pinnacle of stoneware for your kitchen and this reduction is a John Lewis sale exclusive so get it whilst it’s hot. 

There are tonnes of other discounts on Le Creuset too, so browse them all. For some reason, it’s only the black left in this set. This is rare since classic colours tend to go first. This one is simple, classy, and, in my opinion, the best colour of all three.  

HiB Fusion Bathroom Mirror, White: was £170 now £136 at John Lewis (save £34)

HiB Fusion Bathroom Mirror, White: was £170, now £136 at John Lewis (save £34)

This is a wonderfully simple mirror for your bathroom. It’s something you can’t go wrong with, especially in white (the only colour that the discount applies to). 

In the product description, there’s an aspirational photo of two side by side. When I have a bathroom with two sinks, this will be my first purchase.  

Staub Cast Iron Fondue Set: was £199 now £159.20 at John Lewis (save £39.80)

Staub Cast Iron Fondue Set: was £199, now £159.20 at John Lewis (save £39.80)

A fondue set is just one of those things everyone needs in their kitchen. It’s comparable to a toastie maker, not a daily use appliance, but when you do need it you’re eternally grateful you bought it. The French would say it’s as important as a toaster, but it’s not a debate I’m going to get into. This cast iron one from Staub will last you a lifetime and more.  

Cole & Mason Pestle and Mortar: was £XXXX199 now £159.20 at John Lewis (save £39.80)

Cole & Mason Pestle and Mortar: was £XXXX199, now £159.20 at John Lewis (save £39.80)

Frankly, this is another one of those things you think you don’t need until you’re halfway through a Jamie Oliver recipe and he tells you to mash the garlic in the pestle and mortar. You find yourself using the end of a rolling pin, and the next time you make shortbread they’re infused with garlic (and regret). 

Cole & Mason are masters of classic kitchenware and this product would look great sat on the worktop waiting for its time to shine. 

The best John Lewis electrical sale deals to shop now

I’m always a little cautious of buying big-name brands, not directly from the brands themselves. I tend to think, “What if something goes wrong? Will I have problems with a warranty claim? What if it breaks on the way to me? Will they replace it?” 

When I buy from John Lewis, all of these worries disappear. In certain cases, I’ve actually bought products from them as a preference because they offered additional warranty beyond the manufacturer. With electrical appliances this level of customer protection is invaluable. 

Dyson V12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: was £549.99 now £449.99 at John Lewis (save £100)

Dyson V12 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner: was £549.99, now £449.99 at John Lewis (save £100)

I can’t be the only person who vacuums my patio, can I? I have a friend who vacuums her whole driveway. None of this would be possible without the magic of cordless vacuums. 

I've actually tested the V12 and it's one of my favourite Dysons. Whilst it's not the highest-spec, most techy model out there, you can save a little money without making any essential compromises. Plus, let’s be honest, in every review, ever, the Dyson outperforms all others. There is nowhere else to look, the 27 other people who bought it today with £100 off agree with me.  

Bose QuietComfort SC Over-Ear Headphones: was £319 now £229 at John Lewis (save £90)

Bose QuietComfort SC Over-Ear Headphones: was £319, now £229 at John Lewis (save £90)

 This is the only deal worth looking at in the headphone section. With Bose you know you’re getting excellence, and £90 off is not small by any means. Apple headphones supposedly in the John Lewis sale offering 3 months of Apple Music, in my opinion wholly uninspiring, but if it floats your boat then that’s available too. 

Samsung QE55QN85D 55 inch TV: was £1,599 now £1,299 at John Lewis (save £300)

Samsung QE55QN85D 55 inch TV: was £1,599, now £1,299 at John Lewis (save £300)

 Be wary if you’re looking through the sales in the TV section. I had to scroll a long way before I came to some cash reductions. Before that, it’s all “50% off a soundbar”.

Well fortunately TVs have speakers so unless you’re creating a home cinema, a soundbar can wait. This catchily named TV from Samsung is absolutely giant, and by a household name, you won’t be disappointed.   

LG FH4G1BCS2 Washing Machine: was £1,349 now £899 at John Lewis (save £450)

LG FH4G1BCS2 Washing Machine: was £1,349, now £899 at John Lewis (save £450)

With this huge saving of £450 you could literally buy another washing machine, start a laundrette and sail off into the sunset by the end of the year. LG offers a 2-year guarantee, free UK delivery and an excellent energy rating this is a safe bet. 

Some of LG’s best features are included in this product such as; TurboWash reducing wash time by 49 minutes, TrueSteam to soften and remove odour. You’ll be the envy of the town.  

