Best dehumidifier deals in May: Make savings on Meaco, De'Longhi and more

We've spent hours hunting down the best dehumidifiers deals and sales to bring you the biggest discounts around this month

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Believe it or not, spring and summer months are a great time to score the best dehumidifier deals. Why? As the weather gets warmer, the demand for these useful appliances declines, which means that retailers look to offload even the best-known dehumidifier brands and models at great prices.

However, there are key times throughout the year when dehumidifier sales peak, and it's really worth taking advantage of these. Below, our shopping and home experts have collaborated to bring you the best dehumidifier discounts not just this month, but every month, plus their best advice on buying the best dehumidifiers at the best prices, and how much to pay for a dehumidifier. 

So, whether you're looking are planning building and decor work for which a dehumidifier would be a helpful, or you live in a flood zone or need to dry out your home after a leak, these are the best dehumidifier deals in May. We'll be updating this dehumidifier sales list regularly, so you can always find the best prices below.

Best dehumidifier deals and sales

There are always dehumidifiers on sale online, so which to go for? We will only feature trusted brands that we have tested out so you can be certain to find not just a great deal but a reliable, durable appliance.

Where to find the best dehumidifier deals

The best dehumidifier deals to shop now

SWAN Activair SH16810N Dehumidifier: Was £249.99 now £189.95 | Amazon

SWAN Activair SH16810N Dehumidifier: Was £249.99 now £189.95 | Amazon

This dehumidifier can extract up to 20 litres a day, making it perfect for large or very humid laundry rooms. It has a removable 4 litre tank, an easy-to-use LED touch display and a 24-hour timer. Auto shut-off ensures it won't overflow, and because it's designed to withstand cold temperatures down to 5°C, it's great for chilly building project or flood dry outs, too.

Are dehumidifiers worth the money?

We asked Lucy Searle, our Content Director and a homes and interiors expert, if a dehumidifier is a worthwhile investment: "I’m lucky enough to have a sizable laundry room, but it is windowless, with no heating. So, I've had a series of dehumidifiers over the years, which I've found not only at least halve the time needed to dry washing, but which banish that damp, musty smell and, to a degree, heat the room while they are running," she says. 

"I've not only used my Meaco Arete, here at Amazon consistently throughout the winter for drying washing, I have also used it to dry out my car when it flooded, and my home office when we had a leaky roof. I'd highly recommend a dehumidifier, particularly if you don't want to spend out on a tumble dryer or if you don't have space for one."

As you would expect from an expert in dehumidifiers and hunting down home bargains, Lucy recommends you wait for sales to find the best bargains.

What to look for when buying a dehumidifier

The key to shopping dehumidifier deals successfully is to shop the best model for your space and purpose. For instance, if you're lucky enough to have a large laundry room, you'll have the luxury of choosing a larger appliance, while if you're searching for the best dehumidifier for a bedroom, you'll likely to be looking for a model that's small or smart-looking, while the best dehumidifier for a bathroom might need to tackle odours, too. Similarly if you're shopping dehumidifier sales to dry out your home after a flood, you'll want the biggest, most powerful model you can afford.

How do you know you're getting a genuinely good dehumidifier deal?

One of the benefits of visiting a page like this is that we will be monitoring the prices of dehumidifiers throughout the year, and especially in the run up to sales, and we will always work to ensure we're highlighting the best bargains. 

The main reason we continuously monitor prices is that some retailers will make dehumidifier deals and sales look incredible, with a large percentage taken off the RRP. However, if the dehumidifier was originally overpriced, you could still find a better discount or deal elsewhere. As a rule, price cuts on dehumidifiers sit at around 20-40% off the original RRP, so if you see a dehumidifier deal that offers 50% off or more, you can be fairly sure it's a solid bargain. Before buying, check and compare the size, capacity and features of the dehumidifier. If you know you’re looking for a family-sized dehumidifier, and you see a deal that offers this for around £100 or less, you’d be lucky to snap up the deal before it ends.

When is the best time to get a dehumidifier deal?

Amazon Prime Day dehumidifier sales (usually July and October) will be the next chance to shop for bargains. However, the best time of the year to shop sale dehumidifiers is in the lead up to, during and after Black Friday. There are also great dehumidifier discounts to be had in December; January dehumidifier sales can also offer plenty of chances to snap up a bargain. 

So, the best times to shop for dehumidifier deals include: July, October, November, December and January. However, you can find many dehumidifiers on sale year-round; we've listed the best deals above. 

Shopping for an older model dehumidifier is another way to get a great discount; these are often more reduced than the latest, newest buys.

Are Prime Day dehumidifier deals any good?

Outside of sale times, Amazon is predictably reliable at offering the best deals on dehumidifiers (with up to 50% off), so we always expect to see even better Prime Day dehumidifier savings. This year, Prime Day is set for July 23 2024. Last year Amazon also held an October Prime Day sale in the lead up to Black Friday, which featured plenty of dehumidifier deals on great brand names, as well before Black Friday. 

Are Black Friday dehumidifier deals worth waiting for?

Black Friday dehumidifier deals tend to give you a saving of up to, and sometimes beyond, 50%. This means similar savings to dehumidifiers during Prime Day sales; however, on Black Friday, there is often a much broader offer of brands and models on sale. In 2023, for example, we saw excellent bargains on the best models at John Lewis, Amazon, Lakeland and more, including on one of our top pick the Meaco Arete One 10L dehumidifier, which you can buy at Amazon.

Are dehumidifiers cheaper on Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday dehumidifier deals are as competitive as those you'll find on Black Friday, though you may find the offers diminish somewhat as the sales progress. In the past couple of years, some of the best dehumidifier deals have been found in the run up to Black Friday. 

What is a good price for a dehumidifier?

Outside of sales, dehumidifiers range vastly in price, from as little as £40 for one that's around a litre/day in size, to around £100 for a 12 litre/day family-sized model, to £1,000s for industrial dehumidifier models (see them at Amazon) that are often sold, instead of by litre/day, by air volume or the room's square metreage. 

Generally, you are paying for the capacity of the dehumidifier, measured in litres, and you'll need to work out damp levels versus the size of the room to make the right purchase. For example, mild damp in a small space will be more easily solved than in a larger space. 

As a rough guide for a small laundry room with wet washing to dry, look for a 7 litre dehumidifier; a larger laundry room, on the other hand, will benefit from a 12 litre model upwards. 

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