The best John Lewis fashion sale deals to shop now

When you think about fashion and clothing, John Lewis probably isn’t the first place that springs to mind. Well maybe it should be. I have found some incredible reductions on some beautiful pieces from brands that we all know and love. Maybe I’ll regret writing about it as I watch all the best stuff sell out. Check out what I’ve found from Ted Baker, Reiss and various others. 

Our Digital Fashion Editor Caroline Parr has selected some of these top sale picks from John Lewis' fashion department, so shop away.

Ted Baker Wide Leg Jumpsuit: was £195 now £78 at John Lewis (save £117)

Ted Baker Wide Leg Jumpsuit: was £195, now £78 at John Lewis (save £117)

No self-respecting Summer style guide is complete without linen. This jumpsuit from Ted Baker oozes elegance and class. It’s one of those incredibly chic outfits you see someone wearing and wonder where they got it as there is no branding (classy). Become that person, have your best summer yet, and save a small fortune at the same time. 

Reiss Farrah Linen Blend Trousers: was £138 now £58 at John Lewis (save £80)

Reiss Farrah Linen Blend Trousers: was £138, now £58 at John Lewis (save £80)

Did I mention I am a fan of linen in the Summer months? These straight cut trousers from Reiss are going to form an integral part of your wardrobe over the next 2 months. They will look great in a variety of situations and coming from Reiss we already know the quality will be 10/10. Saving £80 makes this an easy choice. 

L.K.Bennett Leather Bum Bag: was £229 now £91 at John Lewis (save £130)

L.K.Bennett Leather Bum Bag: was £229, now £91 at John Lewis (save £130)

Personally I’ve never been convinced by bum bags. That is, until I came across this one. L.K.Bennett has put a really nice twist on a design that previously left a lot to be desired. I could see myself bringing it to larger events where I want to keep my possessions close at hand and in my sight, festivals here we come. The new price is a bargain at £91 for the quality you are going to get.  

Phase Eight Faux Leather Midi Dress: was £169 now £60.75 at John Lewis (save £108.25)

Phase Eight Faux Leather Midi Dress: was £169, now £60.75 at John Lewis (save £108.25)

You will be forgiven for thinking this is a Chanel dress. The detail of the pleating in the skirt, the cut of the neck and excess fabric in the sleeves. It’s maybe not something for Summer, but there will be a time where this outfit will be a true standout. £60.75 is a complete steal.   

L.K.Bennett Taylor Espadrilles: was £149 now £74 at John Lewis (save £75)

L.K.Bennett Taylor Espadrilles: was £149, now £74 at John Lewis (save £75)

At the time of writing this there are only two pairs left. They aren’t going to last long! A resortwear icon combined with a subtle platform. An incredibly versatile shoe that you could literally wear all Summer if you wanted to.  

Sweaty Betty Super Soft Flow Ribbed Yoga Leggings | Was £90 now £44

Sweaty Betty Super Soft Flow Ribbed Yoga Leggings | Was £90 now £44

With £46 off, this is one of the best deals on Sweaty Betty I've seen in the John Lewis sale. Very similar to the Power leggings (also reduced in the Sweaty Betty sale) in many ways, these are super soft with a ribbed feel, supportive with a drawstring waistband, and sweat-wicking, making them perfect for anything from jogging to yoga workouts – or simply lounging around the house. There's also a useful pocket for your essentials, which is a must-have for me.

Sweaty Betty Power Pro Running Sports Bra | Was £65 now £32.50

Sweaty Betty Power Pro Running Sports Bra | Was £65 now £32.50

You can never have too many sports bras, but high quality ones will usually cost upwards of £50. That's why this incredible deal immediately caught my eye, and it's still in stock in the majority of sizes. I'll be adding this one to my basket ASAP.

The best John Lewis beauty & fragrance sale deals to shop now

Maybe I missed a memo, but I am seriously impressed with the brands the John Lewis beauty sale has to offer. It feels more comparable to Selfridges, in other words, the luxury market, I had previously come to excerpt premium, but not this. 

I love it. The discounts in this section are also some of the best I have come across in the high-end perfume industry, hence you’re going to want to keep reading. The makeup section, on the other hand, did not have good discounts, so we’re a little sparse on that front.  

Outside of Amazon Prime Day beauty deals and Black Friday beauty deals, you can still get great discounts on beauty tools and buys at John Lewis. Our Digital Beauty Editor Aleesha Badkar and Master Perfumer, Laura Honey, have selected these top buys.

Floris No.007 Eau de Parfum: was £200 now £140 at John Lewis (save £60)

Floris No.007 Eau de Parfum: was £200, now £140 at John Lewis (save £60)

You may know Floris as the official perfume for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. Founded in 1730 counting clients such as Oscar Wilde, David Bowie, Winston Churchill among others, they clearly know a thing or two about smelling good. I was surprised to see such a substantial discount here, normally they’d be more in the region of 10%. Even though the 007 is a reference to 60 years of James Bond, scent is subjective and a lot of women like woodier, muskier fragrances. So ladies, step forward too and see what you think.  

Sisley-Paris Eau de Parfum Limited Edition: was £232 now £162.40 at John Lewis (save £69.60)

Sisley-Paris Eau de Parfum Limited Edition: was £232, now £162.40 at John Lewis (save £69.60)

Created by Hubert d’Ornano, Isabelle d’Ornano and Jeannine Mongin, the family behind Sisley and all their other perfumes. The bottle alone is stunning. Combine that with a saving of nearly £70 (40p less) it’s a good price. If you can get into a store to smell the perfume before buying, that's always a good idea. 

Kilian Paris Woman In Gold: was £315 now £220.50 at John Lewis (save £94.50)

Kilian Paris Woman In Gold: was £315, now £220.50 at John Lewis (save £94.50)

When I’m thinking about buying perfume, the first thing I do is turn to Fragrantica. This tells me the notes and shows me reviews from people who actually own it. 

Scents are subjective, so the reviews can’t be taken to heart, but in this case, we have a fragrance achieving 4 stars out of 5 with nearly 2,000 reviews. That says to me that this must be a good one. Again a £100 saving is incredible to see. 

Philips Lumea Corded IPL Hair Remover: was £489.99now £389.99 at John Lewis (save £100)

Philips Lumea Corded IPL Hair Remover: was £489.99 now £389.99 at John Lewis (save £100)

Touted as one of the best IPL hair removal devices around, this advanced machine has everything you need for full-body, (semi) permanent hair removal. I'm pretty lazy with hair removal and coming from a South Asian background I have a lot of it, so this is probably one of the beauty tools I rely on the most. It's an investment sure, but after a few uses you'll have made your money back and the money off makes that saving even quicker.

BaByliss 900 Cordless Waving Wand: was £180 now £90 at John Lewis (save £90)

BaByliss 900 Cordless Waving Wand: was £180, now £90 at John Lewis (save £90)

Short of bringing you a deal on one of Dyson's hair stylers, I found this. BaByliss was founded by the famous hairdresser René Lelièvre in 1959 in Paris and they've been making salon-quality products since. 

The beauty of this wand is that it's completely cordless, so you're not attached to any plug or angles when you're working with your hair. Plus, it's really light, so even if you have long hair that's tricky to work with, you won't get arm ache. The other useful feature is that the entire barrel is heated from base to tip, so you get a full curl in one motion. No re-curling here.

Estée Lauder Nightly Renewal Skincare Gift Set | Was £89 now £71.20 at John Lewis (save £17.80)

Estée Lauder Nightly Renewal Skincare Gift Set | Was £89 now £71.20 at John Lewis (save £17.80)

Save 20% on this collection of Estée Lauder bestsellers. On their own these products don't come cheap, so a set like this is the best way to save money if you want to try out these skincare staples.

Best John Lewis sale fitness deals to shop now

It is never too late to start working on that Summer body. Even if it’s Summer 2028. Why does it matter if you have one anyway when we see about 8 days of sun between June and August? 

In all seriousness, moving your body in any way, shape, or form, feels even better on the inside than any external results. If you want to get your sweat on, you have some fitness goals, or you want to get motivated, there are some really great products in the John Lewis sale.

We asked our Digital Health Editor, Grace Walsh, to suggest what to shop. She recommends keeping an eye on our pages for Fitbit deals and the best yoga mat, since other retailers have some serious savings available. If we're looking at Joh Lewis, there are still some impressive deals to be had.

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular: was £719 now £569 at John Lewis (save £150)

Apple Watch Series 8 GPS + Cellular: was £719, now £569 at John Lewis (save £150)

I’m as surprised as you are to see an Apple product here with a discount that is actually noteworthy. As an Apple watch user I can say they are really great for surface-level information and integration into the rest of your Apple products (if you have them). If you want more details and more useful information, go for Garmin.  

Therabody Theragun Sense: was £275 now £220 at John Lewis (save £55)

Therabody Theragun Sense: was £275, now £220 at John Lewis (save £55)

All athletes will know the price of a physio - a lot. In fact, in some cases, this product is the equivalent of just two sessions. Any recovery beyond that avoids the need to visit a specialist and you’re making a profit. 

Laura, one of our eCommerce experts, invested in the Theragun Pro at the beginning of the year. "I saw one in the New Year Sales and, like a true expert shopper, snapped it up. I use mine almost daily after the gym and I can confirm that Theragun are worth every bit of the hype that they receive. It's light to hold, easy to angle, powerful, and, the app is surprisingly useful; you get guided massages for special pain points."

NordicTrack Rowing Machine: was £1,499 now £1,199 at John Lewis (save £300)

NordicTrack Rowing Machine: was £1,499, now £1,199 at John Lewis (save £300)

I love rowing because it’s essentially a really good, low-impact, full-body workout. I also love Pelotons. It’s hard to realise how motivating the workout sessions are with the trainers until you actually start doing them. 

Until the Peloton rowing machine is available in the UK, this is the next best thing. In some ways, it's actually better, especially when you can save £300. 

ProForm 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell Pair: was £299 now £249 at John Lewis (save £50)

ProForm 20kg Adjustable Dumbbell Pair: was £299, now £249 at John Lewis (save £50)

Having the right equipment for the job gets you 50% of the way there with your workouts. These adjustable dumbbells will take you all the way from the start of your fitness journey up to the top of your peak physical condition and still have more to give.  

When is the best time to shop the John Lewis sale?

John Lewis sales tend to happen alongside other mainstream high street and online sales, and at the end of seasons, so expect a John Lewis Black Friday sale, as well as one on Cyber Monday, John Lewis Boxing Day and January sales, around Amazon Prime Day and end of spring and summer sales.

This means John Lewis sales tend to happen around Easter, high summer, from October through to January. However, you will find John Lewis discounts and deals live most of the year-round, some of which we go into below.

The best time of the year to shop the John Lewis sale is in the lead-up to, during and after Black Friday, as well as in January. During these sale periods, you will find great deals on everything from electricals to fashion. However, we've seen some impressive deals this July. If you can't wait half a year for your wedding guest outfit, you won't have any buyer's remorse from shopping now.

What is the John Lewis ANYDAY sale?

The John Lewis ANYDAY sale features own-brand products, often reduced to clear. The ANYDAY sale includes everything from fashion to homewares to luggage and is more than worth checking in on regularly, though deals will end when stock runs out.

Is it worth shopping the John Lewis Clearance Sale?

If you click through to the John Lewis Clearance Sale, you are likely to find yourself on the main John Lewis sale page, from which you can navigate to all the different departments' sale pages.

Does John Lewis have a sale on Prime Day?

John Lewis does not participate on Prime Day as such, though there is a specific John Lewis Amazon page with, when it is kept up to date, shows deals for Amazon products. Think: Amazon Firesticks and Amazon Alexa products. 

This year, Prime Day is on the 16th and 17th of July and some high street retailers drop their prices to match Amazon, so if you prefer to shop John Lewis, it's worth comparing like-for-like. Bear in mind, too, that Amazon has held a second Prime Day sale in October in the past year, and in 2024 also held a spring sale. We will keep this page updated in tandem.

When is John Lewis' Black Friday sale?

The John Lewis Black Friday sale takes place, officially, on Black Friday, which in 2024 is on 29th November. However, we have seen sale deals beginning to appear from as early as the first week of October in the last year, so begin to look out for early John Lewis Black Friday deals from then this year.

Usually, John Lewis' Black Friday deal includes discounts of up to 50% on fashion, furniture, beauty and fitness gadgets and kit.

How long does John Lewis Black Friday last?

The John Lewis Black Friday sale technically begins on November 29th 2024, but deals will begin to appear any time from October. We will keep this page updated on the start date. The sale lasts until Cyber Monday, and beyond that until deals run out. Often, this means the sale period lasts through Christmas to Boxing Day and into the January sales period, though prices and product availability will fluctuate.

When is John Lewis' Cyber Monday sale?

The John Lewis Cyber Monday sale is always the first Monday directly after Black Friday, which means it falls on December 2nd 2024. Are Cyber Monday deals as good as Black Friday deals? The answer is that it very much depends on what you want to buy and product availability.

How do you know you're getting a genuinely good John Lewis deal?

If you visit this page regularly, you will see that we monitor John Lewis sale prices regularly and throughout the year, but especially in the lead up to sales, so you can be sure we're always highlighting the best bargains, both at John Lewis, but elsewhere, too.

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